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Huffington Goes Viral with Data Science – You can Too

Flack's Revenge

My recent posts have explored how publishers are working with social platforms to expand audience and adapt story telling formats (see Publishers & Platforms In a Relationship , and Platforms as Publishers: 6 Key Takeaways for Brands ). Project Fortune Teller: Data Predict Viral Success.

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4 lessons from @justaconstructionguy campaign’s viral success

PR Daily

In this era of decaying consumer trust, a Texas coffee company took a huge risk with a phony influencer campaign. The account was a response to how common influencer tropes weren’t a fit for Austin’s Cuvee Coffee and its blue-collar branding. Be prepared for viral success.

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DiGiorno takes advantage of viral Little Caesars video

PR Daily

DiGiorno’s social media team showed it was “hot ’n’ ready” to spar with Little Caesars over a viral video. Eater reported : The video quickly went viral, according to People , and was fueled by all-around best person on the internet Chrissy Teigen, who.

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Viral snark over a Peloton ad, McDonald’s enters ‘chicken sandwich wars,’ and Twitter launches data-privacy hub

PR Daily

However, as one Twitter user pointed out, the backlash caused Peloton to trend and delivered additional video views and media coverage: If you really think the "creepy" Peloton commercial is going to hurt their brand, you probably shouldn't be in marketing.

Less Is More in Digital Marketing and Advertising


Everywhere we look, it seems that a brand is just waiting to entice us with flashy marketing or advertising. Respecting the consumer’s time and attention is key when it comes to learning how to most effectively strike a balance in marketing.

3 lessons from Fiji’s Golden Globes win

PR Daily

The company hired models to display its product on the red carpet, but a creative twist, dubbed #FijiWaterGirl, became a viral sensation. The water company, a sponsor of the awards ceremony, hired models to carry trays of its product to increase the brand’s visibility on the red carpet.

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3 PR and marketing lessons from CarMax’s answer to viral video

PR Daily

What started as an idea to satirically advertise his girlfriend’s car turned into marketing gold. 2, Max Lanman posted a YouTube video advertising the 1996 Honda Accord that his then-girlfriend (now fiancée), Carrie Hollenbeck owned.

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IKEA ad encourages consumers to pee on it

PR Daily

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the marketing stunt on his show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”: Swedish-based marketing and advertising agency Åkestam Holst came up with the stunt, and an executive told Adweek that consumers don’t have to bring the ad into Ikea to take advantage of the offer.

Google limits political ad targeting, Facebook announces brand ‘safety controls,’ and Taco Bell enters the ‘chicken wars’

PR Daily

Also: Twitter tests scheduling feature, organizations that tap into consumer emotions can come out on top, a comms expert shares how she accomplished broad change, and more. The report breaks down “brand intimacy’ by measuring factors that draw consumers to a brand identity.

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5 ways brand managers can employ word-of-mouth marketing

PR Daily

Historically, word-of-mouth marketing wasn’t easy for brand managers to control, making it hard to measure. It relies on brand marketers connecting with customers and customers connecting with their friends, so analysis became difficult across potential digital and in-person points of contact.

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Report: CSR, trust and social media paramount to building brand loyalty

PR Daily

Businesses must adapt better to customers' changing needs and desires, according to a study investigating trends in consumer behavior. consumers found that 75 percent think organizations can do a better job of increasing brand loyalty.

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30 Pragmatic Marketing and PR Predictions for 2020

Sword and the Script

3) Brands blur the lines between company and friend. “We’re We’re used to seeing communications and interactions with brands that are personalized. Example: A favorite food brand that also knows what kind of vehicle you drive, where you stop for gas and your preference in podcasts.

How to use food imagery to grab a bigger slice of the PR pie

PR Daily

Victuals, comestibles, noshes—all manner of foodstuffs—resonate deeply with consumers, even if your product or service isn’t edible. The campaign went viral, and IHOP sold four times as many burgers as a result.

