New Year Networking: How to be Dr. Jekyll and not Hyde

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It is the currency of consumer collaboration. Networking is the oxygen of the connected economy. Unless you are a monk, getting through life in the 21 st century is a challenge at best if you have no network. Virtually every job today is gained through the network. If you are selling storage, soup, semiconductors, software, soap or self requires relationships and relationship building skills. Blogs are created just to highlight its importance. Books are written to amplify its necessity.

Measuring CSR: #measurePR with John Friedman

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John Friedman (@JohnFriedman) May 28, 2013. On the different kinds of assets a company has: A3: Tangible assets less than half company value, rest= goodwill, intellectual capital, customer loyalty, consumer support, etc. measurePR — John Friedman (@JohnFriedman) May 28, 2013. gain in each #measurePR — John Friedman (@JohnFriedman) May 28, 2013. John Friedman (@JohnFriedman) May 28, 2013. I know.


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On The Death Of Google Reader

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The way we consume news has changed from when RSS feeds debuted. Google recently announced it is killing off several of its services, which it does from time to time. Really, that’s what any good company does; cut the dead weight. Usually these announcements include a bit of “Awww, that’s too bad” and we move on with our day. This time though, Google cut services for a tool that isn’t just “popular.”

Smart Measurement For Creative People

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She is Head of Content Development and a financial analyst for , a personal finance website that empowers consumers to make better decisions about their personal finances, travel plans, or higher education. Her mission is to help consumers stay financially savvy by helping them compare cd rates. Guest Post by Angie Picardo. There are many competent, successful business owners who are afraid of numbers.

What Compels People to Share Your Content?

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While drawing a conclusion about blog content sharing based upon video sharing would be a stretch, it does substantiate that consumers of digital content need variety in order to stay engaged with a piece of content. Have you ever wondered what compels people to share content on their social networks? Two social accounts cross in the night , and a re-tweet or Like is born – why is that? Facebook insists it has the answer: write better content.

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Libya’s Media and Marketing Industries Inching Forward

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The Tripoli trade fair grounds are hosting an event practically every week, offering businesses from telecoms to fashion, and garden furniture to construction, the opportunity to show off their wares to industry and consumers alike. I’ve discovered that talking to people who have lived through and fought in a war can be a very awkward experience. I simply have no idea how to react to people I work with every day while I’m in Libya as they tell me about the things they’ve seen and done.

How Socially Responsible Communications Maintain Your Community Cool

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I was impressed by the researchers’ data-driven, consumer-focused approach, and the results that the organization was able to accomplish, once armed with this knowledge. I recently received a notification from another influencer marketing tool seeking to engage me by flattering my ego, which will inevitably re-stir the frenzy of excited tweets, criticism , and everything in between.

Starbucks – It’s Time to Brew Some Tweets

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Keeping the above statistics in mind, there is a need for brands to tap into online resources and engage consumers more through social media platforms such as Twitter. While there is a need to engage consumers through online platforms, it is equally important for brands to respond to the customers as well in real-time. Caffeine. There is no way I can start my day without a cup of coffee. (I’m I’m sure most of you reading this post have an addiction to either coffee or tea.).

Libya – The Long Road to Stability Continues

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But, our hope is, of course, that the market becomes more competitive as more Libyan and international businesses become active and consumers more sophisticated. Are things in Libya really getting better? That’s a question I’m sure most people here ask themselves constantly. The honest answer is that it’s very hard to be sure. There’s always plenty of evidence for the pessimists.

An Unkindness of Ravens: Thoughts on Twitter Communication

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The use of anthropomorphism in brand identity and marketing, whether to describe consumer characteristics (e.g. Four thoughts came together recently that gave me one of those “bolt of lightning” insights it’s useful to get from time to time. Not only that, it helped me change my approach to communication. Images: Woop Studio ‘s Alphabet Flashcards, used with permission.

ECM in the Cloud: A “CYA” for Press Agents

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Needless to say, this was a tedious and highly time-consuming process. Guest Post by Jeff Frankel. The cloud has changed everything, far more than merely how we communicate. It’s altered how we function on a day-to-day basis: our productivity, interactions, and the way we get information. Image: flyfarther79 via Flickr, CC 2.0. Consequently, many professionals I encounter are looking at cloud-based solutions as a do-or-die scenario.

Monday Roundup: Seeing is Believing

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Why: In this post for SteamFeed , Jen Olney offers some great tips to make your site’s typography more visually pleasing and help potential consumers see quickly whether your brand is a good fit for them. Good morning, all, how was your weekend? Nothing like starting off the week with a little chit-chat, right? Image: cobalt123 via Flickr, CC 2.0. In an increasingly digital world, we often have to rely on intangible assessments of people and businesses.

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Living The Heretically Productive Life [Redux]

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” … “Precious, I believe my elbow’s been consumed. Ed: WUL will be back next week with brand new posts, but for now enjoy this post that originally ran on July 14, 2010. Upon re-reading it, it still makes sense… so here you go (it has minor edits to keep it updated) … and make sure you get enough R&R after reading it!

