Perception, Reality, and Public Relations

Waxing UnLyrical

Newspapers and other media have become inured to my frequent “letter to the editor” assaults, most of the time wisely choosing to ignore my comments on ethical misbehavior and/or lack of transparency in governmental or business affairs. Guest Posts Kirk Hazlett Public Relations Writing communications Declaration of Principles ethics Ivy Lee perception pr

Public Relations: It’s Called A ‘Profession’ For A Reason

Waxing UnLyrical

But those of us who adhere to the PRSA Code of Ethics abide by the Code’s “ Core Values ,” and we try hard to impress on others our sincerity and our honesty. I’ve been dealing with a situation for the past few weeks involving a student who thought she wanted to “ ‘be’ in public relations.”. That is, until she found out that she was expected to actually do something besides sit at her desk or go to parties. To quote my hero, Homer Simpson, “D-Oh!”.


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Code of PR Ethics: The Gray Area of Communicating a Point of View

Sword and the Script

LinkedIn acquired SlideShare in 2012. I think I could make a case arguing the ethics either way. PR Ethics of Communicating a Point of View As with many of the questions on this survey, we offered an optional open-ended comment field asking “why?”

How to Use Networking to Get Working

PR Job Coach

And when you are finished get back to networking or whatever you want to call “shining a spotlight on yourself and the value you can bring to an organization through your terrific skill set, even-keel demeanor and strong work ethic. There is no debate what so ever, networking is the chief avenue to landing a new job , hands down. And the plethora of tips, tactics and tricks to network are limitless on the web.

How To 127

Reference Rules of the Road, Rigorous, Reliable, Respectable and Repeatable

PR Job Coach

Stick with true colleagues who know and appreciate your experience, value and work ethic. So you finally passed muster in the 15 interviews you endured at ABC Company over two weeks. You are exhausted. You lost about eight pounds, sweated bullets and are in the final throes of that seemingly elusive job offer. Now comes the hard part.

“Your Cheatin’ Heart”: Why Transparency Should Matter

Waxing UnLyrical

I frequently voice my opinion on behalf of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) on ethics, in particular on the issue of “transparency.”. PRSA’s Code of Ethics presents clear guidelines on the ethical considerations that public relations professionals should embrace when representing clients or employers. I might not agree ethically or morally with that individual’s actions, and I might speak out publicly and vociferously against that individual’s choices.

6 Ways to Improve Your Business Expertise and Strengthen Your Ethical Core


Each September, PRSA recognizes Public Relations Ethics Month, supported by programs presented by the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS). This year’s theme, Public Relations Ethics: Strengthening Our Core, guides a special focus on the six core values highlighted in the PRSA Code of Ethics. Page Society in preparation for a book on PR ethics. Her research focuses on public relations management, ethics and integrated communication.

Ethics 115

Black Swans and Ground Hogs: Communication, Not Prediction

Waxing UnLyrical

Taleb sold plenty of books, as professionals have come to realize that guessing the performance of the 2012 orange crop in Florida isn’t exactly sound grounds for a bet on which the retirement savings of thousands of Americans may rely. Happy Groundhog Day, WUL readers! If you are anything like me, you’re a big fan of the once famous Bill Murray movie surrounding one of the littlest celebrated holidays in American culture.

Tailoring Public Relations

Waxing UnLyrical

This is forcing us to take a good hard look at transparency, ethics, measurement and accountability in our communication efforts, and to be increasingly nimble, agile and ready to respond at any time to any given situation. Last week I went to visit the team at P. Johnson Tailors to pick up a jacket they were making for me.

A May Day Balancing Act

Waxing UnLyrical

I love that my colleagues are fiercely passionate about their work, fiercely protective about clients, fiercely caring about the people their clients are trying to reach, and fiercely committed to the ethical practice of our profession. Happy May Day! Anyone gearing up to dance around the Maypole? Hey, I’m not crazy. In fact, you’re lucky I’m not wishing you for “Labour Day,” and no, that’s not a typo. It took me years of living in the U.S.

