Good Corporate Culture Moves Everyone Forward


However, several tragic 2020 events have accelerated calls for diversity and inclusion (D&I) and with that have also come moves to improve the corporate culture in many organizations. What Makes For Good Corporate Culture? Corporate Communications Startup PR

How a PR agency can contribute to your communications strategy, and how to select the right agency for your business


A successful communications strategy is the driving force behind building trust among all of your stakeholders, enhancing your corporate reputation and establishing your company as a leader in your industry. However, not all brand and PR agency relationships are created equal.

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Can corporate communications stay in the spotlight post-COVID?

PR Daily

After a year of intense disruption, engagement with brands from both internal and external audiences has risen dramatically. Harboring dreams of Cannes Lions and huge marketing budgets, agencies pivoted resources toward consumer marketing. Corporate affairs became fashionable again.

How To Get The Best From Your PR Agency

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Bringing on an external PR agency , or really any outside firm, is an investment of time and budget for any company, no matter its size. Naturally, things will go better for both parties if the agency team gives their all, and the client manages for the best possible outcomes. ” It’s a great question, and there are many answers, from the bare essentials to the ultimate agency wish list. If you can cut the red tape, your agency will love you for it.

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After lockdown: the creative agency market

Stephen Waddington

The agency market is in flux as the economy reinflates. Agencies are facing the following opportunities. What’s your take on the industry and what are other agencies doing? Here are five areas in which I’m helping my agency clients work through the current business environment.

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PR Agency Search: Priorities in a PR Expanded World

PR Expanded

Almost four in 10 respondents to a survey of corporate communications, marketing and industry leaders for CommunicationsMatch’s new PR and Communications Agency Search Report said they were looking to hire new agencies in 2017. That’s a lot of new agencies being hired, but it also means other agencies will be dropped. The report shows the primary reason for engaging agencies was not dissatisfaction with existing firms, but a need for new capabilities.

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PR fundamentals help deliver on corporate charity initiatives during the pandemic

PR Daily

Agencies of all sizes can implement a workplace charity initiative and give back to their communities. With many PR agencies and offices still working form home, businesses have to be creative in their new approach to workplace charity initiatives.

Why corporate communicators should abandon PowerPoint – and how to do it

PR Daily

Without Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other digital systems, collaboration among remote workers, employers, agencies and clients today would be nearly impossible. However, if you’re a corporate communicator who’s facing time-sensitive productivity issues (and who isn’t?),

How to prepare corporate statements ahead of the Derek Chauvin verdict

PR Daily

As a first step, corporate decision-makers should follow the news. The post How to prepare corporate statements ahead of the Derek Chauvin verdict appeared first on PR Daily. The moment calls for comms pros to find rational language for an irrational event.

Covid-19 Accelerates Shift of PR and Marketing to In-House Staff – Why It May Be Futile and How Agencies Can Respond Blog

One-third of marketing work shifted from agencies to in-house personnel this year, reveals the 2020 Gartner Marketing Data and Analytics Survey. The shift from agencies to in-house staff is a long-term investment that involves more financial risk than relying on a contracted partner.

‘The whole person’: Internal publication tells employee stories

PR Daily

Robert Half—a staffing agency—takes readers beyond the walls of work when it covers its employees, drawing lessons from their surfing, football and military experiences. “Half Times” is a publication of the staffing agency Robert Half. Though digital communication has finished off some internal magazines, others have found new life, as organizations move from stodgy corporate promotions to people pieces.

A Summer of Public Relations: An Intern’s Perspective

PR Expanded

This summer, I had the opportunity to intern for Cheray Keyes-Shima , APR, CPRC, at KSC, a marketing, advertising and public relations agency in Sarasota, Florida. As a public relations intern for KSC, I gained a variety of hands on experience and had the chance to build my professional portfolio by working on projects ranging from postcard mailers to article and blog posts for clients’ websites. A Guest Post By Rhys Schueren, Student, Loyola University Maryland.

$100 Million M&A for Internal Comms Tool: What’s Older is Still News in Marchlyjunetember [PR Tech Sum]

Sword and the Script

Internal comms tool SocialChorus acquired by a PE firm; Burton-Taylor digs up revenue numbers; Nexis Newsdesk Simplifies news search; Propel adds broadcast monitoring Welcome to the beginning of September. >>> Can your agency bring big ideas and execute?

 Corporate Reputation is Important to Marketing


Once you answer that question and put together a plan to actively promote and preserve your corporate reputation, the chances are that any damage occurring from such an incident will be minimal rather than catastrophic. Embrace and implement trust-based marketing internally and externally, a strategy whose foundation is rooted in openness and honesty. Building A Corporate Reputation. The post Corporate Reputation is Important to Marketing appeared first on 5W PR.

