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Brand Engagement on Social Media Has Never Mattered Less

Sword and the Script

This means social media posts that include video are granted better reach on the platform. In turn, social media experts have rushed to proclaim brands should be using video to drive better engagement. In fact, engagement on social media has never mattered less for a brand. Because the social sites are depressing brand organic reach – and even if you pay for exposure, the cost is rising. Social Media Sites Discourage External Links.

15 courses to improve your social media knowledge

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Do you know the latest trends and tips to make your messages soar on social media platforms, from Facebook to YouTube? What are your goals for social media in the coming year? . You might want to consider a little extra training to learn the latest trends and tips for bolstering your social media presence. Social media training from Hootsuite Academy. Buffer’s social media webinars on YouTube. Sprout Social’s webinars.

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Frank Strong on Next Steps in Social Media Marketing

Flack's Revenge

I have been writing about issues challenging social media and digital communications, and speaking with thought leaders on the topic. In this installment, I interview Frank Strong, Founder & President of Sword & Script Media, LLC. Frank Strong, Founder & President, Sword & Script Media. Are the social media waters still safe for marketing? Have you been recommending a change in strategy regarding social media?

Report: Video is crucial for reaching social media audiences

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Social media habits are changing as users are favoring two things: community and video. More and more social media users are searching for “velvet rope” communities, or forums that are not public facing but offer a specific audience for collaboration, brainstorming and griping. Social media users also love to engage with and share video, making good online video content a marketer’s best hope for breaking through the latest algorithm changes.

3 Key Questions for Social Media Planning

Solo PR Pro

Everything we do as communications professionals is information driven, particularly when it comes to planning, and that includes social media planning. Social media planning requires the same level of thoroughness as any other type of strategic planning process.

How to Set Up a B2B Facebook Advertising Campaign

The Hoffman Agency

At Hoffman we’re increasingly executing integrated communications campaigns that roll earned, owned and paid media into a single client budget to reach B2B audiences. Since this was the first time we had advertised to this audience, we structured our campaign in two parts.

The Top 50 Social Media Influencers on Twitter


As Cision’s social media manager, I use top 50 and top 100 lists for three purposes: To follow individuals who will help me stay in the loop when new trends and statistics emerge within my industry. Every year, Cision creates a list of the top 50 social media influencers on Twitter. Contributed: Four ways social can get out of the silo and truly integrate. New York Times best-selling author, global keynote speaker, and digital media entrepreneur.

Social media network broadcasting: No sales pitch please!

Personal PR

One of the advantages of using social media networks for creating new business opportunities is the ability to share great information without having to rely solely on the traditional sales pitch approach. Absent the hard sell, “social media network broadcasting” allows for the opportunity to engage with people on a number of levels, from personal interaction to thought leadership. Good information is the lifeblood of social media networking.

A Simple Guide to Web Traffic Terms for the PR World

The Resolution Blog

Online traffic refers to the flow of people visiting a website but isn’t used to measure anything specifically. If you want to measure the traffic to your site, you first need to decide what you’re about to measure?—?unique The other definitions in this series can help you choose what to measure. Unique users are usually measured monthly (often abbreviated to UMVs and UVPM ), though some publications and sites will be able to tell you their yearly numbers.

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Social media network broadcasting: No sales pitch please!

Personal PR

One of the advantages of using social media networks for creating new business opportunities is the ability to share great information without having to rely solely on the traditional sales pitch approach. Absent the hard sell, “social media network broadcasting” allows for the opportunity to engage with people on a number of levels, from personal interaction to thought leadership. Good information is the lifeblood of social media networking.

Bringing PR Measurement Into the Digital Era


Read on to learn more about how PR can bring measurement into the digital era. Unfortunately for PR, despite the world being digital, it is not always easy to obtain these metrics for earned media since publishers own this data and they don’t typically make it accessible. So, the next step is to get outside of the PR silo and to promote PR metrics alongside related data for activities like social media, website and sales performance. Bringing PR Measurement Together.

How To Measure PR Outcomes: A Practical Guide

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

That was how we measured the PR team’s performance – by counting the publicity clips our work generated. We use social media listening tools, review market research, and create SEO-enhanced content. Earned media placements are usually at the top of a client’s wish list. At my agency, we generate a great deal of earned media for clients, and even after all these years, it still feels like magic when a great story hits.

5 Amazing Facts You Must Know About Facebook Advertising


According to the 2016 Content Marketing Benchmark Report by the Content Marketing Institute, the top three paid advertising methods used by B2B marketers to promote/distribute content are: Search Engine Marketing (66 percent); Print or Other Offline Promotion (57 percent); Traditional Online Banner Ads (55 percent). B2B marketers, in particular, are missing a huge opportunity with social advertising to promote content. Facebook makes money by selling advertising.

How Target’s #lillyfortarget launch was a huge social media (and business) win

Communications Conversations

And, they were ALL OVER social media after the Bullseye’s web site crashed after its launch of the new #LillyForTarget line. Web site crashed. Frustrated and angry customers taking to social media. So, all those posts and media reports you’ve read the last couple days talking about the big “hit” Target’s taking for this supposedly failed product launch? Target was in the news over the weekend.