PR ethics and journalism ethics in the face of media business meltdown

Stuart Bruce

Since columnist Peter Oborne sensationally resigned from The Telegraph with a devastating public critique of what he believed to be its declining ethical and editorial standards I’ve read very little about the role and implications for PR, corporate communications and business. Six articles on this subject can now be found online, between 8 and 15 November 2012, although three are not available to view.”

Ethics 114

How APR Training Impacts Perceptions And Readiness To Provide Ethics Counsel


New research published in the journal, Public Relations Review , supports the value of the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) credential when it comes to preparedness and likelihood to offer ethics counsel. Through survey research with more than 400 educators and practitioners, the study also provides evidence that the majority of practitioners and educators believe ethics counsel is public relations’ responsibility. 2012). Journal of Mass Media Ethics , 27(2), 80-96.

Don’t Overlook Your Office Neighbors: The Importance of Building Internal Relationships

PR Expanded

Page Society in preparation for the book, “ Public Relations Ethics: Senior PR Pros Tell Us How to Speak Up and Keep Your Job.”. Her research interests include public relations management and ethics. She has published research in the following journals: Journal of Mass Media Ethics, Public Relations Review, Journal of Communication Management and Journal of Advertising Education. book Ethics Guest Post Leadership PR 2.0 A Guest Post By Marlene S.

Leveson Inquiry archive important contribution to debate and education on media ethics

Stephen Waddington

The Inquiry published the Leveson Report in November 2012 which made recommendations for a new, independent, body to replace the Press Complaints Commission. Contribution to debate on media ethics With debates raging over the press coverage of Brexit and concerns over so-called fake news on both sides of the Atlantic, the lessons of Leveson were more relevant now than ever, according to Kingston University's Professor of Journalism Brian Cathcart.

You Really Did Learn This in Kindergarten: Be Fair


Each September, PRSA recognizes Public Relations Ethics Month, supported by programs presented by the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS). This year’s theme, Public Relations Ethics: Strengthening Our Core, guides a special focus on the six core values highlighted in the PRSA Code of Ethics. Like Fulghum, PRSA holds “fairness” as one of our core ethical values. Ethics Thought Leadership Code of Ethics Ethics Month

CEO reputation and PR: How online challenges have intensified brand risk

Media Bullseye

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review examined the increasing likelihood that CEOs who have ethical lapses will be dismissed. Titled “CEOs Are Getting Fired for Ethical Lapses More Than They Used To,” the piece references a PwC Strategy& CEO Success study that was covered in a May 2017 issue of Strategy + Business. The study found that there has been a notable increase in the number of CEO dismissals because of ethical indiscretions.

Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

PR Conversations

For public relations practitioners committed to ethics and professionalism, the natural first instinct was self-righteous shock. Most codes of ethics are clear about why this is wrong. For example, the Canadian Public Relations Society’s Code of Ethics states that a PR professional “shall deal fairly and honestly with the communications media and the public” and “neither propose nor act to improperly influence the communications media.”.

Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

PR Conversations

For public relations practitioners committed to ethics and professionalism, the natural first instinct was self-righteous shock. Most codes of ethics are clear about why this is wrong. For example, the Canadian Public Relations Society’s Code of Ethics states that a PR professional “shall deal fairly and honestly with the communications media and the public” and “neither propose nor act to improperly influence the communications media.”.

Why public relations must wake up to wearables

PR Conversations

My question is this: What are public relations and communication management professionals doing to educate their organisations (and/or governments and leaders) as to the ethical and moral implications of the social shifts ahead? During the CIPR debate, its current president, Stephen Waddington, rightly said that in dealing with wearable and connected technologies the “ only way is ethics ,” a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree.

How PR pros can fight the perception that they’re ‘smart, friendly liars’

PR Daily

They based their findings on the results of two surveys: one conducted in 2003 by Callison, and the other in 2012 by Merle, now an assistant professor at Florida State University. I think that it’s the practitioners who make mistakes or are lacking in ethics that get more coverage and attention,” Seltzer says. You rarely hear about the numerous practitioners who are doing ‘good’ work, practicing ethically or working on behalf of ‘good’ organizations and causes,” he adds. “A

Ethics 131

Thoughts on Balancing Your Professional Work and Your Activism


According to a 2012 article in Public Relations Review , activists were practicing public relations some 80 years before companies began to appropriate and refine the concept. Take a fresh look at the PRSA Code of Ethics , especially the core value of “Loyalty.”

