How PR agencies can initiate a culture of DE&I change

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The better news is that our industry is in a position to change ourselves and change others. We can’t give expert advice on things we as agencies are not doing. So, agencies, let’s heal ourselves: Move past the numbers. of the industry, while Hispanics make up 6.2%.

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Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing


Businesses looking to increase brand awareness are already familiar with the popularity of thought leadership when it comes to their marketing tactics. This is because communication is framed hierarchically in content marketing, which is different from thought leadership.

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#PRStudChat Gathers on June 13th to Learn Leadership Skills

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It’s never too early to learn about and start to hone leadership skills. That’s because leadership isn’t about having the big title, office, and salary, but about the ability to influence others to achieve organizational goals. What’s your definition of leadership? What’s the difference between management and leadership? Why do some managers get promoted to positions of leadership before they’re ready?

Shaking Up the Status Quo in Asia Leads to Industry Recognition.

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The Holmes Report recently shorted-listed our Asia Pacific team as Tech Agency of the Year in the region. As an agency that competes against companies 50+ times larger, this type of industry recognition is important. The post Shaking Up the Status Quo in Asia Leads to Industry Recognition. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

How the PR industry can—and must—do more on DE&I

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Google the two terms—public relations, D&I—and you’ll find myriad studies and surveys indicating a striking imbalance between the number of people of color and whites in a large number of companies and agencies. Diversity and inclusion PR Industry The Workplace

Edelman Falls Short As PR Industry Leader

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But it’s downright disturbing when it happens to one that presumes to lead our industry. Mega-agency Edelman recently made waves by resigning a lucrative engagement working with for-profit corrections company The GEO Group, a top contractor for ICE. When news of its decision hit, some industry-watchers praised it, in part because it came in response to staff objections. The post Edelman Falls Short As PR Industry Leader appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

PR Agency Search: Priorities in a PR Expanded World

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Almost four in 10 respondents to a survey of corporate communications, marketing and industry leaders for CommunicationsMatch’s new PR and Communications Agency Search Report said they were looking to hire new agencies in 2017. That’s a lot of new agencies being hired, but it also means other agencies will be dropped. The report shows the primary reason for engaging agencies was not dissatisfaction with existing firms, but a need for new capabilities.

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After lockdown: the creative agency market

Stephen Waddington

The agency market is in flux as the economy reinflates. Agencies are facing the following opportunities. What’s your take on the industry and what are other agencies doing? It is also creating opportunities for smart, assertive agencies. agency

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How to Get Your Agency Hired in a #PR Expanded World

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Having just written “ A Client’s Guide to Hiring PR & Communications Agencies ,” we’ve turned the lens around to provide insights into getting hired in a PR Expanded world. On our journeys we’ve hired agencies, fired agencies, been hired by companies as communications agencies and consultants, and been rejected. If you aren’t confident that a fair playing field has been created for all competing agencies, you probably don’t want to pitch.

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Why brands are considering niche agencies over one-stop shops

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In many cases, they can find consultants and agencies from anywhere in the country to accommodate their specific needs. With remote work on the rise and technology capabilities becoming more efficient, physical location has plunged in priority during the agency selection process. Instead, brands have a plethora of agencies to choose from. As remote work grows in popularity, brands are looking past local agencies in favor of niche agencies with a specialized industry focus.

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PR Panel Recap: An evening discussing agency life and what it takes to thrive in the industry

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Whether it was attending my school’s PRSSA events and workshops or finding a mentor at an internship, I remember how much I valued what these industry professionals shared. I recently had the opportunity to give back to those currently studying PR through an invite by my friend, Professor Kristina Markos, to join a panel of agency and in-house rockstars at an event hosted by the Public Relations Alliance (PRA) at Lasell College.

Is the pandemic the death knell of the brick-and-mortar agency?

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The COVID-19 pandemic marks 120 years of the public relations agency—and, some fear, the beginning of its end. Barnum as the inventor of press agentry, the first more traditional publicity agency was founded by George Michaelis in Boston in 1900.). I’m in the same boat as most freestanding public relations agencies when I wonder if I should continue paying rent for an abandoned space. Spatially speaking, I was an agency one-percenter.

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Get a Big Picture of the PR Landscape with these Notes from 10 Industry Surveys

Sword and the Script

B2B thought leadership drives perceptions, trust and sales A survey of 3,000+ business executives by Edelman and LinkedIn connected B2B thought leadership to trust and sales. More: The 3 Characteristics of Effective Thought Leadership in B2B Marketing 3.

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How the PR industry has changed in the past 25 years

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From starting out working the reception desk to cultivating his own global communications agency, Philip A. It’s especially rewarding that my leadership style and values (honest, transparent and collaborative) were recognized in such a highly visible award, as it’s something that I’ve had pride in since the day we opened PAN’s doors 25 years ago. We started out strictly as a PR agency offering media relations to our clients, because that’s all anyone really needed back then.