How to Best Measure Your PR Success

Shift Communications

PR teams have long deplored the challenges of how to best measure your PR success and effectively report program results. Yes, it can be difficult to understand how to justify your team’s hard work to management, or to measure PR’s contribution to the bottom line. But savvy PR professionals will look for ways to demonstrate how their team’s work in earned and social media impacts the larger marketing mix. But, don’t forget about measuring the quality of coverage.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce speaking at the IATA Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age conference. (c) This morning I gave a keynote at the global ‘Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age’ conference in Istanbul. And thank you Aaron for that fascinating insight into how social media has changed journalism. My name is Stuart Bruce and I’ve been tasked with speaking to you about the future of social media and its impact on public relations.

We Should Measure Content Marketing by Relationships

Sword and the Script

The white paper calls the pageview a “superficial impression of how people behave on the web.” For 20 years, the media and marketing world has been beholden to the pageview, a deeply flawed metric that only captures the most superficial impression of how people behave on the web. The paper traces the use of pageveiws for measurement to online advertising, where CPM, or cost per thousand pageviews, became standard for advertising fees. by Frank Strong.

How Pink Panties Heralded India's Social Media Movement

Waxing UnLyrical

In the Indian context, the web has begun to move beyond a media genre that was no different in terms of interruption when compared to conventional media like television and radio. Apprehensions of a social bubble, destined to eventually attain saturation, still linger.

A guide to successfully investing in paid advertising

PR Daily

Paid advertising can be a great way to guide more traffic to your site and increase business, however it can be an expensive endeavor if you don’t really know what you are doing. This article tackles the three most popular platforms for online advertising, and whether they are worth it for small businesses to invest in. According to Statista , “in November 2016, Google was ranked first amongst the most visited multi-platform web properties in the United States with 246 million U.S.

8 ways to help your social media manager help your brand

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Whether you are promoting a small or large business, social media can be an effective and efficient part of your marketing program. Your social media managers aren't there solely to read comments left on your brand’s Facebook page. Make sure your social media manager understands your organization’s overall objectives, messaging, target audience and sales goals. If you hold a weekly meeting, involve your social media manager.

Get The Resources You Need to Measure PR Effectively


“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Ninety-five percent of communicators say they measure their PR, including social media. Two-thirds haven’t heard of the Barcelona Principles and 40 percent don’t set goals for social media. Whether you’re new to PR measurement or want to refine or upgrade your efforts, Cision has the resources for you.

Two Reasons PR Needs to Budget a Little Paid Social Budget Next Year

Sword and the Script

About 18% of PR pros would invest in social media next year if money weren’t an issue. The survey doesn’t get into how that budget would be broken out, which means it could include entail headcount, creative or design, social media management tools, and paid social. I want to advocate for paid social and specifically as part of a media relations program. 1) Use paid social to support media pitching.

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Are Facebook Ads Any Good for B2B Marketing?

Sword and the Script

Several surveys reviewed by eMarketer suggest social media advertising continues to advance – and Facebook is often voted the most effective paid platform – even for B2B. For example, a survey of 342 B2B marketers – the State of B2B Social Media Marketing 2016 (reg. These platforms show the best return on investment for social ad spend according to B2B marketers. Unlike traditional advertising, the audience gets a vote in paid social media.

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30 Pragmatic Marketing and PR Predictions for 2020

Sword and the Script

4) Better integration of owned, earned and paid media. The early adopters have been educating the market in the last few years about the successes that can be had with integrating own, earned and paid media. Christoph Luke | Christoph Luke Media Relations.

How PR pros can measure ROI online

PR Daily

Public relations pros have always struggled to measure their effectiveness of increased visibility or reputation management for clients. PR pros once tried to meet the demand for measurement through convoluted attempts to demonstrate their worth. Clippings were counted, column inches were compared to advertising and magazine circulation was boosted by “pass-along” circulation to inflate the number of readers. Google Analytics and website measurement.

21 Social Media News Stories to Start April 2017 With


And, every month we give them a social media news round-up of what’s news right now. Here are 21 social media news stories to start April 2017 with. Facebook Social Media News April 2017. It follows a 2016 change to make personal, text-only posts more prominent, which could in theory allow them to stand out from paid advertisements and posts from media outlets. Google Plus Social Media News April 2017.

B2B Blog Metrics: 4 Effective Categories to Measure Success

Sword and the Script

The first measure came from a business with a marketing automation system implemented. The second measure was largely a manual effort: going back through the deals closed at the end of the year and identifying which ones had downloaded gated for content featured on the blog. For all the flaws we can find with traffic , when used in conjunction with additional measures, it can guide our thinking as to whether or not a program or initiative is headed in the right direction.

