A Search for Identity … Whither Public Relations?

Waxing UnLyrical

I stumbled into the field of public relations some 40-plus years ago so … The obvious … and first … response is “a lot.” After all, when I was a public affairs intern working for the US Army a million years ago, a remarkable piece of technology appeared that made it possible to transmit the written word via a telephone line to remote and exotic locales. A Search for Identity … Whither Public Relations?

Thoughts on Balancing Your Professional Work and Your Activism


Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, where I now live, and contributed my professional skills to local chapters of Indivisible and Black Lives Matter. Those of us who are activists may be reluctant to go public about our affiliations for fear of losing clients or alienating the boss or C-suite.

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Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

PR Daily

TAP , the digital publication produced by a team at Denver Water, did. “I I get what you are saying,” wrote Steve Snyder, the public utility’s head of communications, in an open letter to Jay-Z. As a public utility, Denver Water did not need more customers.

The Field of Emergency Management: Why It Is Not A Profession

Melissa Agnes

The focus and duty of an emergency manager has shifted from its early beginnings in civil defense during the Cold War through a period, still ongoing, of preparing for, responding to and recovering from natural disasters, to the now and future business of preventing terrorism, mitigating damage from an anticipated natural hazard, and communicating with the public using new and developing technology. and Rebecca Parker; Marjorie Suckow (May 2012). Retrieved 11 August 2012.

The Value of Strategic Communications in the PRSA MBA/Business School Program


These deficiencies helped inspire the PRSA MBA/Business School Program , which launched in 2012 with five pilot schools including the Tuck School of Business and the Kellogg School of Business. Oppe also invites local media and corporate executives to discuss current events and provide media training and other practical skills. She is a public affairs and media consultant based in Washington, D.C.

Hurricane comms use mobile, social media to warn, 'Get out!'

PR Daily

As Hurricane Matthew blasted across Haiti and headed north for the United States, communicators and public affairs officers got busy tweeting warnings and tips. Few, however, were busier than the state, local and federal agencies whose social media teams pulled long shifts with little sleep. There's no doubt that the work of folks at NOAA and the folks at FEMA and local and state as well saved lives," says Mike Kruger, director of digital engagement for the U.S.

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Maximising resilience of health and well-being assets in crisis situations

PR Conversations

The following is the result of our subsequent shared musings concerning the impact of crisis situations on the health and well-being of public relations practitioners. One of the problems for me, though, with this focus is that it is almost entirely on individuals’ ability to adapt and their ‘internal local of control’ Public relations seems to reflect a largely individualistic perspective with little attention on systemic or structural factors and forces.