Get Your Mass (Marketer) Quantities Here

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But the buzz didn’t do a darn thing to pull this consumer away from his stuffing or out of his turkey coma the following day. K2 images / Alas another Black Friday has come and gone – and I won’t miss it.

PR: We Have One Shot

Where the Fishermen Ain't

At the most tactical, explain-it-to-your-mom level, public relations has been about managing your client''s reputation and relationships, and (even more tactically) most often doing so by making that client relevant in those parts of the media that people want to consume. Earlier this year, a professional organization included me on a bcc''ed. cattle-call seeking volunteers to help deliver a long-form seminar on "culture-jacking" a la this year''s Super Bowl and subsequent events.

Digital Rubbernecking and The New, New Pornography

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I imagine that we, dear reader, consume a lot of the same sources online and these stories crossed your field of vision multiple times too. One afternoon as an undergrad at Saint Mary’s College of California, I was racing to the campus radio station where I was running late for my afternoon air-shift. As I turned the corner, I overheard the wonderful Brother Ray Berta ( RIP ) regaling one student with his latest big idea at the intersection of mass media and culture.

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Yahoo CEO takes a pay hit, top lawyer takes the fall over 2013 hacking

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What’s striking is that the hack took place in 2013. Yahoo said that 43 consumer class-action lawsuits related to the breaches have been filed against the company in federal, state and foreign courts. The hits keep on coming for Yahoo—though this time, its chief executive has sidestepped the chopping block.

Five years later: Reflecting on 7 big social media trends from 2013

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And, I think I can point to seven posts from my blog in 2013 as proof: Some of the hottest social networking sites of 2013 aren’t even around anymore. Instagram had 90 million users in January 2013. What was LinkedIn known as in 2013? Sure, people still visit LinkedIn to find jobs, but they also visit it to get smarter, learn best practices and develop professionally–all by consuming content on the network

Latest Technologies Every Traveler Needs


According to 5W’s 2020 Consumer Culture Report , travel and experiences are among the top-ranked categories consumers want to spend their money on. Founded in 2013, AirHelp is the world’s largest air passenger rights advocate, helping passengers understand their rights and secure compensation for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights. Public Relations 5WPR News Consumer PR branding communications insights strategy trends

Coke fights back against allegations of dishonest marketing

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Did Coca Cola manipulate or mislead teens regarding the health benefits or consequences of consuming its products? That’s the allegation being made by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) after it completed an analysis of internal documents from two different Coke ad campaigns promoted in 2013 and 2016.

Strategic Collaboration: Creating Meaningful Connections


As consumers, we spend little time thinking about the people behind our favorite brands. Prior to joining Vermeer in 2013, Kate most recently worked for a privately held patient communication company leading both marketing and training. PR Training branding Collaborating Consumers Corporate Culture Customers external customer Strategic Collaboration strategy

Our collective attention span is shrinking—and you can blame social media

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For their findings, the researchers studied Twitter data from 2013 to 2016, book readership from Google Books going back 100 years, movie ticket sales going back 40 years, and citations of scientific publications from the last 25 years. In 2013, a Twitter hashtag stayed in the top 50 for an average of 17.5 Twitter trending topics lose luster more quickly, book readership is down and … and … and… hey, did you see that new baby otter video?

Carve Communications’ David Barkoe on staying positive for 2021

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I have them dating back to at least 2013. Consumers will continue to look to the media, whether it be online or off, for third-party validation of their purchasing/consumption decisions and that has tremendous value over advertising.

20 Retail Journalists You Should be Following on Twitter in 2020

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Steve contributes to Forbes as a senior retail leader focusing on emerging trends and the evolution of consumer markets. . Business Insider is a great outlet for in-depth retail news and Madeline is BI’s senior reporter covering consumer-related stories focusing on e-commerce, fast-food, department stores and the recent downfall of shopping malls. . Twitter is an invaluable resource for both PR pros as well as top media and influencers.

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Listeria outbreak causes 40-brand recall

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A massive recall of frozen foods is causing confusion for consumers. Eight people have contracted listeria from eating vegetables that were produced by CRF Frozen Foods in Pasco, Washington since 2013, and each of the cases caused the patients to be hospitalized. There’s been difficulty tracking down the recalled food because the listeria reports date back to 2013.

Apple: Stop using Beats Pill XL speakers

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The notice also deflects some blame, noting that the Beats Pill XL was introduced in 2013, a year before Apple acquired the Beats by Dre brand. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website, “Apple has received eight reports of incidents of the speakers overheating, including one with a burn to a consumer's finger and one with damage to a consumer's desk.” If 2014 was the year of the retail data breach, 2015 is shaping up to be the year of the recall.

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Pepsi brand managers bring back aspartame

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Sometimes consumers want what isn’t necessary “good for them.”. For those consumers who love Diet Pepsi with aspartame, we have been exploring ways to make it available,” a Pepsi statement read. Consumers want choice in diet colas, so we're refreshing our U.S. Some link the substance to genetic damage and cancer, and others have completely ruled out such risks, including a 2013 study from the European Food and Safety Association.

