Instagram Takes Steps to Crack Down on “Hidden Advertising” Blog

Instagram has promised to crack down on influencers who don’t reveal when they’re paid to promote products, following a government investigation in the UK. While a UK government investigation prompted the action, Instagram’s updates may soon apply to other regions.

Instagram opens advertising to all

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When Instagram first started allowing advertising on its platform, it was limited to a select few clients that had to shell out a hefty sum. But starting this month, Instagram advertising is open to all manner of advertisers. Advertisers also have access to new ad formats that help them achieve a variety of objectives, allowing people to learn more about something that interests them or even shop for a product right from Instagram.

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How to nail your next Instagram campaign

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With advertising income on Instagram on track to reach almost 11 billion dollars, it seems almost a no-brainer for any small business to at least consider running an Instagram campaign. Yet, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle your Instagram marketing strategy. With visual perception being the key focus of Instagram since its inception, there simply is no better place to showcase your stunning content online. Brand awareness.

8 ways to improve your Instagram presence

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It can be challenging to manage your business and still have time to be active on Instagram. Though Instagram offers various native filters to edit your photos, other photo-editing applications can boost your pictures further. These apps can be found on Google Play and iTunes, and provide you with alternatives to the usual Instagram filters. Instagram doesn’t allow for third-party services to schedule your posts. Find and follow other users on Instagram.

How Instagram offers unique marketing opportunities

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Here’s how Instagram is leading the way. This particularly impacts B2C marketers who turn to Instagram as the social platform to engage younger potential customers. Retailers are taking advantage of Instagram’s shoppable tags feature and creating shoppable posts to further tap these demographics. Before October 2017 , adding a link to your Instagram bio was the only organic way (without sponsorship) for stores to drive traffic from Instagram to their landing pages.

Instagram introduces shopping features to brand posts

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Instagram is courting marketers by enhancing its platform for easier shopping experiences. On Monday, the company announced two new features aimed at helping users quickly access and buy the products they see in Instagram posts. In a blog post, Instagram wrote : Instagram is the best place to connect with your friends and interests all in one place – and shopping is an essential, growing part of the Instagram community.

Courting young consumers, Instagram launches in-app checkout

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The popular photo-sharing app now offers users tools for buying products directly from their favorite brands. Instagram sees its future as a rival to Amazon rather than as an entertainment network. Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, recently announced a new focus for its operations that might drive the network away from ads and into direct sales. Instagram is introducing features that will help brand managers make the most of this sea change.

7 crucial Instagram tips for marketers

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Instagram now has more than 800 million active users, with 71 percent of US adults ages 18–24 and 72 percent of US teens ages 13–17 on the platform. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ]. To help, here are seven steps that every brand should grab to achieve Instagram success: 1. Your Instagram efforts should begin with your profile. What do younger consumers want to see from brands on Instagram?

Instagram launches business account

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Instagram would like you to know that it’s serious about becoming a legitimate marketing vehicle. Here’s the first post from the account, which comes with a detailed description of why Instagram decided to launch it: The business community in all capacities—from major brands, to small businesses and creative agencies—has been an important part of Instagram since the beginning. As more of our fans joined Instagram, we leveraged advertising to reach even more of them.

Why Instagram’s “Barter Economy” is a Good Thing

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Last week, The New York Times published a piece on how influential Instagrammers are being courted by luxury brands with offers of free swag and other out-of-this-world perks in exchange for photos. AdWeek also chimed in with a follow-up article calling it Instagram’s “secret barter economy.”. Companies send product to bloggers, who “repay” the brand with an honest review on an influential blog with thousands of readers. …For marketers, influencers, and consumers.

Instagram cracks down on fake followers

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The days of purchasing followers, likes and comments on Instagram are coming to an end. Fortune reported : Instagram will begin its crackdown by messaging users who may have “unknowingly” shared their login information with a third-party device to change their password. If they don’t heed Instagram’s warning, users could experience other consequences. An Instagram spokesperson told. They often claim not to violate Instagram’s policies, though they do.

What Instagram’s New Timeline Means


You ’ re not going to stop using Instagram. Every time there ’ s an update, a change or a suspicious new privacy policy, a collective and very loud few declare that this exact moment will be the moment in time when they stop using Instagram forever. In order to generate revenue as a social network, you have to make content more appealing for advertisers. In August 2015, there were 50 million ad impressions on Instagram. It ’ s going to be a big 2016 for Instagram.

Are You Fully Promoting your Brand?

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If there’s one thing prosperous organizations have in common, it’s successful brand promotion. . With that in mind, we advise you to take a look at your brand’s promotional tactics. If you’re not sure which cracks to fill in when promoting your company, read on and see our top ways you can easily promote your brand. Advertise Strategically. Another way to strategically promote your brand is to boost your social media posts with ad spend.

