Print news media is dying

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Print news media under threat is not an exclusive. We consume news through TV, mobile apps, PC and social media. Print new media challenge Ad-funded newspapers such as The Evening Standard and The Metro are the exception, not the rule.

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Print? Really? Here’s why it’s a smart option for marketers

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Despite what you might think, it outpaces digital and TV for brand affinity, especially when the consumer is ready to buy. Do you evaluate print advertising as part of an overarching media strategy for your brand? For example, digital marketing may be more targeted than print.

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3 arguments for the enduring power of print

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For years, the print industry has seen a steady and drastic decline, but evidence suggests that its importance not only will remain relevant, but that it is making a comeback. More Americans prefer print books over e-readers, and more than 90 percent of adults read paper magazines.

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Why Advertising Isn’t Dead


Therein, James McQuivey, a principal analyst at Forrester drilled into a report which explored that CMOs will reduce their spend, on display advertising by as much as $2.9 According to Ad Age , by 1940, there were 55 daytime serials, largely sponsored by nascent consumer packaged goods brands.

What is ‘true native’ advertising?

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Although many PR pros think native advertising is new, it’s actually one of the oldest forms of paid advertising. In today’s marketing climate, consumers own 3.64 Advertisers must produce effective digital campaigns that can cut through the noise in a crowded industry.

3 ways to reach LGBTQ consumers in the ‘new normal’

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Without large scale events as an advertising vehicle, your business needs to think outside the box to reach these customers. Start your marketing and public relations efforts now, especially since you cannot count on a pride event to reach LGBTQ consumers.

How to Connect With Consumers Offline


Everywhere we look, consumers are tied to smartphone, a TV, even a smart screen in the car. But there is still an argument for connecting with consumers off screen. Sure, reaching consumers offline can be more difficult than launching a digital campaign.

Trust and the Unlikely Reinvention of Advertising [UML]

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Use PR to build a brand and advertising to defend it. The point of that philosophy used to be that, while you can build a brand with advertising, it’s very expensive. More recently, fake news has laid the groundwork for a new-found trust in advertising.

PREthics & Native Advertising


Late last year, the Federal Trade Commission issued guidelines for native advertising, a topic of much discussion in 2016. As print communication has declined in favor of digital, publishers have had to look for new ways to support their organizations. When does product publicity become native advertising? Is it only when it appears as a paid ad opportunity on a rate card, available to any advertiser? PR Teams – Be On Alert.

Study: Consumers see PR and marketing as interchangeable

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A new study from Kantar reveals that consumers are becoming less able to distinguish between advertising messages and other brand communication. Nearly three-fifths (58%) of respondents say they believe any brand message appearing in print (news and feature articles) to be advertising. Consumers report the ability to see past attempts to disguise your message—so trying to be clever could backfire for your organization.

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4 ways marketers can attract new consumers

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with a revised logo, more vibrant packaging, new flavors and a global advertising campaign. This younger generation of consumers is continuing to cause a massive shift in the market across all industries and sectors.

This Twitter Ad Shows Us Why Social Media Advertising Needs Cross-Functional Teams Empowered with Compassion and Humanity

Sword and the Script

You can’t just spend your way to success in social media advertising. They can and do comment on paid promotions as this advertisement for AT&T Fiber demonstrates. You just never had to worry about this sort of thing, at this scale, in a world of print ads and billboards.

4 ways Tom’s drives consumer success and sales on social media

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The company’s online success is in part due to the careful way they’ve used a mixture of compelling content and paid social media ads to deliver their messages to targeted consumers at a time when social media algorithms can easily bury branded posts. Put consumers first.

Why the rise of native advertising isn't a threat to PR

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Changing reader habits, geared towards a preference for consuming media online and through devices, have led to the decline of print and a subsequent decline in revenue for media outlets. Is the wall between editorial and advertising coming down?

3 Ways to Reach LGBTQ Consumers in the New Normal


The COVID-19 pandemic has turned consumer behavior upside down but, in recent weeks, we have seen states begin to devise and even implement strategies for slowly reopening. Without large-scale events as an advertising vehicle, businesses need to think outside the box to reach these customers.

How native content helps consumers 50 and older make purchasing choices

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For communicators looking to reach the millions of consumers in this powerful demographic, native ads offer a helpful advantage. You’re probably focusing on native advertising a lot these days—and wondering if you’re getting your money’s worth. Align your goals with consumer needs.

Kroger joins push for tougher gun laws, consumers readily change brands, and WeWork’s founder walks back trademark sale

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Consumer disloyalty is the new normal. It reported : New Nielsen findings demonstrate that just 8% of consumers consider themselves to be firmly committed loyalists. Pinterest seeks to woo advertisers and international users as IPO looms.

H&M Group apologizes for racial slur, to lay off 4,000 employees, and NYT’s digital revenue overcomes print for first time in history

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Hello, communicators: Kraft Heinz is aiming to help consumers officially start their day with a bowl of its iconic orange noodles, in a press release titled, “ It’s official: Kraft Mac & Cheese is approved for breakfast.”.

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IKEA ad encourages consumers to pee on it

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Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the marketing stunt on his show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”: Swedish-based marketing and advertising agency Åkestam Holst came up with the stunt, and an executive told Adweek that consumers don’t have to bring the ad into Ikea to take advantage of the offer.