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Customers persuade Kraft to take dyes out of mac and cheese

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That move came following a 350,000-signature petition started in 2013 calling for the change, but it took a couple of years for the company to make the switch in its signature product. In a statement from Kraft meals division Vice President of Marketing Triona Schmelter, the company stopped short of admitting that consumer pressure for more natural ingredients had anything to do with the change.

As data breach numbers rise, Equifax gets IRS no-bid contract

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News of the contract was published the day after Equifax disclosed that millions more consumers were affected by its data breach than had been reported previously. asked what the company would do to make affected consumers whole after the breach. “I reported : Equifax has been heavily criticised for its response to the breach and congressman Frank Pallone said Equifax had an “ongoing lax attitude when it comes to protecting consumer data”.

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5 Scariest Halloween Campaigns of the Past Decade

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Consumers are spending more and more each year on Halloween, with an increase from $8.4 In 2013, to promote “Carrie,” a remake of the original 1976 version, its distribution company MGM Films created a Halloween surprise for customers who were taking a coffee break at a local coffee shop in New York. With thousands of brands competing against each other to win over customers, event-based campaigns are becoming an essential part of public relations today.

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The Future of SEO: How to Optimize for Voice Search

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As consumers, we’re switching to hands-free searches. Voice-shopping is expected to be a $40 billion consumer channel by 2022. Hummingbird released in 2013 and significantly changed the search landscape. Most mobile devices are now optimized with the latest AI technology, allowing us to search with our voices rather than typing our searches in a search engine. What we are learning is that we need to handle voice search differently than text.

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Home Depot offers $19.5M for 2014 data breach

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million to remedy its security crisis, which affected the consumer information on an estimated 56 million credit cards. explained how the company thinks consumer data was stolen: Officials with Home Depot say the hackers accessed their systems with stolen credentials from a third-party vendor. There were more than 1,500 data breaches worldwide in 2014, up nearly 50 percent from 2013.

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The Future of SEO: How to Optimize for Voice Search

Critical Mention

As consumers, we’re switching to hands-free searches. Voice-shopping is expected to be a $40 billion consumer channel by 2022. Hummingbird released in 2013 and significantly changed the search landscape. Most mobile devices are now optimized with the latest AI technology, allowing us to search with our voices rather than typing our searches in a search engine. What we are learning is that we need to handle voice search differently than text.

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Do We Really Want State Farm’s Rodgers Rate?

Mindful Marketing

”—It’s often the first question consumers ask and one that companies like to avoid until after they’ve described their products’ features and benefits. Johnson was ousted from his job in March of 2013, just 14 months after he started.

6 Research-Based Insights About Viral Content


In 2013, Microsoft demonstrated a research tool called ViralSearch that scoured a year of tweets and mapped out shared links to determine what virality looks like. Posted by Microsoft Research on Friday, March 8, 2013. Specifically, if content doesn’t make an immediate impression with a consumer they are highly unlikely to give it a second thought much less share it. 2013).

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Why and how marketers should help build employee brand engagement

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Today’s consumers don’t trust traditional advertising, but many are willing to trust employees. The 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer found that about half (49 percent) of consumers believe employees are a credible source of information about their employers. Marketers spend so much time persuading consumers to listen to their stories they often forget about their internal audiences. Employee brand engagement correlates with far more than increased productivity.

Target raises employee wages, pays out breach settlement

PR Daily

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that Target has agreed to pay a $10 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit against the company over its massive security breach during the 2013 holiday season. The breach involved at least 40 million debit and credit cards, and consumer response had a highly detrimental effect on Target’s profits last year. Following in the footsteps of Walmart , T.J.

What crowdsourcing means to marketers

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From Lay’s looking for the latest chip flavor to Doritos asking the public to create its Super Bowl ads, consumers are now actively involved in how their favorite brands create and promote their products. According to WOMMapedia , 92 percent of consumers globally trust their family and friends over what they hear from brands, so it’s no surprise brands want to present something authentic to the public. Marketers and PR pros are anything but traditionalists these days.

Cadbury receives backlash after changing creme egg recipe

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However, given that consumers in the U.K. consume about two-thirds of the more than 500 million creme eggs made each year, the recipe change affects a majority of Cadbury’s consumers. Consumers in the U.K. Consumers are also angry about that change. Maker’s Mark faced similar outrage after announcing in 2013 it would dilute its whiskey from 90 proof to 84 proof. and apologized to consumers.

How the late Zsa Zsa Gabor boosted California wines’ PR efforts

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In the late 1960s, the fledgling agency represented the California Wine Institute, launching a program to educate consumers and journalists about California wines. RIP Zsa Zsa Gabor and Daniel Edelman, who died in 2013 at age 92. Tributes are pouring in for Zsa Zsa Gabor. The Hungarian actress, whose Kardashian-like self-parodying glamour and revolving-door marriages to millionaires made her a permanent tabloid fixture, died Sunday in Los Angeles at age 99.