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Facebook to woo marketers with Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp integration

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The move, slated for 2020, means brand managers can better reach consumers and target their ads. The company recently announced that it would integrate its Messenger app with Instagram and WhatsApp. The New York Times reported : Knitting together Facebook’s apps is a stark reversal of Mr. Zuckerberg’s previous stance toward WhatsApp and Instagram, which were independent companies that Facebook acquired. Marketing Social Media Facebook Facebook Messenger Instagram WhatsApp

How to Attract Your Ideal Customer on Instagram


If you’re looking for additional channels to market your brand, which of the following are you thinking of using? With 800 million monthly active users, Facebook’s Instagram has gone beyond flaunting fashion trends; now many different niches enjoy the potential engagement Instagram has to offer. In a recent survey on 2500+ micro-influencers, 60% believed that Instagram is the best platform for engagement. So, how can you use Instagram to its full potential?

6 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Instagram for Marketing

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Why add another fire-breathing head like Instagram into the mix? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all present their own unique challenges, but here’s why you should implement Instagram as a marketing tool, even if you’re already leveraging the channels of Facebook and Twitter. Instagram puts visual content first. With Instagram, it’s simple. Instagram is less cluttered. Instagram, as addressed above, is a medium where the format of posts is predictable.

Instagram enables marketers to boost influencers’ sponsored content

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Instagram users are about to see more sponsored ads from the platform’s influencers—whether they follow them or not. On Tuesday, Instagram introduced “branded content ads.” These enable advertising partners to promote influencer-created posts featuring sponsored products or services. The ads will show up in Instagram users’ feeds in the next few weeks and in Instagram Stories within months. And Instagram wants a piece of that pie.”.

Instagram announces IGTV monetization?what it means to comms pros

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Following an announcement last week, Instagram will soon open up a new influencer revenue stream in the form of IGTV advertisements. With many brand deals drying up in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, the move is sure to come as a relief to countless online content creators. The post Instagram announces IGTV monetization—what it means to comms pros appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

How to Measure Your Work With Instagram Influencers

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We recently spoke to specialist influencer marketing consultant Scott Guthrie about how much influence there is left on Instagram?—? While we were there, he also gave us some great tips on how to measure your Instagram campaigns: Finding the Right Influencer First things first, you have to know who your audience is and where they hang out. both on organic and on brand collaborations. Create a more positive brand sentiment? What Happens When Instagram Hides “Likes”?

Instagram Success Metrics for Social Influencer Campaigns


I like Instagram. Even if you don’t have an eye for photography (like me), you’ll enjoy Instagram. One of the greatest lures of Instagram is the absence of a bothersome algorithm that prevents you from seeing friends’ photos. With so much going for it, it’s no surprise that earlier this summer eMarketer reported Instagram engagement on both organic posts and paid ads is breaking all records compared to other platforms. Same goes for Instagram.

Organic Instagram Growth


We face a daily reality where online networking, for example, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter create a personalised and highly accessible stage where you can advertise your item and brand.Thanks to its sudden rise in use all over the world, Instagram is viewed as a vital platform to assist you with your business needs. As such, it’s imperative to grow your Instagram account as quickly as possible.

FTC Releases Advertising Disclosures Guidance for Online Influencers


A new FTC advertising disclosures document and video gives online influencers guidance on how to ensure consumers are aware of advertising relationships. As a brand influencer , I appreciate knowing when and how to disclose ads on social channels. And, as a digital branding consultant , I need to know – exactly – how my clients need to communicate disclosure guidelines to their influencers. So are terms like “advertisement,” “ad,” and “sponsored.”.

7 crucial Instagram tips for marketers

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The year 2018 will be a seen as a turning point for Instagram marketing. Instagram now has more than 800 million active users, with 71 percent of US adults. To help, here are seven steps that every brand should grab to achieve Instagram success: 1. Your Instagram efforts should begin with your profile. Because Instagram is so visual and light on text, its profiles do much more heavy lifting compared with other social networks. the MDG Advertising blog.

Instagram launches curated video player feature

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If you visited Instagram this past weekend, you probably noticed a button touting “The best of Halloween” with a call to action urging users to “watch videos now.”. The new feature offers curated videos around a theme, and it could be an opportunity for advertisers moving forward. describes the functionality: The playback might catch you a little off-guard at first, as Instagram's new feature is literally just a little video player.

Twitter goes after advertisers seeking conversions, VIP users

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The social media company announced a new option for advertisers aimed at optimizing conversion. The rollout is geared toward advertisers seeking conversions—people who will visit and then purchase from their site. From MarketingLand: Twitter will use the website tags and the data it collects about the people who visit its own site or app and pick out which ones are most likely to visit the brand’s site and convert.

Localization Emerges as Key Marketing & PR Strategy this Holiday Season Blog

The epidemic boosted digital and contactless services and shattered brand loyalty. Local merchants are finding benefits from localized advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

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Understanding the Value of Social Influencers

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Social Influencers have quickly risen to one of the most important assets to brands in just the past few years. By working with influencers who are relevant to your brand, you can extend the reach of your brand voice online and on social media. Trust in your Brand.

