How to Know Your Product Launch Is ‘Trade Show Ready’

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Launching a product at a trade show can be a great way to focus on your event marketing strategy and spotlight a new product in front of a targeted audience. At Macworld in 2007, Apple unveiled the first generation of a revolutionary product: the iPhone. Avoid the tension by asking these four questions before unveiling a product at your next trade show. Will the product be ready for show time? Will the product be available to demo at the show?

Fast Five: Pitching Your Local Daily, Pitching National Business, Girding up for a Trade Show

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5) How to Work a Trade Show Tech PR War Stories People b h about trade shows all the time, myself included. Via Tech PR Gems IAA 2007 - Halle 2 uploaded by Jörg Dickmann tags | public relations | PR | media relations | media | good pitch | bad pitch | bad pitch blog


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Are You a Media Source or a Media Pest?

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Was in NYC earlier this month for a trade show and I arranged several media briefings, amongst other duties ( reg. We began scheduling appointments two weeks prior to the show. In an email exchange with a trade reporter, I sent her to a site I thought she might find interesting. This approach pays off in spades during a trade show. We had a busy show with some high-profile coverage coming out of it.

Fast Five: Media Relations Tips

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5) The Realities of Making Appointments at Trade Shows Alan Weinkrantz PR Weblog The good news about trade shows? Fast Five is a new Bad Pitch Blog feature where we bring you five links or five-question interviews—all of them will probably pertain to our favorite subject—bad pitches and how to avoid them. 1) The Care & Feeding of Tech Media Media Guerilla This is actually a link to a link, but Media Guerilla is written by uber-smart Mike Manuel.

Belle of the Ball or Lead Balloon? Read this Before Launching at a Show

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Should you try to make a splash at the next major show? The press swarm around the big tech events, and it seems you can’t escape the related din during show time. The NY Times recounted the history of companies that launched big there: In 2007, Twitter had its “South by” moment, a tipping point for the company in which many people began to use the service more actively. A popular trade show is like a busy news day.

Don’t Let Breaking News Steal Your PR Thunder

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Truly catastrophic events like the terrorist attack on 9/11 or key events during the 2007 financial crash, have ramifications that make PR considerations recede in comparison. (I I seem to recall a major client press event scheduled on October 1, 2001 at the World Trade Center, but even weeks later it was a sad footnote to the larger crisis.). A theatrical product unveiling works best within a trade show that offers a captive audience of working journalists, like CES.

6 situations that call for a PR-savvy CEO

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This typically translates into valuable earned media coverage, which can then be used to articulate company direction for customers or partners through the megaphone of business or trade press and social media. Technology company CEOs often announce new products at key trade shows or forums, even if it’s just to introduce a senior product executive who will then go through a features overview. To show leadership during a crisis.