Why Every Business Needs Video Marketing


The world watches 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day. Video content is the content consumer’s favorite form; it helps brands and individuals increase their reach and capture new followers, and at this point, most businesses have taken note of this now well-established trend.

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Branding Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


A business’s success is dependent on two primary factors: the idea (the product or service offered) and branding. Branding mistakes are costly in both lost time and money misspent. Branding is so incredibly important.


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Purpose-Driven Business


As more consumers in the US become socially conscious in their spending decisions, business models must take into account the principle of purpose. Consumers want to align with brands that share their most deeply held convictions and values and to avoid supporting those that do not.

Crushing the TikTok Marketing Game


TikTok is a social network that started as “”, a lip-syncing video app that was rebranded as TikTok. After rebranding, TikTok became widely popular in the U.S. and Australia. TikTok enables users to make videos, edit them, add music, and post the videos to the platform.

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How Startup Leadership Can Inspire the Team to Deliver Results and Become Great

Inspiring the team to do their best, break through barriers and achieve milestones is the core responsibility of the startup leadership. Inspiring people to do great requires installing confidence and the ability to learn from setbacks and failures.

Brand Growth Through Grassroots Marketing


For many brands, it’s difficult to understand the immense value that grassroots marketing can offer.

Get to Know the Jexan Team: Around the World


Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people. Steve Jobs. The Jexan team is composed of a variety of skilled professionals, and we appreciate their unique backgrounds and specialties which helps to ensure that we have plenty of diversity of thought.

Net Neutrality and Your Brand: What It Means and What Can You Do?


Say “net neutrality” and get ready for an argument. Few topics are as confusing, labyrinthine, and emotionally-charged as net neutrality.

Adaptive Anchor Banners: Google’s New Upgrade


Google recently launched the Adaptive Anchor Banners that they believe will help maximize ad revenue and make ad management more efficient and less complex for digital media pros like us.

Using Snapchat for Business


Snapchat , you’ve heard of it, but how much do you know about it? This relatively new social platform is focused on visual media sharing and serves over 188 million active users. Its demographics of users are a key consideration when deciding using Snapchat for Business.

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Generating Leads with Facebook: A Guide for Businesses

In this Facebook guide for businesses, we’ll help you strategize with tips and techniques straight from our playbooks. We also let you in on the best practices for improving your lead gen campaigns, starting with a review of your performance metrics.

Social Media Marketing: One Size Does Not Fit All


It’s no secret that digital marketing and advertising encompass a growing portion of companies’ brand-building and lead generation budgets in the 21st century.

Marketing with Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the largest web traffic drivers on the Internet. With over 250 million users, 27% of which are Fortune 500 companies , this is a platform businesses shouldn’t miss out on. Pins are pervasive — they are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet.

The Work From Home Lifestyle: Finding Sustainable Success


After the COVID-19 pandemic began, our new normal became an ever-evolving terrain. Most of the workforce is struggling to navigate their daily task list in such a disrupted state.