3 Ways to Measure Brand Sentiment Effectively


It’s important to know how much your brand is being talked about by measuring share of voice, but that alone won’t give you the whole picture. Here are three ways to set yourself up for success in measuring brand sentiment: 1. You need to have something to measure against.

How to Measure PR Effectively

The Proactive Report

“Without standardization of measurement practices in the PR industry, Public Relations professionals won’t know how to quantify a campaign’s impact. One theme has become clear, however: measurement is getting more refined, and audience engagement and response carries the most weight.

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Up Your PR Game Using BuzzFeed’s Measurement Mindset


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Measurement Month: The Barcelona Principles


As part of our support for AMEC’s Measurement Month , we’ll share again our thoughts on their importance. They recognize and encourage that goal setting and measurement are fundamental to success. Are the Principles Only About Measuring PR? By Seedepth.

16 Reasons to Start an Email Newsletter in 2016


They can be measured. Will you implement an email newsletter in 2016 or refresh an existing one? Stop the presses. The rumors are false. Email is not dead. It’s alive and well in the marketing space. That is, it’s not something on its deathbed or a zombie.

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Vet Media Agencies With These 5 Measurement Questions


Musings marketing measurement measurement PR measurementA few weeks ago, our Director of PR Engineering published a post about how to best manage outsourced PR as a guide for those looking to streamline their processes.

Infographic: How Journalists Use Social Media in 2016


As Cision’s 2016 Global Social Journalism Study notes, email continues to not only be the most common form of contact between journalists and PR professionals, it’s also the most preferred. Keep scrolling for key insights and download the 2016 Global Social Journalism Study for the full results. Request a demo now and learn how to engage the right influencers, earn valuable media coverage and achieve measurable results.

In #PR This is all You Need to Know in 2016

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Thank you Meredith Fineman for keeping me relevant), I have pulled together everything a PR person may have done in 2015 that they don’t need to do anymore, while giving y’all some guidance for 2016. Here’s what is O n Fleek for 2016: 1.

How To Measure PR Outcomes: A Practical Guide

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That was how we measured the PR team’s performance – by counting the publicity clips our work generated. And how to measure the other activities that a PR group delivers? So, how should we measure PR outcomes? Set a budget for measurement.

How To Use Hashtags More Effectively in 2016


Measurement. Social media monitoring and measurement not only offer insights into what people are saying on social media, but also how they’re using things like hashtags to say it. Every day I text my wife hashtags.

3 Reasons to Measure Social ROI


You’ll never find out if you aren’t measuring your social ROI. Here are three reasons why your brand should be measuring it: 1. You need to set measurable goals, and then determine the best ways to track those goals. Measuring social ROI isn’t just a one-time action.

PRSA 2016 International Conference: Be Aggressive, Be Audacious, Be Bold


The PRSA 2016 International Conference in Indianapolis brought together some of today’s top thought leaders in the field of communication– and then some. PR Newswire (@PRNewswire) October 23, 2016. PR Newswire (@PRNewswire) October 23, 2016.

#CreativePR: Measurement and Data-Based Insights


In today’s most noticeable creative PR strategies, measurement and data-based insights are key. CreativePR: Measurement and Data-Based Insights Click To Tweet. IR/PR creativePR creativity martin waxman measurementThis is post 5 of our 5-part #CreativePR blog series.

4 Ways to Leverage Google Analytics for PR Measurement


From media impressions to key message placement, there are a number of ways to measure success of PR campaigns depending on your overall objectives. Best Practices Featured Google Analytics PR measurement

How Will #PR & Marketing Pros Approach #Content in 2016? A Q&A With Lisa Davis, Marketwired

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Content marketing will be more than just a trend to watch in 2016. to find out exactly how PR and marketing professionals felt about their content efforts in 2015, and to also see how they plan to approach content marketing in 2016. Last but certainly not least…measure!

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5 Scary PR Measurement Mistakes


PR measurement doesn’t have to be scary, and PR analytics can be eye popping fun. Today’s measurement must focus on outcomes – and the patterns of success that lead to the best ones. By Seedepth.

Why Measuring Input Is as Important as Measuring Outcomes


Measuring the success of a PR campaign is important. So is measuring how much time your team spent creating and implementing that campaign. This combination provides an understanding of input and output: time and resources invested, compared to what was gained from the campaign itself.

Why PR Should Measure by Outcomes


Why, is a three letter word that is often asked but more rarely measured against. Awarding that question every year is the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC). The post Why PR Should Measure by Outcomes appeared first on Cision.

Learn From The Best In PR Measurement & Analytics


Wondering how PR measurement has evolved over the years? Join us for the ultimate PR measurement event as our CEO, Christine Perkett , interviews the “Queen of Measurement” herself, Katie Paine at this Boston event. You’ve never seen PR measurement like this!

Top Trends From State of the Media 2016


For our newest findings, check out the State of the Media 2016 Report! Cision’s State of the Media 2016 Report lists the four most important media trends, according to a survey of more than 300 journalists.

16 content marketing resolutions for 2016

PR Daily

As PR pros, we should consider making a few to guide our content marketing efforts in 2016. Mobile use will continue to dominate in 2016. What are the projections for 2016? Measure your efforts. All too often, measurement is overlooked by content marketers.