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Context in Marketing Campaigns, Mediums and Measurements [UML]

Sword and the Script

Some 30% of respondents say when they see a brand being advertised alongside offensive material, they believe the advertiser is somehow endorsing that material; 20% do not see it as an endorsement, 33% say the brand may or may not be endorsing the material, and 16% have no opinion.”. The inability to account for context is, I believe, one of the biggest knocks against advertising at scale, including remarketing. PR, Social Media and the Imperative of Content Marketing [UML].

5 Categories of PR Metrics Pros Should Measure

Sword and the Script

There’s an old saying in advertising that half of the budget is wasted, but marketers don’t know which half. The demand for measuring effectiveness in marketing is on the rise too, according to an eMarketer report titled, Execs to Marketers: Show Me the Metrics. PR Measurement Isn’t Quite the Same. For PR, metrics and measurement tends to be a little trickier: How do you quantify the value of a brand mention, whether that mention is in mainstream media or otherwise?

Expert advice for measuring the ROI of public relations

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The last business software I evaluated wasn’t because of some advertisement. Despite this advice, I know of many companies who would rather devote their entire marketing budget to advertising. For marketing people, advertising is easier to wrap their hands around. In advertising, you can often see directly how people are moving through the funnel. To further complicate things, measuring the return on investment (ROI) in PR is a seemingly herculean task.

Social ad best practice – five things you’re doing wrong and why


What is Facebook Advertising? Three years after the launch of one of the most prolific social media platforms, Facebook made the lucrative decision to launch an advertising capability within the channel. Facebook advertising has become known within the industry as one of the cheapest ways to advertise online, over Google PPC and traditional web ads. This is one of the worst errors that you can make when running a Facebook advertising campaign.

Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


Welcome to The #AskGaryVee show, where I answer your questions about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Tools, tips and tactics on everything marketing and social media related. Social Media Zoom Factor. If you want to learn how to integrate social media, content marketing, the latest technology and more, you won’t be disappointed in Pam’s podcasts, which she delivers each weekday. Social Pros Podcast.

Social Media Marketing for Complete Beginners


When it comes to generating leads, creating a community, and interacting with your customers, nothing tops social media. Social media is the perfect way to build exposure for your brand and increase traffic to your website, but how do you do that? It all starts with an intentional strategy for existing and interacting on social media. Here’s a handy social media marketing checklist. Sprout Social. Be Social.

26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

Sword and the Script

There’s something in here for every discipline of marketing – be it strategy, PR, content marketing, SEO, digital, social media, customer marketing, and so much more. It’s worth noting, I wrote the sub-headlines for each entry based on what I read, and each prediction from the contributor is provided in quotations with a link to a social profile and organizational website for those interested in learning more. 1) Owned media gains on distrust of mass media.

Snapchat rolls out a slew of changes to entice marketers

PR Daily

The social media platform has seen stagnant user growth, and execs have watched as Instagram and Facebook have copied some of its most popular features. Although the announcements also included a new ad network , advertisers say the real compelling opportunity is in gaming. Analysts say the changes are aimed at convincing users and advertisers that the app has a broader appeal. The Next Web wrote : So what’s the motivation behind building these features?

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3 dashboards marketers can use to measure their efforts

PR Daily

How many business tools do you have open in your web browser? You can even the overall success of your last 30 emails alongside other business apps, including Google Analytics and your social media channels. RELATED: Attend the Practical PR Summit and become more successful in the new media landscape. ]. Running online advertisements through Google AdWords or Bing?

The Marketing Value of Twitter Centers on Earned Media

Sword and the Script

Twitter made a number of advertising product (or inventory) announcements recently including a plan to sell ads on other websites. In a CMO round up, Wall Street Journal advertising reporter Steven Perlberg summed it up like this : …Twitter has made the case that there is a large audience of people who see its content around the Web, but who aren’t actually registered to use the social media service. The Value of Social is Earned + Paid.

Digital advertisers seek transparency, Facebook fights content ruling, and PR faces a gender trust gap

PR Daily

Though influencer ad fraud has gotten plenty of attention, there’s a lot of waste and fraud in all digital advertising. The New York Times reported : On Wednesday, the companies called for more visibility into where each dollar is spent in the online advertising supply chain. In win for advertisers, FBI takes down fake online ad ring. MEASURED THOUGHTS. Pinterest and Instagram marry social media and shopping.

Influencer fraud’s $1.3B price tag—and how marketers can respond

PR Daily

Cavazos worked on a prior study that analyzed the money misspent on traditional digital advertising; it found the sector sees an annual loss of $23 billion. The money damages are smaller in influencer fraud than they are in the larger online advertising but are more significant because this is the great hope of online advertising,” Cavazos says. “It What to measure. Cavazos says the debate about measurement is as old as the advertising industry. “If

Twitter suspends Grindr from ad network, Spotify offers pet playlists, and Pinterest surpasses Snapchat

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The social media platform suspended Grindr from using its advertising network following a report by the Norwegian Consumer Council asserting the app was one of several that shared users’ data with marketers. MEASURED THOUGHTS.