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Web Ad Blocking – is it Ethical?


The technology prevents ads from appearing on your computer screen, iPads, smart phones and other platforms. The Web is not free, it never was. Those that favor ad blocking say that Web ads are abusive, annoying, distracting and time-consuming and therefore ad blocking is a legitimate defensive measure. He has been with the agency since 1997 when he worked on the Government of Switzerland’s account on issues relating to Swiss Banks and the Holocaust.

PR agency seeks talent through ‘missing’ posters

PR Daily

One New York public relations firm is trying out an unusual approach in an effort to land a “hands-on, talented, smart, organized, and autonomous” account director to run its technology PR team. Mallory Blair, chief executive and co-founder of Small Girls PR, says the hardest thing about starting her own agency has been hiring. Other agencies in the same boat. Small Girls is not the only agency that is recruiting in a challenging environment.

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The Top Public Relations and Marketing Blog Posts on Sword and the Script for 2019

Sword and the Script

There were 62 posts published on this blog in 2019. In going through the reader analytics for the full year, these are the top 10 most-read posts on this blog about public relations (PR) and marketing. If you haven’t already, consider subscribing to these blog posts by email or RSS.

[Guest Post] Top 5 Tools Agency Owners Must Embrace for the Digital Future

PR Expanded

Advertising agencies created ads for multiple outlets, public relations handled media inquiries and proactively sought after coverage, marketing agencies did a variety of things, but generally focused on brand identity and creative attention-garnering activities. You’re the founder of a rapidly growing small agency with a respectable, but still emerging web-based presence across standard social media platforms.

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11 social media principles to guide PR agencies

PR Daily

Many PR and marketing agencies are still using social media ineffectively—for their clients and for themselves. Clients need it and agencies say they can master it, but neither group knows why they are using it or how it plugs into the business side. Here are 11 things agencies should accentuate when it comes to social media services: 1. Agencies continue to overlook the No. Agencies need to execute the best practices they preach.

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Breaking Down PR’s Fourth Wall with ABM

Flack's Revenge

Now, where is the ka-ching on our web traffic and orders?)” As Sue Duris wrote on the MyCustomer blog : ABM has become a priority for many B2B organisations, thanks in part to their need to become customer-centric.

6 factors to consider before hiring a PR agency

PR Daily

Prepare yourself before you start working with a PR professional or agency. Have agencies or professionals sign a non-disclosure agreement , if that makes you feel better, but don’t hide your goals. Technology has completely changed the way PR pros do their jobs. Using the Web—and social media, in particular—means you’re going to build your brand and gain awareness much more quickly than in the past. Make sure your PR firm has experience with crises on the Web.

PR’s Unsung Technical Visionary: Patrick Liang Promoted to CTO at Onclusive


In the world of PR and Communications, our heroes are typically Chief Communications Officers, PR agency chiefs, masterful account executives who continually craft the right stories, and media relations experts who consistently garner great coverage. Blogs

A Guide To Top Apps For PR Pros

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In the fast-paced climate of a PR agency, to-do lists are essential. From email marketing, blog optimization, to social media marketing, Hubspot offers a wide range of features to help content marketers. . This virtual whiteboard allows users to drop images, add notes, and pull assets directly from the web while collaborating with team members from anywhere. communications Crenshaw Communications PR Fish Bowl social media technology time management

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Crowdsourcing PR Dashboard Advice

Flack's Revenge

It reminded me of the awesome power of crowdsourcing and the social web. Coverage in various categories (type of media or blog, quality of placement). Agency news Marketing PR Tech Public Relations Tech PR Technology dashboard metrics PRA client asked recently for our recommendations in PR dashboards. We are techies here at Fusion PR , and generally pretty smart about PR and marketing tech. So I thought this would be easy.

