Meeting the COVID-19 agency start-ups

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Nine entrepreneurs talk about the agencies they’ve launched during the pandemic. If you’ve started an agency during the COVID-19 crisis please get in touch. Why start an agency in 2020, during lockdown? Why start an agency in 2020, during lockdown? agency

Google Analytics Quiz

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Google Analytics can be an amazing tool…if you know how to use it. Think you’ve got the chops to tackle Google Analytics’ toughest questions? If you’re looking for more details around how PR Pros can put Google Analytics to work, download our free eBook today – Google Analytics Basics for PR Professions. The post Google Analytics Quiz appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin.

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How To Use Twitter Analytics

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Twitter offers its own analytics tool that provides insight into your activity on the platform. As of late August 2014, the Analytics’ platform has been available to all users. All you have to do is visit ; you can also find it within the platform under the ‘Analytics’ dropdown menu. The first section of Twitter’s Analytics tool lets you scope out each individual tweet you’ve sent, providing data on impressions and engagement.

How to Use LinkedIn Analytics

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In December, I walked through Twitter’s analytics platform , and today I wanted to take a similar dive into LinkedIn’s free Analytics offering. If you run a company page for your business or brand, you may have noticed the little Analytics button on your page. Let’s look at what LinkedIn Analytics offers and how you can use it to both check your progress and guide your content strategy. This is the first section you’ll see in your analytics dashboard.

Creative Uses for Google Analytics in Public Relations

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Analytics should be an important component of the work we do as public relations professionals, but how can we leverage analytics tools to serve our needs? During a PRSA Boston event, Matthew Raven, VP of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, presented an insightful discussion about the power of Google Analytics and how it can serve PR professionals. Google Analytics is great for measurement, but it can have an impact on strategy as well.

Fix Google Analytics Referral Spam

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Attention Google Analytics: you have a problem that desperately needs your attention. If you frequent your Google Analytics account, you’ve probably looked through your referral traffic to see how people visit your website and where they are coming from. In other words, someone is kidnapping your traffic on its way to Google Analytics. What it does do is mess with your Google Analytics data, the important data which you use to make data-driven decisions.

Top Marketing Data and Analytics Trends for 2019

Critical Mention

They took some time to catch up to other lines of business, but marketing departments are now making data and analytics a huge part of what they do. With that in mind, here are our predictions for the biggest marketing data and analytics trends for the coming year. The platform includes a number of useful tools, including Google Data Studio, which makes it simple to build dashboards and reports based on Google Analytics, Search Console or Ads information.

A Traditional PR Pro Take on Analytics

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With many agencies still stuck offering client reports relying on impressions or number of social shares, you’ve likely seen many posts on the SHIFT blog about how to move past these antiquated forms of measurement. As potential and current clients more and more often seek full service agencies that can deliver on great coverage, but also on solid results, us traditional PR hacks here at SHIFT have also learned a thing or two of which I’ll share. Tap into Google Analytics.

Using Google Analytics to Inform your B2B Tech PR Program

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I work on the B2B tech team, and leveraging Google metrics and analytics to dig deeper into a media hit has helped show our clients the value of securing mentions in niche technology publications. Here are some steps to keep in mind when thinking about measuring and reporting on the success of a B2B tech hit through Google analytics. Analytics Data-Driven PR Google Analytics Marketing Technology Public Relations Tools b2b tech B2B Tech PR google analytics

How to measure understanding with Google Analytics

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In Google Analytics, three metrics hint at understanding. The post How to measure understanding with Google Analytics appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. Analytics Marketing Metrics Public RelationsDuring our INBOUND15 talk on How to Measure the Value of PR in the 21st Century, one audience member raised this fascinating question: “How do you measure understanding, and where does it fit in the PR funnel?”

PR needs to get acquainted with analytics

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In Econsultancy’s 2014 Measurement and Analytics Report , researchers found that among “digital business professionals,” using digital analytics tools was said to be one of the top three areas of skills deficiency. Now we’re not saying that every PR professional needs to become a statistician overnight, but agencies need to take note: PR professionals want (and need) analytics training to be successful at their jobs. How do you keep your analytics training up-to-date?

