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Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

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As newsrooms shrink and media relations opportunities evaporate, more organizations are creating their own storytelling outlets. It’s the nexus of marketing, journalism and social media.”.

What PR pros should know about today's newsroom

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Reporters sometimes get the wrong idea about what we do in public relations. For PR practitioners, understanding the structure of the newsroom is critical when locating media contacts and crafting a pitch. A newspaper might ax its managing editor or put a publisher with an advertising background at the helm of the editorial operation. If you're looking for a religion reporter to pitch at your state's flagship newspaper, that beat may no longer exist.


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Changes in journalism impacting PR


The report stated: “The committee was particularly struck by the number of journalist jobs that have been lost in the last few years, which some evidence suggested was approximately 3000–3200 positions between 2012 and late-2017. PR pros (and the general public) have increased access to journalists through social media. There’s a common thread to that list, of course: social media. It’s disturbing to see this fragmentation in news media.

PR's responsibility to the public

PR Daily

People who don’t understand PR tend to conflate it with media relations. Though earning coverage is just one of many PR activities, the profound changes shaking the news business are good news for public relations. The time has come to take the “public” in public relations seriously. According to June Deery in the 2012 book " Consuming Reality ," between 50 and 90 percent of the news stories in newspapers or on television originate entirely or in part from a PR agency.

The transition from media to PR: Four former journalists talk about the surprises, struggles and wins

Communications Conversations

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve noticed a distinct trend: more former media folks making the transition to the PR/social side. Newspapers are cutting staff. In many ways, the media isn’t the best place to work right now. So today, I thought I’d ask some of these former media folks how the transition is going–what have been the struggles? Vineeta Sawkar, senior media relations manager, University of St.

Taking the collective temperature of Italian females in PR

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One would hope so; however, an article published in August 2014 in the American magazine, The Atlantic , pondered the outsized numbers (and how they related to career trajectory) of women in PR, demonstrating that the debate remains current. stereotypes that persist about women in public relations. For the Italian women I surveyed, a career in public relations was their first choice of occupation. Many women are trusted with responsibilities in media relations.