System 150

PR Advice For CEOs Under Fire

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

First, it was eclipsed by a fire-and-brimstone invective from Elizabeth Warren, who demand that he resign and called for jail sentences for senior executives who cross ethical lines. It lobbied hard to require schools to stock EpiPens, which looks suspect after reports that Bresch’s mother, as head of the National Association of State Boards of Education in 2012, led an effort to mandate that schools carry the product.

Why organizational values are crucial to branding efforts

PR Daily

For starters, they must clearly define their brand values, stay consistent and maintain ethical standards. When such a crisis occurs, it’s a chance to reinforce your values by responding to the situation in a pure, ethical manner. In 2012, Chick-fil-A faced a blaze of disapproval for that position in media reports and on Facebook and Twitter. Virtue ethics. Virtue ethics can clarify the role that organizational values can play during a crisis.

An Interview with Richard Bistrong, CEO, Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC

Critical Mention

From going to prison after being convicted for violating the FCPA (the US foreign anti-bribery law) to founding Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC, and educating multinationals on current issues and challenges with respect to compliance, ethics and anti-bribery, Richard Bistrong has come a long way. On these channels, there are robust discussions on behaviors, nudge factors, and how companies have such a wonderful opportunity to tip people in the right direction of ethical decision making.

Stalwart Interns. Where are they now?

The Stalwart Blog

Melina Destein , Stalwart summer 2012 intern. I admired the team at Stalwart for their work ethic and dedication they have to their clients. After my time at Stalwart, I went down the in-house PR route, then went into the healthcare space, and now have found my space in retail marketing - the main and most important thing that stuck with me through it all was the strong work ethic and the importance to conduct yourself with honesty and integrity.

More Human

PR 20/20

Fast forward to 2012, there’s like 5,000 ways,” Roetzer explains. “So, Speakers from Facebook and Hubspot, as well as authors, journalists, and futurists working on the cutting edge of the field discussed topics from practical applications of AI in marketing to the ethical questions the technology presents. Karen Hao, the AI reporter for MIT Technology Review, moderated a panel discussion on the ethics of AI.

What is PR? A definition for 2015

Stuart Bruce

” The PRSA’s definition was updated in 2012 as a result of a crowd-sourcing discussion. PR professionals can and should advise on the ethical implications of different courses of action, but if we are to be the ‘conscience’ that means we must take responsibility for decisions we aren’t qualified to make. But neither approach is more or less ethical than the other. What is public relations? Why in 2015 are we still asking what is PR?

Ethics 130

9 PR blunders of 2018

PR Daily

The incident unfolded over the weekend after a tweet for the Z-Burger chain showed a photo of James Foley, who was kidnapped in 2012 and beheaded by the Islamic State in 2014, with an image of a hamburger. Eagle-eyed editor Robby Brumberg has a bone to pick with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Now the university’s accreditation is under review for alleged ethical issues. Some were botches, missteps and Twitter misfires.

The Value of Strategic Communications in the PRSA MBA/Business School Program


Nearly a decade ago, the PRSA Foundation sponsored research that found only 23 percent of graduate business schools consistently provide instruction in reputation management, corporate communications and related ethical dimensions. These deficiencies helped inspire the PRSA MBA/Business School Program , which launched in 2012 with five pilot schools including the Tuck School of Business and the Kellogg School of Business.

PR using owned media for modernised crisis communications rebuttal

Stuart Bruce

In the UK the BBC has used its owned PR channels (because of course it would be ethically wrong to use its news channels) to rebut inaccurate criticism from The Sun, who some would claim deliberately uses its news pages to attack the publicly owned BBC in order to promote the cause of its proprietor Rupert Murdoch, owner of global media conglomerate News Corporation. Amazon is the latest big company to use modernised crisis communications to rebut attacks in mainstream media.