How to Research Industry Trends Hassle-Free

Shift Communications

In this post, we’ll explore numerous free tools readily accessible at our fingertips across the world-wide-web. If we are building out a content strategy for owned media, like a company blog, using content that pertains to trending topics is a way to take advantage of the increasing searches on Google. We’ll uncover more market research capabilities using this tool in our upcoming blog post covering the topic.

How Digital PR Pros Can Cope with Recent Google Search Updates


The updates mainly affect web traffic, conversions and content, leading to SEO and PR professionals scurrying for changing their existing strategies. This includes tracking minor changes in keyword rankings and web traffic. Writing compelling content will always come to your rescue and so will the re=“nofollow” attribute for the links, especially in articles, blogs, guest posts, and press releases. As such, digital PR agencies have no alternative but to catch up.

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Everything You Need to Know About the TPP (But Were Too Scared to Ask)


Consumers will have no choice but to comply and stay within the boundaries of the new police state that used to be known as the wide open web. This only prolongs profiteering for larger corporations and impedes new technology from building upon known predecessors. Blog PR Agency Advice Thought Brand Story Content Marketing Strategy Storytelling Techniques

What to Look For When Hiring a Performance-Driven Marketing Agency

PR 20/20

Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from The Marketing Performance Blueprint , and was also published on the HubSpot Agency Post. As CMOs navigate the marketing talent gap , they are increasingly seeking performance-driven agency partners that are immersed in marketing technology and staffed with digital-savvy professionals. The industry will be redefined by marketing agencies that are more nimble, tech savvy, open, and collaborative. Agency-Side Factors.

PR Interviews: Heather Baker Editor of the B2B PR Blog

Norton's Notes

This week I have been talking to Heather Baker the editor of the award-winning B2B PR Blog and founder of B2B PR consultancy TopLine Comms. Tell me one interesting fact about you that you have never revealed on your blog? It’s really helped us grow as an agency ourselves too by putting us on the map and generating loads of inbound leads. Get your agency or team to commit to delivering against them. I learn something every time I visit the Moz blog.

NGINX engages Firefly Communications Group to drive EMEA presence

PR in High Definition

the company based on the popular open source project and offering a suite of technologies designed to develop and deliver modern applications, has appointed technology marketing communications agency Firefly Communications Group to handle communications in the UK, France and Germany.

How DOES Mobile Change The Brandscape?

Shift Communications

In the internet of a decade ago, users experienced brands primarily through web browsers. appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. Agile Marketing Analytics Blogging Brand Content Marketing Creative Data Data-Driven PR Email marketing Events Facebook Future of Marketing Learning Marketing Marketing Technology Media Mobile Public Relations Social Media Strategy Technology Twitter brandscape mobile

Landing Page, SEO and Blog Secrets: An Interview with Clint Danks of ThinkSEM


based Internet marketing agency that caught our eye with its savvy pay-per-click advertising management, Web development and digital design services. How did the ThinkSEM agency come to focus on search engine marketing and landing pages? Our agency’s been helping clients with search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising for seven years. A blog is huge from a brand perspective, yet we neglected it at first and I regret that.

7 Must-Have PR Tech Tools

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Web 2.0 Some in our agency swear by sanity-preserving apps that have nothing to do with daily business, like Spotify and Calm (for meditation, which we still aspire to!) Apps and web tools come and go like Silicon Valley startups, and the choices can feel endless.

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Industry Consolidation Continues Among PR Vendors; PR Tech Sum: Onclusive, SocialChorus, Teletrax, iQ Media, Agility PR Solutions

Sword and the Script

There isn’t a whole lot of coverage about PR technology. Vocus owned or acquired brands like PRWeb, Help A Reporter Out (HARO), iContact, and several lesser-known social media technologies. Third, as a PR agency owner that specializes in B2B technology, I simply have an interest in keeping tabs on the ways technology is transforming my industry. c) PR Tech Reviews based on my review of the technology (1-2 per year). Learn more: press release , blog post.