Google Analytics 101 for Hospitals and Healthcare

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Maryalicia asked about how you might use Google Analytics for a hospital: What a terrific question. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner , we’re happy to share how Google Analytics can integrate into healthcare and hospitals. In Google Analytics, a hospital would want to integrate organic branded search data from Webmaster Tools to see search volume of its name increase. Analytics Marketing Marketing Technology Metrics Strategy

Advanced analytics: position, velocity, and acceleration

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At this year’s Social Media Success Summit, I had the opportunity to teach an advanced marketing and communications analytics session. One of the ideas I shared was looking beyond just the data that comes out of the box from tools like Google Analytics, Facebook insights, etc. When it comes to analytics and metrics, all three sets of numbers are important: It’s important to know where you are. Analytics Data Data-Driven PR Marketing Metrics Strategy Training

What PR Professionals Learned at the Google Analytics™ Certified Partner Summit

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Last week, SHIFT and NATIONAL Public Relations (SHIFT’s parent company) had the honor of representing the public relations world at the Measurement For Growth Google Analytics™ Certified Partner Summit. Analytics and measurement are table stakes , table minimums in high-growth sectors of the economy. If you don’t have the basics of data analytics firmed up, you’re behind and need to catch up quickly. Analytics Google Analytics Marketing Metrics Public Relations

Data-Driven PR Milestone: SHIFT Becomes Google Analytics Certified Partner

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Digital has been in SHIFT’s blood for over a decade, from being one of the first agencies to embrace social media to creating the social media press release and social media newsroom. SHIFT has taken a significant step forward in this space by entering into a strategic agreement with Google to become a Google Analytics™ Certified Partner (GACP). Our platform of choice to help our clients make PR impactful is Google Analytics™.

PR teams. An email template to ask for Google Analytics access.

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You can get answers to this stuff with Google Analytics. In my experience many PR teams (both in-house and agency) just don’t get given access to Google Analytics accounts. As well as gaining analytics access, a good PR and SEO relationship can bring additional benefits to each other and the overall business too. It’s not just a lack of communication between PR and digital marketing that can block analytics access.

New SHIFT eBook: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR

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The latest focus is on predictive analytics and the power one can wield by predicting future trends. What is Predictive Analytics? So, what exactly is predictive analytics? How Does Predictive Analytics Apply to PR? A great example of how predictive analytics applies to PR is the process of creating a crisis communication plan. Leverage Predictive Analytics as a PR Team. What’s the Future of Predictive Analytics in PR?

eBook 89

PR metrics and analytics: 10 trends to watch in 2019

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In addition, some PR agencies apply multipliers, which can produce outrageously high figures. More PR pros will apply web analytics to track conversions. The latest version of Apple’s podcast app offers more powerful analytics. The analytics reveal when listeners play individual episodes, which sections they listen to and what parts they skip. In some cases, more powerful podcast analytics will prompt businesses to reconsider the format as a strategy component.

Don’t Forget: Google Analytics Basics for PR Professionals Webinar

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We talk a lot about Google Analytics at SHIFT – both on the blog and as we integrate it as an important tool for client projects and campaigns. We want to share some more of our Analytics knowledge with you in our free webinar being held tomorrow at 2pm EST/11 am PST. Few digital marketing tools are more widespread and more thorough than Google Analytics, but many PR pros aren’t familiar enough to make it work for them.

New eBook: Google Analytics Basics for PR Pros

Shift Communications

Google Analytics can show you how. Whether you’re in-house or work in an agency, this eBook will get you the basics you need to start measuring today. No prior Google Analytics experience necessary! Click here to download the latest eBook from SHIFT, Google Analytics Basics for PR Professionals! The post New eBook: Google Analytics Basics for PR Pros appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin.

eBook 88

How to Grow an Agency

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Now that we’ve popped the champagne and cut the cake, it feels natural to consider not just HOW MUCH we’ve grown, but HOW we’ve grown – and more importantly, what does that suggest for mid-sized agencies in an increasingly competitive market? The reality is, for those of us in the “mid-size” bracket, it’s tough to compete directly against the pockets of the large, public agencies when it comes to growth – whether we are talking about sheer footprint, new services or practice specialties.