Defining Thought Leadership in a Business Blog

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As our communication campaigns increasingly address SEO and particularly organic search, thought leadership becomes even more important. For the type of content that grades out as shareable, it’s typically not product information or a personnel announcement or an industry award — information we characterize as company-centric. In short, thought leadership plays at the industry level, not the company level, ideally offering takes that can’t be found elsewhere.

What lies ahead in 2020? Predictions from 20 industry experts

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How can we truly move our industries forward with thought-provoking content and discussions? Lou Hoffman, president and CEO, The Hoffman Agency. I think, and I hope, that clients of marketing agencies will understand that they need to advertise less and build a brand more. Both can no longer make an impact with the same old story—or even the ‘same old, new ’ I think thought leadership is the answer. Predictions from 20 industry experts appeared first on PR Daily.

Are You Ready For A PR Agency? 5 Questions For Startups

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Bringing on a public relations agency can help an organization engage a far larger audience than they’re able to do on their own. So before a startup decides to bring on a PR agency, they should be asking themselves these five questions. Does the company want to be recognized as an industry disruptor? Understanding the mission is essential for the PR agency to properly plan, position and execute a campaign on behalf of the client.

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What Is Thought Leadership and How to Attain It

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People will often call us for our PR services because they have the goal of becoming thought leaders.Thought leadership is one of those terms that is liberally sprinkled about but often lacks a clear definition. I thought I'd use this blog post to provide a clear answer to the question, "What is thought leadership -- and how do you become a thought leader?". What Is Thought Leadership? Thought leadership means being an expert source and a reliable industry authority.

Deloitte closes UK offices in remote work shift, AMC Theaters highlight safety, and 31% of PR agencies see social media as top revenue driver

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Instead, organizations across industries are adopting more flexible work arrangements and integrating them immediately. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. Though these managers are ambitious, the career path to social media leadership roles remains unclear.

Beyond Publicity: What Your PR Agency Can Do

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The PR team or agency’s prime directive is to manage the reputation of the brand – and it does that from many angles. The agency will take any company’s broad or vague notions about what it wants from a PR program and translate it into a clear, tailored strategy, which will inform a set of specific tactics. A PR agency can conduct a brand perception audit to establish a baseline on which to build or change reputation. Leadership events.

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How to Pick the Right B2B PR Agency For You

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Choosing a B2B PR agency can be a daunting task. You want a long-term relationship with this agency. We've got you covered with key pointers to ensure you pick the right agency. 10 Things to Do Before Hiring a B2B PR Agency. Define What You Want From Your PR Agency. If you want a PR agency that will fit your needs, specify what your needs are. When can you expect the agency to deliver results? Clearly articulate your budget to potential agencies.

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How to Create Thought Leadership, Part 1: Introduction

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Thought leadership. Since 2004, thought leadership’s share of search has risen from approximately 5,000 searches per month globally to nearly 22,000 searches per month as communicators seek ideas for creating it. In this series, we’ll examine what thought leadership is, why we need it, and how to generate it. What Is Thought Leadership? Like awards, thought leadership comes from the outside. Indicators of Thought Leadership. What is it?

Mind the gap—how PR can move more women into leadership positions

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It’s well documented that men hold the vast majority of CEO positions in the top PR agencies, with some estimates topping nearly 80 percent. In an industry that is predominantly women, this makes the gap between men and women especially pronounced. The post Mind the gap—how PR can move more women into leadership positions appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Looking at Leadership Today: Amy Lyons, SHIFT President

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In honor of Presidents’ Day, we sat down with SHIFT’s President, Amy Lyons , to get her thoughts on leadership and management in public relations and beyond. Externally, I want to ensure that we remain nimble and forward-thinking enough to provide the services and counsel that our clients need in a rapidly evolving industry. There are a growing number of women taking on leadership positions in marketing and PR, including here at SHIFT. Leadership Public Relations

Making the case for small and mid-size PR agencies

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Of all trends that cross American sub-cultures, industries, and media, nothing is winning like minimalism. In the industrial era, economies of scale were everything, and Americans supersized their companies, subordinating individuals to the machinery of industry and government. Perhaps the flight to startups, craft brands and smaller agencies was a reaction to the era of dehumanization and disengagement, which, Gallup surveys assure us , continues today.

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The Competition and Industry Gets a Vote on Your Marketing

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In fact, the entire industry gets a vote – buyer, seller, supplier, observer, analyst – and virtually anything with substantive influence on transactions or transaction intent. For other businesses, this tendency is cultural, and the culture takes its cues from the leadership. It’s an effort to see what might be coming next from the leadership, even as the institution loses sight of everything else. for an agency partner that can both bring creative ideas.

Five Types Of Bylined Content That Work For PR

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It can help deliver key messages, communicate expertise and drive thought leadership for business brands. But there are many types of content that build credibility and leadership as part of a strategic PR program.

