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Civility remains a “major” problem in America—and social media is only making it worse

Agility PR Solutions

Indeed, a new poll from Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate has tracked the state of civility in the United States since 2010, and once again finds that the vast majority […]. The post Civility remains a “major” problem in America—and social media is only making it worse appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Social Media for Healthcare: What’s The Potential?

Melissa Agnes

The other day I had a conversation with someone who made a statement about the healthcare industry not needing to be on social media because no one cares about the nurses’ birthdays and little useless memes (I’m SOOO paraphrasing here!). What’s the point of social media for healthcare?


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Emily in Paris: A social media professor’s perspective

Karen Freberg

In the 2010’s, we then had Olivia in “Scandal” for handling crises and work in reputation management. Now, as we enter a new decade with a new show that will paint a picture of what social media professionals really do in their work. We are the voices behind the brands on social.

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Social Media Usage Skyrockets in Last Decade

The Proactive Report

Back in 2005 when Pew started tracking social media usage just 7% of adults where active on social networking sites. Over the years Pew has monitored how the rise of social media has affected our work, relationships and communication patterns and how these changes have affected business and politics.

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News publishers playing catch-up with Gen Z audiences

Wadds Inc.

Social media has disrupted Gen Z’s relationship with news media, forcing publishers to adapt content and business models to maintain relevance. Gen Z has a different relationship with news than previous generations, getting most of its news via social media rather than directly from publishers.

Study 111
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Trump’s Road to Social Media Victory


And growing support in social media on the topics that a candidate is strongest on indicates momentum. Researchers have found that social mention share of voice correlates very closely with vote counts. When a candidate commands half of that group, they are the front runner. Why was Yglesias’ comment noteworthy?

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Reputation on social media – Comms must own it or lose it


These folks are fully tuned into the emerging interplay between media and social media. They also use quantified data to inform their strategy and media planning, taking a “moneyball” approach. . Their work is capital “M” media not social media – that’s for the marketing guys on the 11th floor.