#measurePR Recap (September 2016): 2nd Annual #measurePR-palooza

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The September #measurePR chat was a Measurement Month special, and featured a HUGE panel of measurement professionals and experts. and has worked with clients in over 30 countries to help them measure the impact of communication on business results; and.

3 Factors to Measure During a Crisis


When a crisis hits, it’s easy to assume you’re taking on water. But before you start bailing your brand out, you need to know whether or not your brand is truly sinking. If you react before you have the proper context, you could make the issue worse.

The VR/AR Measurement Challenge

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As communicators begin to test the waters to see how and when they might use VR and AR technologies as part of their public relations plans, that persistent question has started to surface: “How the heck are we going to measure this?”. Issues with Measuring VR/AR.

PR measurement: Get to the real numbers

The Resolution Blog

Last night (11th February 2016), the CIPR hosted an event on measurement in public relations. Paul Sutton, Neville Hobson and I spoke about our experiences and views in the development in PR measurement and evaluation.

Selling PR Measurement to Skeptical Clients

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You’ve attended PR measurement conferences, you’re a regular participant in the monthly #MeasurePR Twitter chat, and you’re the go-to office geek for Excel prowess. So what happens when you suggest implementing a more comprehensive measurement program to your clients and the response is “no”?

10 Facebook features to watch in 2016

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Facebook's ecosystem (which includes Instagram and WhatsApp ) offers unprecedented usefulness, and the social media giant is expanding its native services substantially in 2016. That appears to be what Facebook hopes to become in 2016. in 2016.

Twitter Engagement Actually Translates into Votes


28, 2016. Donald Trump held 79 percent share of voice between February 2016 and Election Day. When you measure the conversations and tone of millions of conversations, you can come to a stronger sense of a population group’s moods, intention and motivators.

Planning and Budgeting for Measurement in 2017

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This makes it a great time to tackle the same sort of looking forward for your measurement plans. Much of what is being discussed and finalized right now are the business goals and objectives, and as we’ve outlined previously, this is exactly the right foundation for measurement.

If You’re Not Measuring, Then You’re Not in PR

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When it comes to PR measurement, however, your dashboard should be quite the opposite. The post If You’re Not Measuring, Then You’re Not in PR appeared first on PR News Blog. Measurement Barcelona Principles Business Wire dashboards Hill & Knowlton Johna Burke Katie Paine measurement media relations public relations Serena Erlich southwest airlines

Are You Making PR Measurement Mistakes?


One-third of public relations professionals still aren’t measuring the value of their work. Over a quarter (27 percent) of AMEC members work with a majority of clients who request their campaigns be measured by advertising value equivalency (AVE). Best Practices Featured PR measuremen

Top Metrics for Measuring PR Effectiveness

Beyond PR

But how can the effectiveness of online PR be measured? In this same vein, it is important to measure outcomes as opposed to outputs. Measuring reach and engagement on social media is a worthwhile metric to follow in assessing an online PR campaign.

Getting Your PR Measurement Program in Shape for 2016

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It’s the fall – which means back to school, back to work and pretty soon planning for 2016. Both in-house and agency marketing teams will be defending the year’s work, planning for 2016 and securing (or hopefully expanding!) Unfortunately there is no silver bullet measurement tool.

How to Solve the 2 Biggest Problems with PR Measurement


Before the rise of the internet it was very difficult to measure and report on the effectiveness of PR. Fortunately, a lot has changed in the last few years and we can now solve the two biggest problems with PR measurement. Public Relations Measurement

10 New Facebook Features for 2016


The Facebook ecosystem (which includes Instagram and WhatsApp ) offer unprecedented social utility, and Facebook is expanding its native services substantially in 2016. The changes to Facebook in 2016 are new to Facebook, but aren’t new to the social landscape.

Improving Your PR Reporting in 2016


Public relations professionals will be under increased pressure in 2016 to show PR’s impact on the organization with ROI focused PR metrics similar to what advertising and marketing departments already provide. Public Relations Software Public Relations Measurement PR Reporting

Measurement: Why Business As Usual Just Doesn’t Cut It

Waxing UnLyrical

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” ~ Peter Drucker. I measure. Perhaps more importantly, the measurements I use directly align with the business goals of my company. Measure? THAT you can measure against. Find a way to measure engagement instead.

September #MeasurePR Twitter Chat: Measurement Month Key Takeaways

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The #MeasurePR Twitter chat in September featured a panel of measurement specialists- for a full list of participants, see below- in recognition of AMEC’s Measurement Month. The next question, about PR measurement failures, produced a long list of examples.

Media Measurement Wants vs Needs: Strategies for Managing Costs

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Measurement of PR results is an important part of establishing a solid public relations program. Measuring what works (and what doesn’t work) helps you to plan better, reach business goals more quickly, and have a PR program that performs better all around. Measurement Feature

Fake news furor underscores need for human curation in media monitoring and measurement

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While Facebook and Twitter must address how to avoid having their algorithms duped by purveyors of prevarication, public relations pros must also take notice of this phenomenon and determine how to best address it in their own media monitoring and measurement efforts. In the wake of the U.S.