10 of brands’ worst social media mistakes

PR Daily

Companies are increasingly turning to social media to expand their Internet presence, promote their brand and engage with consumers. Gap took to Twitter to advertise its hashtag #DressNormal campaign. When hashtag #bendgate—the controversy over whether Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus could bend—went viral, many competitors jumped at the opportunity to post tweets mocking the phone. Brand managers have to be beyond reproach to conduct successful social media Q&As.

6 Awesome Examples of How To Leverage Corporate History in Brand Storytelling


Your brand can share storytelling moments from its company history with your key stakeholders, too. But, it takes strategic insight and smart planning to communicate a brand’s history well. Another great example of digitized history comes from the 162-year-old Levi Strauss brand.

Designers apologize to Chinese consumers, ‘influencer fraud’ cost nearing $1.3 billion, and Universal pulls ‘The Hunt’ after mass shootings

PR Daily

Good morning, PR pros: You probably remember the viral video of a BBC Skype interview gone wrong when the interviewees’ kids barge into the room: According to new research, such missteps are becoming more common. Still, influencers must diligently protect their personal brands.

NASCAR alters stance on guns, GM workers strike, and Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy

PR Daily

7 hints to help create viral content. J&J to pay $527M in opioid damages, Popeyes’ Twitter spat creates viral win, and KFC tests plant-based ‘chicken’. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ].

Case Study Turbine Labs


Marketing and Advertising. Turbine Labs, a new player in the marketing game, offers a fresh take on brand intelligence with a concentration on leveraging “small data” for big brands. CASE STUDY.

Twitter suspends Planters’ ‘Baby Nut’ accounts, top platforms tackle privacy and fake news concerns, and Hulu chief is out

PR Daily

Also: Oscars prediction app’s tweet snafu, Super Bowl engagement wins, what consumers want online (and how seldom they get it), and more. Kraft Heinz’s strategy to make Planters’ Super Bowl spot go viral was blocked by Twitter for violating its spam and platform manipulation policy.

Digital PR skills for PR pros are paramount for survival

PR Daily

We don’t have to rewrite the laws of gravity, comprehend the concept of “space-time” for general relativity, or invent the ultimate low-cost viral app, but PR professionals should: Market the digital skills we already possess.

Welcome to the World of TikTok

Konnect Agency

Subsequently, brands and influencers alike have become more active on the platform, resulting in higher frequencies of cross-platform syndication. Never before have brands been able to create virality on such a massive scale.

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Ideas for marketing telehealth in the COVID-19 crisis

PR Daily

As health care providers try to serve audiences from a distance, here are some key ways to help skeptical consumers see the benefits of telemedicine. health care systems prepare for and manage the viral surge. Yet, until now, consumer demand has lagged.

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How Experiential Marketing Could Benefit your Company


In fact, one of the best ways to boost brand loyalty for an organization, is to take the marketing conversation offline with experiential marketing. They create experiences where users are able to interact with the brand in person and discover what they’re all about.

Taking a stand: What brand managers should know

PR Daily

The graphic video of his death has gone viral in what appears to show Sterling, a black man, shot in the chest after being restrained by police officers. His fiancee, Diamond Reynolds, broadcast the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook Live, which has also gone viral.

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Scale Content Marketing: Employees are the Secret

Sword and the Script

The biggest challenge is that we are moving from an industry that could create one amazing commercial to reach consumers to an ecosystem with a diversified channel structure,” according to Mike Scafidi , marketing operations with PepsiCo. Drop “going viral” as a goal. by Frank Strong.

Video Production Trends For 2020


As we transition into 2020, emerging technologies are continuing to change the way we build and consume content. As consumers are becoming more aware, they recognise when they are being retargeted, they understand when viral videos are being produced, they know about influencer marketing. Brands turn to 360° video as a key component of their digital marketing strategy, and it’s easy to see why. Content Marketing brand video Video video advice video production

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3 places to find fresh ideas

PR Daily

So how do you improve idea generation, especially with more obscure brands or products (can we get people to care about bobby pins?). Don’t just look back on your brand’s founding history–look back on the role its product or service has played in people’s lives from the very beginning.