PR agencies must look inward amid race to counsel brands on climate

PR Daily

So an agency simply can’t market itself as a ‘green’ agency while taking money from clients actively working counter to that ethos.”. An agency should never mislead their own clients about who they are; it serves no one in the long run,” says Yaverbaum. “In

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8 worst practices in international PR

PR Daily

A quarter-century later, more is at stake and international terrains are even harder to traverse. Corporate HQ overreach. That makes sense, but when corporate HQ exercises strict control and approval over every overseas action, bureaucracy handicaps the international PR effort. Conducting international PR long distance. Lou Hoffman is president and CEO of The Hoffman Agency.

PR Guide To Agency-Client On-Boarding

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

So it’s usually a good feeling to finally sign the agency agreement. Many PR agencies have a proprietary immersion and startup process, but even if they don’t, on-boarding is a critical first step in the relationship. The first order of business is immersion into your business by the agency team. Before the letter of agreement is signed, the agency and client should already agree on what general basis PR outcomes will be measured.

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Announcing PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards finalists

PR Daily

PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards sought organizations that did their part to make the world a better place. Internal Communications Campaign. FoundationFriday, Albemarle Corporation. Corporate-Community Nonprofit Partnership. CSR Agency of the Year, Yulu Public Relations Inc. The post Announcing PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards finalists appeared first on PR Daily. Congratulations to this year’s honorees.

How to Deliver a Genuine Corporate Apology [UML]

Sword and the Script

You only get one shot at making a good first impression – and that’s true for corporate apologies too. Somehow as we grow up, those principles we learned as kids are beaten out of our collective corporate being. While I have great respect for corporate counsel, lawyers tend to be far too quick to recommend a non-apology, when that’s really just the right thing to do. This is true of messaging, positioning, press releases and corporate apologies.

Corporate communications 101, courtesy of Tesla

PR Daily

After news agencies published stories about allegations of sexual harassment at Tesla’s California plant, the company responded swiftly. If you’re wondering why the Tesla story hasn’t exploded as the Uber scandal did, check out this response from Tesla’s internal communications team: “The topics raised in this meeting were followed up directly with those willing to discuss,” a Tesla representative told Business Insider. “We

Don’t Go It Internally: 5 Reasons Your Business Should Team Up With a PR Agency

Tribe Builder Media

Which is why hiring a professional PR agency to help your business take that final step is crucial. Even a full-time in-house PR manager can’t produce the same results as a dedicated PR agency. When you’re paying an agency, you’re getting a team of top talent for the price of the retainer, not a bad investment! Not to mention, PR agencies are drastically underutilized when creating internal sales pitches, marketing collateral or campaign objectives.

6 tips for PR entrepreneurs from independent agency pros

PR Daily

Whether you are dipping your toes into the waters of self-employment, or already run your own agency, these industry insiders have advice for how to grow your craft. It’s exciting to see how independent public relations agencies around the world are thriving. Several agency owners were willing to weigh in with advice for would-be entrepreneurs, all from the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) , an international network of independent PR agencies.

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Survey says PR Best Positioned to Manage Corporate Social Media

Sword and the Script

Ownership is a strong word in the high-stakes game of corporate social media turf wars – yet consensus increasingly points to PR as primary proponents. A recent survey by the employment agency, The Creative Group , says corporate executives are increasingly inclined to pin the communications shop with such responsibility. Corporate reputation has long been the responsibility of communications departments. by Frank Strong.

How PR pros are stewards of corporate character

PR Daily

PR professionals wear a lot of different hats, but according to Wendi Strong, executive vice president of enterprise affairs and chief communications officer for USAA, their chief role is to protect their brands' corporate character. In remarks at The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations' annual John Koten Distinguished Lecture last month, Strong emphasized that corporate character is at the intersection of brand and reputation.

4 key skills to be an effective corporate communicator (and strangely, writing isn’t one of them)

Communications Conversations

Over my almost 20 years in the communications business, I’ve spent a fair amount of it on the corporate communications side. I’ve worked on the corporate side (McGladrey, Fairview). I’ve worked on the agency side, consulting with big clients (Beehive/Deluxe). Corporate communicators LIVE in meetings. And, they were a big part of how we nurtured relationships with internal clients. These are the roles your internal clients fill.

PR Interns or Assistants – Which is Right for You?

Solo PR Pro

The topic of interns versus assistants is the topic of discussion. defines an intern as: “A person who works as an apprentice or trainee in an occupation or profession to gain practical experience, and sometimes also to satisfy legal or other requirements for being licensed or accepted professionally.”. Don’t get me wrong – interns can definitely do SOME administrative work. Is having interns worth the investment for you?

Why Your First PR Job Should Be At A PR Agency

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

They might be looking to join a large international company as the newest corporate communications hire, or want to break into PR at a nonprofit group. Let’s face it, any of the above would be a win for a recent graduate, but — barring a rich equity offer from a high-flying tech startup — I’d strongly advise jobseekers to take a position at a PR agency as opposed to a corporate or nonprofit gig. Agencies offer a path to promotion.

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A roadmap to impactful collaboration with your PR agency


Working with a PR agency can help you better understand your market, expand your network of valuable connections, bring in fresh ideas and extra resources, and, as a result, run a more successful communications operation. Now that you’ve set your PR agency goals, how will you measure success?

