How To Master Branding in 2018

Ronn Torossian

When it comes to creating the perfect brand, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. Even if there was an ultimate guide to branding, the marketplace and its trends change so frequently that it’s difficult to keep ahead of an ever-evolving space.

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PR Winners: The Best Stories of 2018

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For public relations and reputation experts, it’s easy to point out the brands and personalities who mishandled bad news or missed opportunities after public mistakes. Here are my nominations for the best, most skillful, or just plain luckiest PR moves of 2018.

The PR “Losers” of 2018

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Against the backdrop of an ever-faster news cycle, 2018 has featured brands and personalities who seized unexpected opportunities to generate positive PR. By the same token, 2018 has brought public disasters for others. Which stories captivated us in 2018, and who came out where? Here’s part one of my list for 2018 PR Winners and Losers. In 2018, past misdeeds caught up with Facebook. Thought we could close out 2018 without another #metoo moment?

6 Public Relations Tips For Brands In 2018

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Here’s a “cheat sheet” to help brands get a leg up on the PR universe this year. How to maximize brand PR: a “cheat sheet” Remember the investment goes beyond the PR budget. Your brand story should have a beginning, middle and end like any good tale.

The 3 most cringeworthy PR fails of 2018

Axia PR

Social media is the most accessible tool customers have to learn about your company and become familiar with your brand. How to keep your company from making reputation-ruining mistakes.

10 Content Trends to Watch in 2018

The Proactive Report

Brands become content companies. They’re all good insights, but these are the three trends I believe you should pay attention to: More brands will become content companies: The CMA predicted that more companies would launch content portals that become profit centers.

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8 branding tips to close out 2018

PR Daily

Everything is a brand. At one time, brand-building was solely the purview of advertising firms or pure-play marketers and referred only to a product or the company behind it. Authenticity is still the best differentiator for a person or a brand.

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10 PR hits of 2018

PR Daily

A brand at Nike’s level has to be willing to make bold moves in order to reap rewards,” adds Lori Teranishi, principal at iQ 360. Payless and Dunkin’ win kudos posing as upscale brands. — Michelle Garrett (@PRisUs) December 3, 2018.

What Lies Ahead for Public Relations in 2018?


In 2018, discussions about the future for PR and communications pros will likely include the topic of robots. Look for these and other changes to become part of the PR and communications process during 2018 and beyond. Pulse of the Profession 2018 PR trends Social Media Trends

The Top 3 Branding Resolutions Your Business Needs to Make for 2018


If you haven’t set any, now is the time to start thinking of ways to improve your branding strategies to make 2018 your best year yet. Here are three awesome branding resolutions all marketing teams should consider in preparing themselves for 2018 and beyond. True branding starts from within. That being said, it’s absolutely necessary that your business has a united vision for the brand — in both the long-term and the short term.

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5 Trends Shaping Tech PR In 2018

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Now we explore some 2018 trends and issues that continue to affect the tech PR sector. Internally, data can inform our PR strategy and make our branded content better and more engaging. And, of course, the data we create through our own branded research for clients creates news.

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Forrester announces 2018 CX leaders—and none are U.S. brands

Agility PR Solutions

brands are just plain mediocre when it comes to providing quality customer experiences. 2018 Customer Experience Index rankings, no brand has risen to the top of Forrester’s rankings and continued to improve—a clear indication that U.S. Marketing Public Relations branding

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How to Succeed in Public Relations & Spark Change for 2018

B2B PR Sense

This has posed a particular challenge for years, especially when it comes to connecting earned media (such as when your brand is mentioned in a publication) to your brand’s bottom line. Social media is undisputedly the top way for brands to interact with their audience.

Trends That Will Shape PR in 2018

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What can PR professionals expect in 2018? Brand advocacy will grow. Shortly before the inauguration of the new president, some brands went against convention and waded into political territory. Get ready for more of the same in 2018.

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The Ten Commandments of Social Media for 2018

Business Wire

(These rules are loosely adapted from the 2018 All for Content conference ) By Simona Colletta – International Media Relations Specialist, Paris Social Media is changing the way businesses interact with customers. One wrong move can have serious consequences for your brand reputation.

Decoding Facebook’s Changes: 5 Ways PR Professionals Can Generate Reach and Impact in 2018

Business Wire

By Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social and Evolving Media, Business Wire In early 2018, Facebook announced a news feed update that dramatically changes how brands can engage with their communities and audiences within the Facebook platform. “We’ve

#PRExpanded Guest Post: Socializing Your Brand … What’s That?

PR Expanded

Just a few short years ago, brands were pondering whether to give this social media thing a try or not. Plus, people would use this opportunity to backslash brands, right? So, how do you socialize your brand? Socialize Your Brand in Three Steps. Branding Guest Post PR 2.0

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Research Trends™ Shows Top 5 Brands with the Most Buzz at CES 2018


It’s hard to open Facebook or Twitter, watch the news on TV or go to your favorite site this week without finding a roundup of the coolest gadgets and most cutting-edge technologies featured at 2018’s Consumer Electronics Show. Which brands, however, are making the biggest splash?

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Year of the digital brand—new study reveals 2018’s loyalty winners and losers

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Nine of the top 10 brands in […]. The post Year of the digital brand—new study reveals 2018’s loyalty winners and losers appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations branding

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The Boldest PR Moves of 2018

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The first half of 2018 has seen some remarkable corporate PR maneuvers. Some brands spoke out in response to crises, while others may have created crises by speaking out. The boldest PR moves of 2018 — so far. ” In that case, the meat ban was probably smart branding.

