Instacart to hire 300K, how COVID-19 is changing social media habits, and Facebook offers small business resources during the pandemic

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If you’re a small business struggling with the impact of COVID-19, Facebook has offered its Business Hub as a resource for virtual training, advice for communicating with remote employees and opportunities to apply for cash grants and advertising credits: As the COVID-19 outbreak escalates, our focus has been on keeping people safe and informed by making sure everyone has… Posted by Sheryl Sandberg on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

I Can’t Use National Media

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Is there some trend or new breakthrough in your field that affects not only your particular business, but your profession as a whole? Are there other similar types of businesses or professionals that you can help weave into your story to give it a broader appeal?

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How to Pitch Better Brand Stories


So many entrepreneurs and small business owners think just pitching their product or service is enough because it’s that good. Remember, this isn’t advertising. Around Father’s Day, I pitched his story to Entrepreneur – not the Beebo.

When and how to follow up your PR pitch

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It’s an age-old PR debate: Should you follow up your media pitch? Chloe Gawrych, a small business expert and writer for , agrees: “I think it’s completely appropriate to follow up on PR pitches, within reason. Media Relations PR pitching tips

Rock The Pitch #7: The Anti-Facepalm Formula

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PITCH submission comes from Lindsay Bell, the fabuloso content director over at Spin Sucks. There is a certain irony that, as PR professionals who earn a living based on our pitching skills, our own industry blogs are smothered with a constant deluge of bad pitches. THE PITCH On Jul 24, 2014, at 8:42 AM, John Larkin (kudos, John!) We make software that helps eCommerce stores advertise and retarget to people on Facebook. Publishers are busy.

5 Evidences that You’re Not Ready for Press

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The simplest truth for business owners to remember is that they must invest in their brand (as well as their personal professional brand) before they invest time and money into gaining media attention. Do not do the failed, traditional “Feature me please” pitch.

Tell Your Story Like You Speak, Keep Pitching, and Earn Media Coverage

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Telling Your Story” Is the Real Trick to Small Business PR. Most small business descriptions include information like who the founders were, when and where the business started, and perhaps a few sentences about the company’s mission and vision.

Google’s Primer App – Quick Lessons on PR and Marketing

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With the advent of new technologies for the public relations, marketing and advertising industries, it can be hard for a new business or solo entrepreneur to know where to get started and what the current best practices should be.

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Nine ways to use public relations to grow your business.


Public relations (PR) is a technique used by savvy businesses across the globe to communicate with their customers. A good question, and one that has plagued the mind of many business owners and decision makers for years… often with little sign of a solution.

AirPR Interview Series: Emmy Award Winning Journalist & PR Pro Mika Stambaugh


“Nail the elevator pitch.”. We focus on working with non-profits, small businesses, women CEOs and business owners. One of the ways I have seen PR evolve is pitching used to be only to the assignment desk and now I mainly pitch directly to the reporter.

The Power Of Creativity In PR

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They must constantly generate fresh concepts for bylines and story angles for pitching, as well as dreaming up campaign ideas for clients. Advertisements for travel metasearch sites usually involve a cutesy gnome (Travelocity) or a charismatic spokesperson (Trivago).

Bad Pitch Book Review: Can We Do That?!

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Shankman’s conversational style makes it an easy read (no small feat for non-fiction). His hard-earned experiences recounted in the book make it credible (no small feat for a business book). How many advertising dollars does this equate to?

12 Powerful PR Trends That Will Shape Your Strategy for 2019

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Pitching will get increasingly more difficult. Instead of pitching press releases, PR will become a content partner for the media identifying opportunities for news stories and providing excellent visual assets they can use. Native Advertising Proves Its Worth.

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A Good Pitch to Business 2.0’s Blog

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Energizing a room of collegiates, late into a beautiful afternoon, is no small feat. We discussed the media relations lifecycle, briefly touching on blogs and how to pitch them—if at all. One example discussed was a pitch I made to Erick Schonfeld at B2Day , Business 2.0’s

Mailchimp unveils funky new branding

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We’ve come a long way since then, growing beyond email to a leading marketing platform for small business. with a fresh look that shows all the ways we help small businesses grow. Your business was born for this,” Mailchimp’s website now proclaims.

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Public Relations Tips: Grow to New Heights Fast in 2020

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Your small business may feel like a tiny sapling under a canopy of tall trees. How do you bring attention to your business? There are so many other businesses out there, and people only have so much attention to give. A Costly Strategy: Advertising.

What the GateHouse/Gannett deal means for PR pros

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AdAge wrote : The newspaper industry has been in a downward spiral for years as the internet has upended its business model. Readers have moved online and get their news from social media, eroding print advertising sales. Here are some tips: Get real about your media pitching strategy.

Retrevo’s Good ‘n Plenty Pitch

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We’ve been receiving more than a few pitches from Jennifer on behalf of Retrevo. And for this she’s getting a good pitch seal of approval from the Bad Pitch Blog (we used to call it Glinda the Good Pitch, but how cool is that, really?) Give us Retrevo’s elevator pitch.

How to Upgrade Your PR Strategy for 2020

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Influencers help you to reach your audience and expose more people to your brand in a way that traditional advertising just can't do. 72% of consumers prefer email to other means of business communication. Gone are the days of CEOs and founders hiding behind the name of their business.