Bay Area PR Agency Panel

The Hoffman Agency

Join leading public relations and communications practitioners from top Bay Area agencies for an immersive panel in DBH 117. In addition to networking with light snacks and refreshments, we will be discussing topics for career readiness, including: Pros and cons between working at an agency, or in-house at a corporation. Balancing client needs with agency priorities. Agency Panelists. Hannah began her PR journey as a public relations intern. 6 p.m.

What Clients Really Want From A PR Agency

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

What do clients really want from their PR agency ? The meeting was hosted by PROI partner agency Jackson Spalding , who tapped clients from three notable companies: Scott Williamson, VP Public Affairs & Communications of Coca-Cola North America; Betsy Talton, Director of Corporate Communications, Delta Air Lines, and Amanda Hannah, Manager, External Communications, Chick-fil-A. “I want my agency to offer things I didn’t know I needed.”

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8 Corporate Communications Tips for Hiring a PR Firm

Sword and the Script

Hiring a PR firm for the corporate communications mix is a sizable undertaking but it usually boils down to picking the right people. That’s not by accident, and though I’ve managed a half-dozen or so firms in my tenure, including international firms, I tend to favor a smaller shops, that are nimble, highly responsive, provide access to the firm’s leadership and by virtue of being a small business, have some of their own skin in the game. by Frank Strong.

5 tips for PR entrepreneurs from independent agency pros

PR Daily

It’s exciting to see how independent public relations agencies around the world are thriving. Each year brings a new generation of entrepreneurs attracted to the thrill and challenge of starting their own PR agencies, but what does it take to launch and run a successful independent firm in today’s dynamic and often challenging business environment? Work hard to build, nurture and maintain relationships within and beyond your agency.

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How To Get The Best From A PR Agency

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A relationship with a public relations agency can be a little like a marriage. Take a look on Quora , or talk to someone experienced in working with many different PR agencies, and you’re likely to hear about a range of experiences, from highly productive to sorely disappointing. As with any professional services business, the burden is on the agency to offer consistently high service levels and produce agreed-upon outcomes.

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Network Latency and Endeavor for Jargon Free Corporate Communications; Off Script #17: Wendy Zajack

Sword and the Script

She started with a boutique PR agency, then made a lateral move into high-tech PR, and eventually landed in-house. Her corporate gigs tended to be with large companies of the international variety – Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent for example. 3) You’ve spent a lot of time in telecom with Alcatel-Lucent and later Nokia, what is one corporate communication challenge that’s unique to that space, and how did you overcome it? PR business of PR corporate communications Off Scrip

2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards finalists have been named

PR Daily

Next, the judges will re-visit the finalists’ entries and name the 2015 winners of the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Junior Environmental Scouts, Metro Pacific Investments Corporation. Save Our Towns, Outreach & International Affairs, Virginia Tech. Corporate-Community/Nonprofit Partnership. Teva: National Corporate Partner of Volunteers in Medicine (VIM), Teva Pharmaceuticals. 75 x 5K Service, Michael Baker International.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards finalists

PR Daily

This year we’re assessing the work of brands and agencies from around the world in PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Next the judges will review this pool of finalists to name the category winners of PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Bank of America Corporation 2015 Business Standards Report and Environmental, Social and Governance Addendum, Burson-Marsteller with Bank of America. Giving Back, Domtar Corporation. ·

International Conference Preview: Frank X. Shaw Talks Diversity, Disruption and 10 Years at Microsoft


As corporate vice president of communications at Microsoft , Frank X. In anticipation of his keynote address at PRSA’s 2019 International Conference in San Diego on Oct. How did your time in the Marine Corps prepare you for agency and corporate life? Then there’s the specific technical skills of media relations and internal communications. And all those things come into play at an agency. Internal communications can be challenging at large companies.

How PR Pros Can Build Epic Personal Branding For Corporate Leadership

Rock the Status Quo

Like fluffy yellow chicks marching in line after their mama, many companies are stuck in push marketing tactics of the past, favoring carefully crafted, conservative external messaging and expecting their executives to rigidly follow corporate directives when it comes to having (or not having) a digital voice. It’s a valuable piece of overall corporate trust and visibility? Three Essential Ways to Help Corporate Leadership Build a Personal Brand Online 1.

Should the Public Relations Report to the CEO or CMO?

Sword and the Script

Two respondents noted a split structure with internal communications reporting to HR, and external communications reporting through sales. Meanwhile, some of the respondents from government agencies cited various Under Secretaries – or senior administrators at the municipal level.

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5 Ways to Measure Agency Operations

Waxing UnLyrical

More than ever, clients demand that PR agencies prove their value. Successful agencies have become very good at telling their stories and quantifying the impact of their work. But what about the PR agency itself? Agency operations — the internal processes, science, and economics of management — is not the part of the business that lands major press coverage or a shout out at the annual meeting. After factoring in all costs, how much did your agency earn?