What Challenges Do Comms Professionals Face Going into 2018?


With a new year around the corner, communications professionals are gearing up to get their plans ready to conquer the world in 2018. Brands who require specialized experience or skills on top of well-rounded PR knowledge may struggle to find the ideal candidate.

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17 illuminating PR and marketing lessons from 2018

PR Daily

Let’s revisit and reflect on a handful of 2018 marketing and PR statistics that help to quantify—and clarify—the current state of play. RELATED: Enter your work—or nominate a colleague—for our 2018 ACE Awards. ]. Read more: Dentsu Aegis’ 2018 CMO Survey.

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Defining Your Online Brand In 2018


Building a brand is no easy task. A lot of people assume that their brand is just a logo or a specific selection of colors , but the truth is that there’s so much more to it than that. In today’s digital world, every company has a brand whether they like it or not.

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Decoding Facebook’s Changes: 5 Ways PR Pros Can Generate Reach & Impact in 2018

Business Wire

In early 2018, Facebook announced a news feed update that dramatically changes how brands can engage with their communities and audiences within the Facebook platform.

Avoid Brand-Killing Tweets

Ronn Torossian

Unfortunately, it’s also been where far too many careers and brands have gone to die, imploding in a barrage of negative PR related to, sometimes, a single tweet. The post Avoid Brand-Killing Tweets appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

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What shaving my head can teach you about content marketing for personal branding purposes

PR Warrior

The post What shaving my head can teach you about content marketing for personal branding purposes appeared first on PR Warrior | Trevor Young. Content marketing Personal branding Social mediaOnce upon a time I had hair. Lots of it! But then … not so much.

What Aretha Franklin Can Teach Brands About Making a Mark

Ronn Torossian

The post What Aretha Franklin Can Teach Brands About Making a Mark appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Brand PR PR Inspiration Ronn Torossian 5W PR 5WPR CEO Insights

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The Best of 2018: Our Most Popular PR Posts of the Year

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So without further adieu: Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018. They help you to readjust your goals and strategies in order to stay current with your audience and get the best results for your brand. Our Ultimate List of the Best PR Tools for 2018.

These are the top influencers on Instagram in 2018


With peer-to-peer sharing emphasized more and more on social, how can brands best reach their target audiences? Partnering with influencers, branded content studios, and even other brands can turbocharge a brand’s reach, especially on Instagram.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards finalists

PR Daily

PR Daily’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards was on the hunt for organizations dedicated to a variety of socially responsible initiatives and causes, and which communicate about them in unique ways. Earth Week 2018, Freeman. · Brand Activism.

7 of the Best – and Worst – PR Plays in 2018

Garrett Public Relations

2018 held lessons for all of us in PR. While we can look to brands who did PR right for inspiration, sometimes we learn as much from the fails as we do from the wins. The post 7 of the Best – and Worst – PR Plays in 2018 appeared first on PR Consultant Garrett Public Relations Columbus/Worthington OH. As we look back on a year filled with brilliance – and sometimes ignorance – we consider what made these […].

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PR Daily’s top stories of 2018: Nos. 21-30

PR Daily

December is close to being a memory, so here’s a reminder of some of our top stories of 2018. Infographic: What graphics design trends are hot for 2018? Check out these 9 outstanding books about branding. The post PR Daily’s top stories of 2018: Nos.

4 Ways PR Creates Brand Attachment

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

While top-tier marketing and advertising are valuable, associated PR campaigns can help propel a brand to the next level of emotional attachment. You feel connected to these brands. Some customers are initially attracted to certain brands because they like their ad message.

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#PRStudChat Discusses Personal Branding & How to Land A Dream Job

PR Expanded

Using social media to launch your personal brand and help you land your dream job. ET, the #PRStudChat community will gather for a Twitter discussion on how social media elevates your personal brand and jumpstarts your career. We’re headed into March and spring is almost here.

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Fast food sector cooks up improved brand intimacy in 2018 rankings

Agility PR Solutions

The fast food industry improved its emotional connection with consumers this year, moving up from eighth to sixth place in the 2018 Brand Intimacy Report, which is the largest study of brands based on emotions, from intimacy marketing agency MBLM.

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PR Daily’s top stories of 2018: Nos. 31-40

PR Daily

With the end of 2018 in sight, let’s dive into our annual countdown of our top stories of the year. FREE GUIDE: The 7 questions you should be asking about brand journalism ]. The post PR Daily’s top stories of 2018: Nos.

PR Tactics To Differentiate Your Brand

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Good public relations can be an essential way for a brand to stand out from the pack, especially in the B2B/ technology sector. 6 PR tactics to differentiate your brand. A company can set itself apart by speaking in a distinct brand voice.

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10 takeaways from PRSA’s 2018 conference

PR Daily

When you don’t have dollars, then you should be setting up brand partnerships. What’s on the mind of PR pros these days? Austin, Texas was the backdrop for the Public Relations Society of Americas’ International Conference #PRSAICON2018.

Infographic: What graphics design trends are hot for 2018?

PR Daily

Its assertions include the following: Companies will have multiple brand color schemes. Find out just what graphics trends are coming (or coming back) this year by reading the full infographic: The post Infographic: What graphics design trends are hot for 2018?

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The most engaged Christmas ads of 2018


We took a look at the data to see which companies are triumphing in the unofficial competition in 2018 so far. The post The most engaged Christmas ads of 2018 appeared first on NewsWhip. Brands Communications & PR‘Tis the season of Christmas ads for the big UK retailers. It’s become a peculiarly British tradition to get extremely excited about Christmas ads around this time of year. Beginning in early to mid-November, […].