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What PR pros should know about today's newsroom

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For PR practitioners, understanding the structure of the newsroom is critical when locating media contacts and crafting a pitch. A newspaper might ax its managing editor or put a publisher with an advertising background at the helm of the editorial operation. If you're looking for a religion reporter to pitch at your state's flagship newspaper, that beat may no longer exist. Find the reporter with the beat closest to the topic you're pitching.

Brand story management for museum communication teams


A study in 2012 showed that the amount of professional journalists has declined over the past five years. In Prezly, grouping of contacts happens with ‘tags’ Some examples of tags that can give museums to their stakeholders: art press , tourism , local or international. Does the stakeholder write for a newspaper or a blog? A good e-mail pitch appears to be one of the most important and most effective of all the elements in the PR toolbox.


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PR's responsibility to the public

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Then there’s a recently-released study from the Economist Intelligence Unit that found 71 percent of business leaders believe their organizations’ responsibility to respect human rights transcends adherence to local laws. According to June Deery in the 2012 book " Consuming Reality ," between 50 and 90 percent of the news stories in newspapers or on television originate entirely or in part from a PR agency.

The transition from media to PR: Four former journalists talk about the surprises, struggles and wins

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Newspapers are cutting staff. KSTP-TV told me in August of 2012 that they weren’t renewing my contract and they would give me a year to find another job. Yet I don’t think the PR-Journalist relationship is over–especially at the local level. But, in general, reporters don’t want a product pitch on a press release. Media conglomerates are eating up local news outlets.

5 ways PR pros can tell startups’ stories

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For this reason, when pitching to journalists you should keep the explanation of what your product or service is to a clear and concise few sentences in a pitch. Related: 5 Things Not to Do When Pitching Journalists. When you pitch the features of your product to a journalist, you aren’t pitching a story—you’re pitching an advertisement. David vs. Goliath stories, such as Facebook launching it’s Poke App back in 2012.