PR's responsibility to the public

PR Daily

Additionally, 50 percent of millennials surveyed want to work for a business with ethical practices.”. Fewer than half said they would not, despite the fact that such campaigns would breach the ethics codes of most PR associations and institutes. According to June Deery in the 2012 book " Consuming Reality ," between 50 and 90 percent of the news stories in newspapers or on television originate entirely or in part from a PR agency.

7 PR life lessons from ‘Parks and Recreation’

PR Daily

million people watched the “Parks and Recreation” series finale Tuesday night, marking the show’s highest viewership since 2012. From being elected mayor when he was only 18 to becoming a congressman, Wyatt’s worth ethic and skills helped in quite a few campaigns, not to mention saving Pawnee Parks and Recreation team members from disaster. About 4.2

10 Tips to Become More Likeable


“Talking about ourselves—whether in a personal conversation or through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter—triggers the same sensation of pleasure in the brain as food or money” – Robert Lee Holz, “Science Reveals Why We Brag So Much,” Wall Street Journal, 2012. “It is the unspoken ethic of all magicians to not reveal their secrets.” It was movie night and the kids were asleep.

Study 262

The evolution of mainstream media and the need for every company to become a media company


Here’s a scary stat I read in Wired magazine regarding national election reporting: In November 2012, it took four employees at the Washington Post, 25 hours to compile and post a fraction of the election results. How has the media landscape changed? What are some trends you’re seeing evolve over time? Bart : “Here’s what hasn’t changed: The first press release was written by Ivy Lee in 1906.

PR Tech Briefing: Onclusive Provides PR with Attribution Capabilities and Promises Novel Approach to Distribution

Sword and the Script

There’s an ethical consideration here because any PR pro knows, this will drive traffic to that media coverage, which will be noticeable to a reporter’s publisher. million in venture capital, in four rounds of funding since 2012, according to Crunchbase. Recently, I’ve begun looking more closely at PR technology , companies.

The Marketing Power of Wikipedia: 8 Tips for PR Pros


This will set yourself apart, as a full 25 percent of communicators surveyed in a 2012 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) study were not familiar with their own Wikipedia pages. based agency Bell Pottinger was caught editing Wikipedia articles on behalf of its clients, prompting Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to publicly say the agency suffered from " ethical blindness.".

Just Divided over Nike's New Ad

Mindful Marketing

” The first step in this Mindful Marketing analysis is ethics: Does Nike’s ad uphold societal values? billion it reportedly invested for similar exclusivity in 2012. Like the ethical analysis, assessment of the commercial’s likely effectiveness has also been complicated. by David Hagenbuch , founder of Mindful Marketing & author of Honorable Influence Nike just aired a new commercial that has quickly become entangled in controversy.

17 people who should have been on MN AdFed’s 32 Under 32 List

Communications Conversations

A 2012 cinema and TV arts grad of Cal State Northridge, she spent several years in development and producing in L.A. She is smart and talented with a work ethic to match—a dangerous combination and invaluable asset for anyone smart enough to hire her.” In case you missed it, AdFed officially posted its 32 Under 32 list a few weeks ago. This is a great event that has taken on a life of its own the last few years.

Academy and Twitter scramble as Weinstein fallout continues

PR Daily

The Board continues to work to establish ethical standards of conduct that all Academy members will be expected to exemplify. that could strip him of his Legion of Honor, the country’s highest civilian distinction; he received it in 2012. As the Harvey Weinstein harassment fallout continues , several organizations are taking steps to cut ties—though some say not fast enough. On Saturday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences dropped Weinstein from its membership.

Conducting historical interviews in a transparent age

PR Conversations

In particular this addresses ethical and practical challenges that arise when using the internet and social media within a research methodology. Ethical challenges arise as Saunders et al (2015) contend, from accessibility online of private as well as public information. Online visibility can conflict with ethical demands to ensure privacy, confidentiality and anonymity for research participants. 2012) Contextualizing theories and practices of bricolage research.