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What Goes in a Social Media Promotion Plan?


This goal is specific, measurable, and most importantly, attainable. To do this, decide what you’ll be measuring first. As you can see, these measurements will depend entirely on your main objective. If it’s a male customer in his late twenties or early thirties, you won’t find him on Pinterest, that’s for sure.

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5 HUGE Misconceptions About Facebook’s Value to Your Business


Nowadays, advertising value equivalency (AVE) is recognized as a poor way to measure the effectiveness of a PR campaign. AVE measures value relative to a fixed cost rather than to actual business objectives. Want the keys to modern PR measurement? .” – Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic , April 29, 2015.

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The Top 50 Social Media Influencers on Twitter


Social is branding, but unlike traditional advertising—it’s more human. 7 Ways to Make Your Tweets Go #Viral – [link] by @douglasi #twitter Only 13% of ‘online’ adult males use #Pinterest. Social Media Measurement 101 for Small Business [link] via @divahound | One to read!

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Your Favorite MaccaPR Blog Posts: Ellen's Oscar Selfie, Death of PR Spin and Online Content Secrets


I don''t yet think so, especially with podcasting becoming a huge green field opportunity and the continued importance of advertising for brand visibility on Facebook. #8. Have we already moved past the " 7 Social Media Trends in 2014 Live from Social Media Marketing World " chronicled by Christina Milanowski?

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105 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

Beyond PR

Don’t hesitate to remind your Twitter followers you’re also on Pinterest (and vice versa). Instagram only allows links in a post when it’s a paid advertisement. Pinterest differentiates itself from the social media pack by providing a visual search engine with a social twist. Pinterest search is not Google.

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Content Marketing Is So Last Year

Flatiron Communications

Nonetheless, an admittedly unscientific look at who or what really moves the needle nowadays will likely reveal that those carefully crafted pieces of branded content contributed to Huffington Post, sponsored on Buzzfeed, or promoted on Twitter are often too ephemeral to make a meaningful (and measurable) impact on public awareness and behavior.