Be more incredible

PR in High Definition

Being agency side, I can identify with Elastigirl. It not just demands new skill sets, new technologies and dynamic plans, but there are new markets, new players, and endless disruption to understand and conquer. Read Web Curios by Imperica.

The Future of Marketing with Gini Dietrich

Shift Communications

Gini is a PR and Digital Marketing maven, agency CEO, blogger, author, speaker and educator. Her award-winning blog, Spin Sucks, is one of our favorite PR and Marketing resources on the web. Wearable technology, and the ground that it breaks from an individualized marketing vs. marketing to the masses perspective, will help pave the way. Marketers will always find a way to “use and abuse” new technologies and channels.

PR Tech Briefing: Onclusive Provides PR with Attribution Capabilities and Promises Novel Approach to Distribution

Sword and the Script

Recently, I’ve begun looking more closely at PR technology , companies. This is an effort to illustrate some of the interesting innovations occurring within the PR vendor community – and provide an agnostic source of information on tools and technologies I believe PR professionals should have on their radar. This is because Onclusive takes broader crawl of the web, which matters to PR because the media landscape has fragmented.

5 Tips to Get in Your #Creative #PR Groove

PR Expanded

Years ago, I was a PR person working at a creative marketing communications agency. The company had three distinct divisions: PR / Communications (that was my area), Creative Marketing & Advertising and Web, Multimedia & Video. However, when a client from the PR side of the house needed some branding work, creative design for a media kit, or a newsroom, it was so much fun to work with the marketing and web teams. Tip #5: Read Creative Blogs.

How Pink Panties Heralded India's Social Media Movement

Waxing UnLyrical

In the Indian context, the web has begun to move beyond a media genre that was no different in terms of interruption when compared to conventional media like television and radio. All this via one bare-bones blog and a Facebook group. Oh, one other thing: my blog = my sandbox.

Welcome to Our New and Improved Site!


Conveying those characteristics on a website, though, to give new connections a glimpse at who we are as an agency, is not as easy. Especially in a crowded industry, wherein most agencies speak the same language and promise the same value proposition. No BS BlogRock the boat.

Interview Series: CMO of UL Discusses How PR & Content Marketing Are Evolving in 2018


We’ve grown quite a bit, and our team now includes Corporate Social Responsibility, our own in-house agency team, a Demand Operations/Lean Gen capability, Strategic Meetings Management, and, most recently, Customer Advocacy. We had out-sourced much of our work to agencies prior, including our website, which made it difficult to be as agile as we needed to be. We must continually apply new technology tools and a data-driven approach to verifying maximum influence.

5 Ways to Transform Your B2B Public Relations

B2B PR Sense

The B2B public relations landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10 years -- primarily driven by social media, blogging, and internet connectivity. Sure they may be blogging, but their blogs are stuffed with repurposed press releases. Blogging - The rate at which valuable content is being created has sped up exponentially. A distribution tool like PR Web or Business Wire can help in that regard. Consider hiring an agency to do this for you.

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{PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 2

Shift Communications

Most predictive analytics software and systems are based on open-source libraries and technologies. A quick look at the data landscape shows much promise: Web analytics from systems like Google Analytics™. Listen to this blog post: [link]. Vice President, Marketing Technology. cta] The post {PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 2 appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin.

Good Feedback for Bad Pitch Blog

Bad Pitch Blog

"I, personally, think outing bad pitchers is exactly what is needed right about now." --Anonymous comment We''re not going to get all Sally Field on you, but the initial response to the Bad Pitch blog tells us we''ve struck a nerve. Sitemeter shows a handful of national media, agencies and Fortune 500 companies are stopping by. Why isn''t the Bad Pitch blog a wiki? The wiki technology makes great sense and would cut down on some of our work.

Key Marketing Considerations in Choosing a CMS; Off Script #28: Matt Garrepy of Solodev

Sword and the Script

He says he spent the next several years as a small agency partner focused on technology clients and “the redeye from San Jose to Atlanta became my new nightmare.”. Our paths first crossed years ago when his firm provided web design and graphics services to a tech startup — my then employer — selling service management software to enterprise IT operations. Some are pure-play, others are manipulations of open source, monolithic blog engines.