Email Marketers Offer Deals, Discounts, And Empathy

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But most eyes were on marketing like print and TV ads that could be quickly adapted to the new situation. Other forms of marketing may struggle, but email is chugging along as consumers stay glued to their devices while social distancing. .

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Online ads have ‘oversaturated’ consumers, Gucci’s straitjackets meet backlash, and Yahoo unveils a new logo

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Good morning, PR pros: During Advertising Week New York , Hearst’s former chief content officer, Joanna Coles, bluntly told attendees that advertisers were to blame for consumers’ aversion to ads. Don’t blame consumers’ changing tastes for an underperforming product or service.

The Old “New Media” and Marketing Tools with Novel Twists [UML]

Sword and the Script

However, other traditionally print new organizations – notably the Wall Street Journal and USA Today – got into the podcast game far earlier. It’s worth noting Pinterest also has a foundational track record with social media advertisers.

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Paid Social Media as Surround Sound in B2B Marketing; Off Script No. 39: Betsy Hindman of the Hindman Company

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My employer launched a print magazine, website and social presence telling stories about health and community to business audiences, which is still going, 3) Social media tends to have a consumer feel to it, why should a B2B firm consider investing in paid social?

Report: Insights into LGBTQ consumers and their messaging preferences

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Many marketers and PR pros are preparing for brand activations ahead of National Pride Month to engage LGBTQ consumers. If you are planning on engaging LGBTQ consumers, start by reaching them through their preferred channels. What LGBTQ consumers want to hear.

Everything You Need to Know About Content Marketing When You Don’t Have Time


Content marketing includes everything you say in person, print, online and in video. The answer is a definite YES, but it won’t be as time-consuming as you’re probably envisioning. Do you ever wonder how great brands manage to post so much relevant, awesome content as often as they do?

Newsprint in pain as COVID-19 bites, so what’s next?

Stephen Waddington

A perfect storm of distribution and falling advertising revenue is a blow to the newsprint business after two decades of battling the shift from print to digital. The COVID-19 crisis is hastening the digitisation of news from print to internet services.

13 stories about the future of news

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Print is down but digital is booming. COVID-19 boosts news consumption across all mainstream media (except print) The COVIDA-19 crisis has substantially increased news consumption for mainstream media. The future of news is complicated. There are no easy answers.

Facebook deemed most trusted channel for branded content

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Consumers say Facebook is the channel in which they are most likely to trust content created by a brand/company, according to. was based on data from a survey of more than 2,000 consumers in the United States. Advertising effectiveness on new customers.

4 tips for pitching magazines

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Magazines require more lead time and can have different staff working on print and digital operations. With over 7,000 consumer magazines circulated throughout the United States , there are plenty of opportunities. Remember, pitching print magazines is different than pitching digital.

Earned Media, Shared Media, and Owned Media: What’s the Difference?


This may include print media, digital platforms, websites or social media pages, as well as all the content on those channels. Paid media is any way the brand purchases advertising, marketing, or messaging space, whether it’s in print, online, digital or broadcast.

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Storytelling Isn’t Just for Kids. Understanding the Value of Customer Impact Stories.


With so many brands vying for our attention through various channels – from social media, TV, radio, print, smartphones and the endless barrage of emails flooding our inboxes on a daily – sometimes hourly – basis, it’s easy for your message to get lost among all the noise.

How brand journalism fills the void as media outlets dwindle

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The ‘news hole’ at print publications is shrinking, and there are ever fewer bodies to cover your sector, much less your organization. Outdoor gear retailer REI recently launched its print magazine, Uncommon Path , which promotes outdoor living and solutions to environmental issues.

Do PR pros over-rely on media relations?

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Recent stats, reports and general consumer behavior however, suggest this might be changing. This was followed by digital advertising (11 percent), traditional advertising (11 percent) and analog physical activities (11 percent). Media relations has long been a PR core commodity.

Holding out for a hero

Stephen Waddington

No advertising, no sponsorship, no sales promotion or other fundraising efforts. Understand your audience Lockdown has meant that different media channels are being consumed and at different times of day.

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Four reasons why influencer marketing is starting to grow up


Influencer marketing has been around for the best part of a decade now and initially, it wasn’t clear how big of an impact it was going to have on both brands and consumers. Consumers value influencer marketing as they trust the opinions of those that they follow and admire.

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Inside Podcast Promotion


Podcasts Can Help Advertisers Reach Niche Audiences. Most of the leading podcasts these days rely on the same group of advertisers. But the size of the audience is hardly what makes advertising unique on podcast, it’s the specificity of the audience you can reach. “If

Digital PR skills for PR pros are paramount for survival

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They either lack or have poor digital marketing, PR or advertising in search engines and social media. For example, during a recent Zoom meeting with a potential client, we discussed a plan focusing on TV appearances and features in print and online media.

How digital marketers should take risks

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It created an entire advertising campaign around this review. Print materials were released that simply showed a photo of the ski slope with the words Not for beginners printed underneath.

Does Old Fashion PR Still Have the Magic in the Digital Era?

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The “big idea” PR strategies he pioneered worked miraculously in the first half of the 20th century with successful campaigns such as “Torches of Freedom” where he expanded the tobacco consumer base into women, riding the wave of the women’s rights movement.

4 ways PPC benefits your clients’ PR

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A vital component of cross-platform marketing is pay per click (PPC) advertising. Every time a consumer clicks on your PPC ad, you pay a small fee. Consumers already search for your client’s brand. Once advertising is printed, it’s final.

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