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Why Earned Media is More Important Than Ever

Critical Mention

Many people across the globe have tuned in to TV channels, radio stations, social media platforms and the web for news and updates on the state of the world during this pandemic. Not just that, they’re also highlighting hospitals, corporations and small businesses that are making an impact in our society. Therefore, the frontrunner of news dissemination is television broadcast coverage. .

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AirPR Interview Series: Emmy Award Winning Journalist & PR Pro Mika Stambaugh


She won an Emmy in 2008 as a Field Producer at CBS 2 News Chicago and then became spokesperson for the City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection in 2014 where she spearheaded the communication strategy for several high profile policies such as: house sharing ordinance (Airbnb); rideshare entering the Chicago marketplace (Uber and Lyft); Chicago’s minimum wage increase; amended tobacco and liquor laws; and more than 60 consumer protection campaigns.

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Public Relations Tips: Grow to New Heights Fast in 2020

PR Fuel

Your small business may feel like a tiny sapling under a canopy of tall trees. How do you bring attention to your business? There are so many other businesses out there, and people only have so much attention to give. You may have heard experienced business owners talking about the power of PR to bring a business into the light of consumers’ attention. PR helps small businesses build brand awareness and credibility.

Confusion, Technology and Talent in Marketing; Off Script #26: Frank Pollock on Fundamentals and What He’s Learned from Working in CPG

Sword and the Script

As it turns out, he got his start selling radio and television advertising and only later went to work in the CPG industry after earning an MBA. When I talk to my friends who market local or regional businesses they imply that big brand marketing is easy because of large budgets and tons of resources. If a campaign doesn’t work you still have a billion-dollar business, right? How do you grow a business in that position?

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How to Improve Your Social Media Targeting


Interests -> (Business and Industry, Entertainment, Family and Relationships, Fitness and Wellness, Food and Drink, Hobbies and Activities, Shopping and Fashion, Sports and Outdoors, Technology). Twitter allows you to target by keywords (which could be helpful in some contexts), lets you create a mirror profile to another Twitter handle (a rival business, perhaps), and to target by language, device, et cetera. Business. Movies and television. Music and radio.

Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


We’ve recently observed the explosion in popularity of podcasting, especially among business influencers and their audiences. ” Plus, if you haven’t got the time to read articles or watch videos during your busy day, podcasts are extremely accessible – listen during your commute, or even on the treadmill. And get this: according to Edison Research , people who listen to audio listen to podcasts almost as much as they listen to the radio.