How to Use Analytics to Build Your 2015 Marketing Plan

Shift Communications

Here’s an example from web analytics: Look at those four standout events that are above and beyond normal traffic. Vice President, Marketing Technology. The post How to Use Analytics to Build Your 2015 Marketing Plan appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency | Boston | New York | San Francisco. Analytics Data Data-Driven PR Marketing Marketing Technology Metrics Strategy

Brand24:  A Worthy Consideration for Media Monitoring [Product Review]

Sword and the Script

I haven’t seen a monitoring system that does this well yet and many monitoring systems OEM this technology, so some of these are using the same engine anyway under a white label. It categorizes results into social media, forums, news, blogs and web results, though there was a lot of overlap. In other examples, I saw web and social posts from employees of a client I hadn’t seen before. Find more from Brand24 on their blog , case studies , or testimonials on G2 | Crowd.

{PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 4

Shift Communications

In the last post , we looked at a sample prediction using Google Analytics™ data to make a prediction about my blog’s website traffic. We used clean, compatible, well-chosen data and looked forward 365 days to see what future performance of my blog looked like. For example, in my web analytics, if I’m attempting to forecast my traffic for the next year and I know anomalies are present, I should engineer them out. Vice President, Marketing Technology.

Using Keyword Research to Boost your PR Campaign


Maximize Website Copy and Blog Posts. If your next PR campaign is going to have some type of website or blog post support, such as with a landing page or a themed blog post, you’ll want to include a variety of keywords in the copy. This will make the content searchable – when someone goes online to find information related to what you’re promoting, your web pages are more likely to show up if they include the right keywords and phrases.

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4 Ways to “Automate” Good Design with Canva

Shift Communications

This way, you don’t have to go to design school to make a simple blog image or email newsletter header. You can also search the web for free images – some photographers and artists make their work free to use. Quote graphics like this one are great for blog posts – call out an impactful line from the post using an image. You’ve probably realized by now that at SHIFT, we like to work smarter, not harder. That’s why we try to automate our work when possible.

Long-Form Content is King: 4 Studies Show the Power of Long-Form in Content Marketing [UML]

Sword and the Script

A long time ago an agency owner called me into her office. Something similar has happened in content marketing and blogging in the marketing community. That’s according to a data analysis of more than 700,000 articles by SEMrush , which makes a tool for analyzing web content. 2) Long-form wins in data analysis of 912 million blog posts by Backlinko. According to the findings, “94% of all blog posts have zero external links.”

2016: The Year of the (Marketing) Monkey

Shift Communications

2015 found brands reevaluating their agency relationships in an unprecedented way , turning over partners looking for a better mix of nimble, efficient and integrated. Based on the conversations we’re having with existing clients and prospects, agencies will be required to embody all of these attributes and more. There’s been a lot of talk about analytics and data this year, which shows agencies are recognizing its importance. The mobile web is not coming , it’s here.

The Top 25 B2B Marketing Experts You Need to Follow Here.

B2B PR Sense

Wonderfully prolific, his eminently readable content on both his blog and LinkedIn plumb the depths of social media marketing strategy. As Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Orbit Media Studios , Andy Crestodina has spent most of his career providing insight and guidance on web strategy to over 1,000 companies. He loves to share his marketing know-how with others through his blogs and speaking engagements.

B2B 264

28 Observations from 28 Months as a Solo PR


1: Make Technology Your Friend When you first set up as an independent PR consultant, you’re bombarded with an array of decisions. 8: Read Blogs I know so many people (the vast majority of the PR industry and wider society) who regard blogs as teenage scribblings. Blogs contain the latest thinking from some of the best writers and trailblazers in the world. As well as blogs. She was seeing a few agencies and for some reason thought she might get a deal from me….