What Happens When PR and Marketing Mesh


PR’s job is to pitch and secure stories that align with the brand, as told through third-party endorsement. Marketing and advertising teams A/B test ad copy to see which messages resonate the most with their customers.

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Spark Positive Conversations

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It claims to be the best of its class and will transform your business. When asked in the same report what influenced their purchase decisions, under 40% showed a preference for company websites, television advertising, social media, ads or news articles.

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10 books every PR pro should read

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Author and Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger argues that, contrary to popular belief, advertising isn’t what makes something popular, but rather the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission of ideas. The Business of Persuasion ” by Harold Burson.

10 books every PR pro should read

PR Daily

Author and Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger argues that, contrary to popular belief, advertising isn’t what makes something popular, but rather the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission of ideas. “ The Business of Persuasion ” by Harold Burson.

5 unique ways to break into social media marketing

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For brands that are new to social media, or have been hesitant to invest in it due to how crowded and competitive it has become, here are five unorthodox marketing strategies that will deliver the brand awareness and sales your business needs.

PR consulting: Why your business should care

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People often ask us what is PR and what can PR consulting do for my business that advertising or marketing can’t? Whether you are a small business, start-up company, or simply expanding into a new country or geographical area, PR is an important tool for you.

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4 reasons blogs succeed—and how yours can, too

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Blogging has become fundamental to the success of businesses, organizations and individuals. They should spotlight your proprietary knowledge and expert wisdom, not spew sales pitches.

Marketing Has a Best Practices Problem

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In the newspaper business, it’s common to print your issues on something called “broadsheets,” which are 22-inch sheets of paper. I was part of the sales team at Google that helped launch SiteLinks to advertisers. Quick, can you tell me the best time for a business to tweet?

What Shadow Banking Means for Your Financial Services PR Program

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However, since the financial crash of 2008 and the coinciding rise of AWS, iPhones, and frictionless services, non-banks are finding creative ways to fill financial needs for both consumers and businesses across the country in a phenomenon known as shadow banking. The Rise of Shadow Banking.

4 ways marketers can attract new consumers

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with a revised logo, more vibrant packaging, new flavors and a global advertising campaign. Business leaders may be aware of the changing marketplace, but that doesn't mean they're eager to change. Here are four steps you can take to help your business appeal to new demographics: 1.

The Best List of 40 Social PR Courses and Certifications

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That’s right – through online social PR courses and certifications, you can learn the specialized knowledge that will provide you an advantage in a business world that’s full of continuous change. Art of the Start: Turning Ideas into High-Growth Businesses.

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Everything You Need to Know About Earned, Owned, Shared & Paid Media

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Only 37% of B2B businesses have a documented content strategy. This leaves the other 63% of businesses without a plan of action to guide their content creation. Pitch newsworthy stories to journalists covering your industry. How to Grow Your Business with Thought Leadership PR.

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Why We Need a New Way to Measure Earned Media

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Take Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE), for example. Many public relations professionals continue to measure media exposure based on what the equivalent costs in advertising would be.

7 Ways to Know if You Are a Public Relations Pro or Piker


A term begrudgingly used for a person who’s “not a player” or “small time”. Often referred to as the “Barcelona Principles” PR Pro’s are looking at social metrics, their intended outcome, and the effect their stories have on critical business measurable, in addition to the traditional advertising value equivalents (AVE). 5) You don’t network or pitch.

As Salaries Rise, PR Firm Fees Per Billable Hour Fall

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She” was the featured speaker on a PR industry vendor webinar for small businesses – PR on shoestring. Her answer was in response to an audience question on how small business owners, with small budgets, could drive effective PR programs. PR business of PR

Keys to writing the best headline ever

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As chief honcho of its cultishly popular AdFreak blog, Which covers all things digital advertising and creative. You might get your feelings hurt, but it’s better to have a pitch perfect headline,” he said. Shoulder pads. Hot coffee. Time on my hands.

5 commonly held SEO misconceptions—and the truth behind them

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I’ve talked with hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers prior to launching SEO campaigns for their businesses. For example, I wrote a blog on The Media Captain’s site about Snapchat geofilters for local businesses.

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Is The Name of Your Business Costing You A Fortune In Wasted PR & Marketing?

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It was a very small budget for what he wanted to accomplish, and my minimum retainer size, but enough to accommodate some very solid results, if given a little time. Someone searched for his business name on Google, and told him they couldn’t find him. Clearly he had expected to immediately rank on page one for his business name. And ranking on page one for a business name sounds like a reasonable expectation, yes? Problem #1: Your Business Name Is Too Generic.

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Look to your employees when executing an influencer campaign

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reveals that businesses are earning $6.50 The top 13 percent of businesses make more than $20 for each dollar spent on influencer marketing. And this is the case in both the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) spheres.

4 Ways PR Is More Than Media Relations

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But we live in interesting and challenging times and, with the advent of social media, PR pros and businesses now have the opportunity to not only reach masses, but to create a dialogue and to start a conversation for brands in a more meaningful way than through media relations.

24 great B2B and B2C brand journalism sites

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Power drink maker Red Bull wants you to know about three generations of a high-flying family and its “ skytyping” business. Ragan heads Ragan Consulting Group , which works with businesses to establish brand journalism sites.). Brand journalism is not a product pitch,” he says. “It

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