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Why Advertising Isn’t Dead


Therein, James McQuivey, a principal analyst at Forrester drilled into a report which explored that CMOs will reduce their spend, on display advertising by as much as $2.9 Opposed to counter that agreement directly, I want to take you down the road of history to see how advertising continuously renews itself.

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Strong Media Brands: the answer to Native Advertising Concerns

Flack's Revenge

So is native advertising (sometimes called brand journalism or, more generally, content marketing) a curse or cure all? Is it good for what ails online advertising? That does not mean that there isn’t the potential for abuse in native advertising. Recall the fine print that Carr mentioned in his piece.


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How Does a Business Press Release Differ From Advertising?

PR Fuel

Every enterprise needs to create a brand around which business advertisements will revolve. Another popular way of marketing your brand is through advertising. To use both business press releases and advertisements effectively, you need to understand how the two differ. What Is Advertising? billion in 2021.

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The Intersection of PR and Advertising


When a message goes out, is it public relations or advertising? If that sounds a lot like advertising to you, that’s understandable, because advertising does seek to perform some of those same functions and create some of those same results. While PR and advertising do often intersect, there are some key differences.

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The Basic Benefits and Drawbacks of Owned, Shared, Earned, and Paid Media

Sword and the Script

largely centers around advertising. Examples: Print news sites, broadcast news, blogs, newsletters and possibly influencer posts. Examples: Any type of advertising including, sponsored posts, native ads, pay-per-click (PPC) ads and paid social media. Drawbacks: Advertising is expensive.

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Print news media is dying

Stephen Waddington

Print news media under threat is not an exclusive. Print new media challenge Ad-funded newspapers such as The Evening Standard and The Metro are the exception, not the rule. Clickbait and advertising excess Media outlets such as The Daily Mail, The Sun, and The Mirror flourish in digital and print.

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Trust and the Unlikely Reinvention of Advertising [UML]

Sword and the Script

Use PR to build a brand and advertising to defend it. The point of that philosophy used to be that, while you can build a brand with advertising, it’s very expensive. Where a few years ago, print was dragging the publishing industry into a morass of unprofitability, today, it is hinting at revival. 1) In advertising, we trust.