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In praise of the CIPR and PRCA leading PR industry in COVID-19 crisis response

Stephen Waddington

Our professional body and trade association have been at the forefront of supporting the PR industry during COVID-19. The CIPR and PRCA have done an exceptional job in leading the industry in its response to the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to CIPR CEO Alastair McCapra and PRCA Director General Francis Ingham for their leadership. They’ve been tracking the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, providing tools and support for members, and lobbying government for intervention.

Kraft Heinz breaks up with agencies, Coca-Cola embraces purpose, and Facebook challenges Pinterest

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Here are today’s top stories: Kraft Heinz to break up with agencies. In an effort to turn around a year of declining sales, the company announced it’s going to cut ties with half its creative and design partners, dropping from 36 agencies to 19. Ensure that you’re a valuable contributor within your organization or as an agency partner by making sure your skill set and offerings are well-rounded and approach communications holistically.

6 tips for PR entrepreneurs from independent agency pros

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Whether you are dipping your toes into the waters of self-employment, or already run your own agency, these industry insiders have advice for how to grow your craft. It’s exciting to see how independent public relations agencies around the world are thriving. Several agency owners were willing to weigh in with advice for would-be entrepreneurs, all from the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) , an international network of independent PR agencies.

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Thought Leadership Series: AI-Washing and PR, Part 1 of a Series

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If everything said about AI is true, it will transform every industry and market alike; no wonder why every client is obsessed with hitching their technology vision to the AI juggernaut. We must recognize when we need to take a leadership role to help people understand the implications for the future as well as the reality of today. Artificial Intelligence Public Relations Thought Leadership

Translating the News Release on the Merger of Burson-Marsteller and Cohn & Wolfe

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The two agencies pen literally thousands of news releases for their clients each year, many addressing M&A. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. How tough can it be to apply this expertise to their own announcement? Of course, what the news release states doesn’t necessarily align with reality. As a public service, I’ve addressed the news release distributed over Business Wire.more.

This Experiment Proves SEO Extends the Reach of a Corporate Blog

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After beating the SEO drum since 2010, it baffles us that the PR industry hasn’t embraced this discipline. PR Tools SEO tool for public relations SEO training The Hoffman Agency Mark PinsentThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Before jumping into the experiment, a few words on the big picture.

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Best thought leadership campaign: Kite Hill PR showcases source expertise for award-winning work

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Goodway Group was flying under the radar as a leading company in the digital advertising industry, and as they endeavored to be seen as experts on all things programmatic but got little results after previously working with a generalist PR agency, the brand began working with tech and advertising specialist firm Kite Hill PR in […]. The post Best thought leadership campaign: Kite Hill PR showcases source expertise for award-winning work appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

6 Things Your PR Agency Can Do Beyond Media Relations

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

As more brands forego traditional advertising but increase overall PR spend, communications partners need to be integrally involved with brand culture, messaging, sales strategy and the industry landscape. Thought leadership events. An excellent way to create quality content and gain exposure for a trendsetting company is a thought leadership event. In the era of digital publishing, any executive can be an author, which also speaks to thought leadership.

How PR pros can sharpen their leadership skills

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Those of us who’ve been in the industry for 15 years or more knows if you’re dedicated to finding success in this field, hard work is mandatory. Many of us own agencies, or hold high-level positions where we rely on junior employees to help us deliver. In turn, you’re likely on your way to training future leaders in the industry. Here are five ways any PR professional in a leadership position can be sure their teams are headed toward greatness: 1.

Four Big Secrets Digital Agencies Don’t Tell: Part 2 of 4

Rock the Status Quo

Earlier this month, I introduced four truisms that many digital agencies aren’t telling their clients and prospects. While they want to be a full service digital agency, they tend to excel at one thing, not everything. It’s time to be more nimble as agencies and talk about our gaps so we can more easily FIX them. Many, many agencies are touting themselves as digital agencies when the truth is that they excel at one digital skill. Agencies

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Can corporate communications stay in the spotlight post-COVID?

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Harboring dreams of Cannes Lions and huge marketing budgets, agencies pivoted resources toward consumer marketing. By nearly every measure, 2020 has been a terrible year for agencies and marketers.

Facebook launches ‘Privacy Checkup,’ most agencies offer social media services, and Starbucks closes 2,000 stores in China

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Many organizations work with PR and marketing agencies to secure social media success. Sprout Social’s 2019 Agency Pricing and Packaging Social Media Report revealed that 43% of agencies focus on social media offerings and 32% of agencies that don’t do so still include it as an add-on in their proposals. Agency folks, similar to their in-house counterparts, face several obstacles when it comes to performing these digital-first services, too.

Agency Life 101: Kristina Norris, Learning & Development Coordinator

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This week, we check in with Kristina Norris , the Agency’s Learning & Development Coordinator based in our San Francisco office. I enjoy having the opportunity to interact with everyone across the Agency regardless of what level or team they’re on. It’s no secret that the PR and marketing industry is fast moving and constantly changing, especially when you’re working for a progressive agency like SHIFT. Agency Life

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