YouTube and Instagram Stories offer more interaction and targeted content

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New YouTube and Instagram features can help PR and marketing pros looking to increase engagement and stand out from competitors online. Instagram launched its own version of Stories. looking to capitalize on short attention spans and increase brand mentions and consumer clicks. The Verge reported : There are some major differences between Instagram Stories and YouTube’s iteration of the feature. Instagram Stories offers more targeted content.

The 7 deadly sins of Instagram

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You know this, but it bears repeating: Your brand should be on Instagram. It's disturbing to watch sophisticated brands make rookie mistakes. Like any social network, Instagram must be learned. Make Instagram a better place: 1. Advertising in other people's comments. After all, you're on Instagram to promote your brand, right? Like most social networks, Instagram is more complicated than that. Hashtags are Instagram's backbone.

What’s the best Instagram reposting app?

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What are the two biggest challenges for brands just starting with Instagram? Find compelling visuals worth sharing that aren’t overly brand-focused. Most brands don’t have a ton of Instagram-ready visuals just sitting around. Great brand pics. Advertising visuals. At the same time, it’s tough to build a community from the ground up on Instagram. Looks just like your Instagram feed.

Facebook, Instagram tweak online shopping experience

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In the quest for market dominance, the top social media platforms have released new toys for brand managers. Gizmodo wrote : Until now, purchasing some too-good-to-be-true cheap clothes or a weird smartphone case through a Facebook ad usually ends in disappointment, with no way to provide feedback about your new dress shirt that makes you look like a store brand anime character. Other social media platforms are trying to attract more advertisers.

Instagram cracks down on third-party apps

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In a move that could devastate third-party applications, Instagram is limiting the number of developers that can tap into its Application Programing Interface. It provides clear guidelines on who is able to use Instagram’s API. The API, for those wondering, is what allows third-party application programmers and developers to access photos and data from Instagram for use in their own applications.). Instagram's new API kills off any third-party applications.

A guide to successfully investing in paid advertising

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Paid advertising can be a great way to guide more traffic to your site and increase business, however it can be an expensive endeavor if you don’t really know what you are doing. This article tackles the three most popular platforms for online advertising, and whether they are worth it for small businesses to invest in. Regarding Google’s paid advertising : · Google has tracked 4 billion store visits from ad clicks. Instagram paid ads. Instagram accumulates 4.2

Taco Bell focuses on ‘to go’ design, Instagram adds ‘Suggested Posts,’ and Chipotle shares rice recipe on TikTok

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Though it’s not an formal recipe, it’s a great way to give fans a behind-the-scenes peek at the iconic menu item and increase brand excitement. Instagram rolls out post suggestions. For advertisers, that means more chances for people to see their pitch.

Instagram Announces ‘Stories’ Ads, Business Analytics


Brand managers looking to reach consumers online—especially elusive younger crowds—are turning to apps such as Instagram. Instagram stories have grown to 150 million users (from 100 million) in the last few months, and engagement numbers are high. Soon, brand managers will be able to reach those users with full-screen ads. In fact, one in five stories on Instagram gets a direct message from its viewers.

Instagram Is Hiding Likes: Don’t Panic!

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As of a couple of weeks ago, Instagram began hiding “likes” for some users globally after testing the tactic in some countries earlier this year. How this affects brands may not fully pan out for months, so in the meantime, we’ve taken a preliminary look at what we expect will happen and how brands can continue to make Instagram work for them. Instagram is likely going to make them more widely available in the near future.

Instagram announces ‘Stories’ ads, business analytics

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Brand managers looking to reach consumers online—especially illusive younger crowds—are turning to apps such as Instagram. Instagram stories have grown to 150 million users (from 100 million) in the last few months, and engagement numbers are high. Soon, brand managers will be able to reach those users with full-screenads. In fact, one in five stories on Instagram gets a direct message from its viewers.

Instagram revamps feature while Snapchat woos marketers

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You can add one more to the mix, however: a revamped version of Instagram Direct. Though the Instagram Direct feature is nothing new, the Facebook-owned app has repurposed it to include disappearing photo and video messages in single or group messages as well as permanent text/emojis. Previously, Instagram Direct was a clunky chat feature, but this update makes the tool much more attractive. Instagram’s product lead for sharing, Robby Stein, told.

Instagram rolls out 60-second video option

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Just weeks after Instagram announced a major metamorphosis by moving to an algorithmic layout, the visual platform says it will offer users the chance to record 60-second videos—four times longer than it previously allowed. In the past, Instagram permitted brands to pay for 60-second advertisements, but now the feature is available to average users for free. Change seems to be the only constant in social media.

YouTube, Instagram increase filtering for user content

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wrote : Now that its bottom line is being affected , YouTube says it will begin to take additional steps to protect its advertisers and creators from inappropriate content on its network. It has since pulled down thousands of videos of children as a result, and removed the advertising from nearly 2 million videos and over 50,000 channels. Now these companies are grappling with the ramifications of their openness on user growth and advertising revenue.