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Top Data-Driven PR Trends of 2016: Interactive Infographics

Shift Communications

In this series, we’ll examine a few data-driven trends that could mean success or failure for your PR efforts in 2016. Trend #1: Interactive Infographics. We marketers and communicators have killed the infographic. Can the news media absorb the volume of infographics we churn out? Above, we scanned the news to see how many times the word “infographic” was mentioned, then scanned Twitter for the same. The interactive infographic.

What PR Professionals Should Have Learned at IBM World of Watson

Shift Communications

During that time, I met exactly four PR professionals, all of them IBM employees. Out of almost 20,000 people, I was the only person I knew of representing a PR firm. Because AI and cognitive computing are the future of PR. PR isn’t just press releases and bylines. And as an information industry, we are powered by data. Let’s look at a few key trends from the event for PR professionals. As an industry, we must stop fearing technology.


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Social Media Game of Thrones: A Song of PR and Social

Shift Communications

We took published user base data for as many social networks as we could round up, loaded them into analytics software, and turned the data into treemaps. Vice President, Marketing Technology. The post Social Media Game of Thrones: A Song of PR and Social appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. Analytics Data Data-Driven PR Infographic

{PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 3

Shift Communications

In the last post, we reviewed the necessary ingredients to make successful predictions: good data. We defined good data as clean, compatible, and chosen well. Let’s next look at a predictive analytics example every PR practitioner will benefit from. The PR industry operates this way mainly because we’ve not had access to predictive software or good data. Example: Matching Search Intent to PR. What Would PR Do? Vice President, Marketing Technology.

SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q2 2015

Shift Communications

It’s certainly possible, using predictive analytics, to get a rough sense of what might work and what might not work, but few companies have access to that much technology and expertise. Social Media Game of Thrones: A Song of PR and Social. From PR to Marketing: Why You Should Expand Your Skill Set. It’s hard to miss all the articles and blog posts about how the PR industry is changing, how it’s integrating with new skill sets.

Share your data for a better PR program

Shift Communications

If you’re working with a data-driven PR firm, chances are at some point in your relationship you will be asked to grant access to a variety of marketing and data systems. To understand how systems access informs your PR program, we’ll reference the SHIFT Earned Media Hub Strategy as the base framework. This helps to narrow down PR campaigns, making them more appealing to your target audiences. Vice President, Marketing Technology.

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The secret to becoming a trusted PR professional

Shift Communications

Shel Israel followed up in our discussion last week about the automation (or lack thereof) of persuasion technologies and public relations by asking: Since you are in the business of building trust for clients, why are so many PR people not trusted by the media? The answer to this question circles back to Tom Foremski’s earlier question about why there isn’t innovation in scalable persuasion technologies. Want to know the secret to becoming a trusted PR professional?

Digital Advertising and Public Relations, Part 1: Introduction

Shift Communications

Our audience doesn’t care whether a video, infographic, animated GIF, podcast, or story is hosted by us (owned), shared by third parties (owned), or sponsored (paid). In the final part of the series, we’ll review measurement methods for both advertising and public relations to guide our data-driven efforts. Vice President, Marketing Technology. Advertising Data-Driven PR Public RelationsSee if this sounds familiar.

What’s the New “Norm” for B2B Marketing?

Shift Communications

At SHIFT we’re big proponents of data-driven PR. Living on the B2B side of the house, I’ve been thrilled by the enthusiasm we’re seeing for deeper understanding on how these elements play into our PR programs and the RFP’s we’re receiving. Here are my findings: Marketing Technology. Being the company in the group that has a more developed software technology component to their offerings could be an indicator of what drove their investment.

B2B 105

The Top 5 Skills That Young (And All) Communicators Should Develop

Shift Communications

Many times, I’m asked by younger communicators what skills they should concentrate on as they finish their degree or begin seeking an agency role. By understanding how to think about and interpret data, communicators need to be able to draw inferences and understand trends by providing insights based on what they observe. Video, photos, infographics and the like are necessary in a mobile and digital world.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2019 Digital PR & Social Media Awards finalists

PR Daily

Cypress Semiconductor Giveaway Contest, The Hoffman Agency. The Flack Pack PR podcast, Washington Media Group. Social Media customer support, Dell Technologies. Illusive Networks Interactive Infographic, Merritt Group. Children’s Health Uses Data and Research to Create Industry-Leading Content Program, Children’s Health. Columbia Gas, Nickerson PR. Data-Driven PR Campaign. PR Campaign.