Agency 120

Agency Work/Life Balance

Critical Mention

When other industries think of creative agency hours, they go EEK! If you’re at a creative agency, this means breaking ties with clients and projects that aren’t beneficial to you. Analytical tools and productivity software really come into play here, because it shows you which projects are succeeding and which aren’t—and especially when clients are sucking you dry. The post Agency Work/Life Balance appeared first on Critical Mention - Media Monitoring.

{PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 5

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In this series, we’ve looked at what predictive analytics is, why it’s important to public relations professionals, and a glimpse at some actual predictions: Part 1: Introduction. Part 2: Pre-Requisites to Predictive Analytics for PR. Part 3: Predictive Analytics for PR, Applied. Part 4: Where Predictive Analytics for PR Goes Wrong. What’s the Future of Predictive Analytics for PR?

Use IBM Watson Analytics for Advanced Social Media Insights

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Until now, we’ve been saddled with descriptive or diagnostic analytics: at best, we can identify what happened. IBM Watson Analytics bundles powerful statistical tools in an easy-to-use package for marketers and communicators like us. Use IBM Watson Analytics on your own data. The post Use IBM Watson Analytics for Advanced Social Media Insights appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin.

How to Use Analytics to Build Your 2015 Marketing Plan

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Here’s an example from web analytics: Look at those four standout events that are above and beyond normal traffic. Here’s another example using Twitter analytics and statistics: Again, ask the same three questions: What happened? The post How to Use Analytics to Build Your 2015 Marketing Plan appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency | Boston | New York | San Francisco. Analytics Data Data-Driven PR Marketing Marketing Technology Metrics Strategy

3 Google Analytics Issues to Correct for Better Data

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In between those times where you use Google Analytics to do reporting, there is plenty of maintenance to do to ensure that the data that you rely on to make decisions is accurate and will lead to the best decisions. I’m going to cover three Google Analytics issues that come up regularly in our work for clients that everyone should address. Last but not least, want to get search engine data inside Google Analytics? Data-Driven PR Marketing Technology google analytics

Jelly Marketing: Why Marketing Agencies Should Track Media Coverage

Critical Mention

Jelly Digital Marketing & PR is a one-stop-shop online marketing agency in Fort Langley, British Columbia. The award-winning , Canadian-based agency, a Critical Mention client, provides agile and responsive public relations, content creation, digital advertising and SEO solutions to those in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley area. The post Jelly Marketing: Why Marketing Agencies Should Track Media Coverage appeared first on Critical Mention - Media Monitoring.

12 Questions You Should Ask Google Analytics Every Month

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Google Analytics can capture more than 360 metrics and more than 260 dimensions. Long story short, there are thousands of reports you can run in Google Analytics to evaluate the strength of your marketing program, in particular your website. Analysis of your Google Analytics data may be prompted for a variety of reasons, including strategic planning, benchmarking or campaign evaluation. Questions to Ask of Your Google Analytics Data.

{PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 1

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A Brief Recap of Predictive Analytics. Predictive analytics is the statistical discipline of predicting what’s likely to happen based on existing data. Today, we ingest thousands of news articles, millions of social media data points, web analytics, customer service data, CRM data – the list of data sources is nearly endless. How Do Predictive Analytics Apply to PR? Let’s look at just a few use-cases of predictive analytics.

Why Google Analytics is a PR Professional’s BFF – Part 1

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As a data-driven agency, we rely on a variety of data tools to make the most informed decisions for our clients. Google Analytics is one of our go-to tools – and thankfully it’s very intuitive, making it possible for even the non-mathletes to make sense of data and accurately articulate what the information means for not only a PR program, but the client’s overall business. Once you receive the analytics access email from Google it’s time to start exploring.

{PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 4

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In the last post , we looked at a sample prediction using Google Analytics™ data to make a prediction about my blog’s website traffic. The first and most common scenario in predictive analytics is flat-out bad data. Novice data analysts often assume that a data source, especially an internal one or one from a bespoke source like Google Analytics™, is inherently clean. A third circumstance in which predictive analytics often fail is with confounding variables.

{PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 2

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In the last post, we introduced the idea of predictive analytics in public relations. Public relations would benefit strongly from predictive analytics, forecasting communications needs in advance. The foundation of predictive analytics is one familiar to modern PR practitioners: data. What Data Do We Need for Predictive Analytics? To prepare for predictive analytics, we must clean our data as best as possible.

How To Use Google Analytics for Same-Day Content Promotion

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It’s certainly possible, using predictive analytics, to get a rough sense of what might work and what might not work, but few companies have access to that much technology and expertise. Instead, most marketers look back at their analytics at the end of the week, month, or quarter. You can have that, and you only need Google Analytics(tm) and an alarm clock to do it. Open up Google Analytics.

Using Analytics to Improve Digital Marketing Strategy


Marketing is a data-driven industry, especially today with the increase in the use of social media platforms and the continued advancement of analytics available for marketing campaigns. The answer will be different for each brand, but the general best practices for marketing analytics should still be followed. Determining Which Analytics Matter Most. In fact, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when logging in to an analytics dashboard and seeing the swarm of numbers on the screen.

Why Google Analytics is a PR Professional’s BFF – Part 2

Shift Communications

In Part 1 of this series, we outlined why having access to a client’s Google Analytics can be beneficial for a PR program. From being able to identify which pieces of earned coverage drove the most traffic to a client’s website to analyzing data that can be used to make strategic program decisions, the initial reasons why Google Analytics is a powerful tool for PR professionals is evident. Analytics Marketing Technology Public Relations google analytics marketing technology

{PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 3

Shift Communications

Let’s next look at a predictive analytics example every PR practitioner will benefit from. Services like IBM Watson Analytics allow us to do powerful statistics and analytics without being statisticians. Using services like Google AdWords™, Google Search Console™, Google Analytics™, or even Google Trends™, we’ll find clean, compatible, well-chosen audience intent data to predict customer behavior. What would a data-driven PR agency like SHIFT do with it?

6 tips for PR entrepreneurs from independent agency pros

PR Daily

Whether you are dipping your toes into the waters of self-employment, or already run your own agency, these industry insiders have advice for how to grow your craft. It’s exciting to see how independent public relations agencies around the world are thriving. Several agency owners were willing to weigh in with advice for would-be entrepreneurs, all from the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) , an international network of independent PR agencies.

Agency 106

Dawn of the Intelligently Automated Agency

PR 20/20

As HubSpot’s first agency partner back in 2008 , we’ve built our firm on the back of automation and have witnessed it transform the industry over the last decade. We’ve decided to accelerate the transformation to drive efficiency and performance for our agency and our clients. This frees the agency and the client up to redirect resources to higher value creative and strategic tasks.

How an Influencer Marketing Agency Can Help Businesses Grow 


When it comes to companies seeking out influencers to bolster a marketing campaign, employing the help of an influencer marketing agency can help amplify the voice of the brand and extend its reach. An influencer marketing agency is dedicated to the connecting of businesses and brands with influencers or viral platforms. Often, this arm is a part of a larger marketing agency, or in other cases the agency may focus solely on influencer marketing.

4 Ways Analytics Tools Improve PR

Mindful Marketing

In PR circles today, measurement and analytics are all the rage – at least at a conversational level. In addition, if you haven’t automated a good portion of your analytics, you’re still spending unnecessary time on measurement reporting. So how can PR Analytics tools help? Just like the early days of Sales CRM, PR Analytics software automates much of what PR teams still do manually. Does work by the agency impact the bottom line more than other investments?