Facebook tests ‘News’ feature, Lyft offers rides to job interviews and doctor visits, and YouTube’s 20M trees campaign

PR Daily

However, today’s banner ad gets a click-through rate of roughly 0.5%, partially because the average consumer is faced with 1,700 banner ads every month. Given the sea of content and branded messages bombarding consumers’ attention, marketers must be even more innovative with their tactics.

Burger King draws ire with ‘racist’ social media ad

PR Daily

Instead, the message was widely seen as offensive and lazy, illustrating the nebulous terrain that brand managers must navigate to avoid online backlash. The food chain apologised, conceding the advert was “insensitive and does not reflect our brand values regarding diversity and inclusion.”.

3 Trends for Business Culture and Communications in 2019


In their annual analysis of trends in business and communications, the10company sees 2019 as a year of influence for employees and consumers. A company’s culture doesn’t just matter to employees — it matters to consumers, too.

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Leverage Your Brand’s Poker Face Into a Competitive Edge


In business, the point of keeping a poker face (aka “brand identity,” for the purposes of this article) is to encourage consumers and competitors to make choices that benefit you, without having to directly nudge them into making those decisions.

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8 Judges Share Their Secrets This PR Awards Season

The Resolution Blog

But writing up award entries can be expensive and time-consuming. Of course, judges are going to sit up and listen to entries that garnered incredible results, but your campaign doesn’t have to have gone viral as these judges point out… Focus On Results (and If You’re Using AVEs?—?Grow

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Conference Recap: Reaching Rural Americans, Preventing Social Media Crises and Using the PESO Model


Market research is vital to understanding how target audiences consume info,” said Haworth. The speed and accessibility of social media means that brands are always teetering on the edge of a crisis. What’s driven the convergence of PR + marketing + advertising?

How Public Relations Can Fight Fake News

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Like many in PR, advertising, and journalism, I was relieved when Google and Facebook announced they would ban “fake news” sites from using use their ad services. Like many PR professionals, we’ve had experience with web-based rumors that threaten a brand’s reputation.

Lysol maker warns against ingestion, Google and Facebook add transparency features, and Ogilvy tells communicators to be ‘AWARE’

PR Daily

Also: Budweiser asks social distancers “what’s up,” Pizza Hut executive says brand managers should be active during COVID-19, tips for virtually presenting, and more. It’s also a great example of a COVID-19 marketing effort that subtly reinforces the brand, without any sales pitches.

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How to engage your audience on social media

PR Daily

For an organization to find success online, brand managers must find a niche and cater to those consumers. Often, a consistent and well-rounded social media presence is the special ingredient that helps a brand edge out its competition and build an audience.

Study: Social media ads increasingly less popular among viewers

PR Daily

Americans have a dimming view of online advertising. That’s the gist of a new report from Sprout Social , a social media monitoring and management provider, in which over 1,000 Americans were surveyed for their opinions about advertisements.

Study 132

How to Leverage Emotions to Boost Digital PR


Over the last few years, particularly with the onset of social media, emotional reactions from consumers have changed the face of public relations. Emotional intelligence drives consumer culture which influences your business strategy. Humanize Your Brand.

The ABCs of winning followers on social media

PR Daily

With every witty comeback or flawless roast, a millennial consumer is won. Whether you call it “going viral” or “increasing customer engagement,” some brands just win on social media. Like digital curb appeal, social media draws in consumers by showing an attractive exterior.

Announcing PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards finalists

PR Daily

Brand Messaging or Positioning Campaign. Creating the “Autonomous Brand Safety” Category for CHEQ,Clarity PR. Brand Building Through Executive Visibility: Revolutionizing Trucking & Logistics, Haymaker. Congratulations to this year’s honorees.