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A Q&A with NECN’s Peter Howe


The media landscape changes every day, so we are constantly communicating with our friends in the fourth estate to make sure we are staying current and relevant. Q: Would you breakdown for us how print and broadcast stories differ? A: For me, as a print reporter, all I ever really worried about was the first 80 to 100 words of a story. day look like? Lights, camera, action….

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The Reality of 'Careful What You Wish For'

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The biggest is that your “real” job doesn’t go away. Karen Altes is manager of outreach programs for the Institute of Real Estate Management. A few years ago, as manager of the student outreach program for a trade association, I suggested that if we really wanted to reach college students we needed to be on Facebook. So when things get busy, what gets dropped or postponed?


QR Codes & Mobile: The Time is Now

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a creative design group that offers Web Design | WordPress | Mobile | Print | SEO | Graphic Design | Social Media | QR Code Consulting. Larger brands and companies have until recently experimented with QR codes as an add-on to current campaigns, slipping them in the corner or at the bottom of printed materials. TEST, TEST, TEST and test again before you print your code.

Friday Wrap #154: Amtrak’s crisis fail, higher stakes in native advertising, CEOs prefer Twitter

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Tweets return to Google search results (on mobile only) —Mobile searches on Google once again return tweets idexed in real time. Print still isn’t dead —Not if Lonely Planet is just now launching a US travel magazine. I collect items throughout the week for possible use in the wrap; you’re welcome to follow my link blog. Read more. Read more. Read more. Trends.

What Goes in a Great Media Kit


Press kit used to mean kits meant exclusively for print outlets and technically it still does. Again, the highest resolution and biggest photos you can manage are critical to anything print. love to see what real people have created. On a printed page or digital copy on a jump drive, it’s often better to have it at the top so journalists can refer back to it quickly.

10 things you should never do when pitching a journalist

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Shortly after Johannes Gutenberg gave the world the printing press, someone invented the PR pitch. I''m also including examples of what the subject lines should have read: Bad: A World-Renowned Real Estate Broker Reveals a Government Conspiracy Targeting Your Monthly Payments. Now who keeps the keys to this kingdom of momentary fame? Those proverbial Peters known as producers.

PRoust Questionnaire: Helen Slater

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If, through my public relations efforts, I can help make change for the better, then I get a real buzz and sense of satisfaction. Which real, historical or fictional person or brand would you like to give a reputation makeover? In the “real” world, where I meet with people I like, who hold similar values to mine (and where they like to enjoy themselves). Jane Tchan.

How to Promote Your Online Press Kit with Multichannel Marketing

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Take advantage of your brand channels by utilizing everything from company website real estate to proprietary email lists. If the business cards are printed before the press kit link is available, a quick and inexpensive solution is to get the link printed on small adhesive labels that can be applied to one side of the card. Owned Media Oasis. Social Media Straits.

Five Reasons QR Codes Suck

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Four out of five 18- to 22-year-olds don’t know what to do when they see an ugly barcode slapped on a print ad targeted at them. QR codes clutter printed materials. Funny, nobody says Facebook and Twitter logos clutter up everything from print ads to TV commercials. Which would you rather have sucking up valuable real estate on your printed materials?

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51 words you should know how to pronounce

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irregardless" —See the real word, regardless. It refers to a member of the National Association of Realtors, not simply a real estate agent. tract —Religious evangelists often hand out long printed statements of belief called "tracts." Alternative pronunciations, however, are a different matter from out-and-out mispronunciations. Say EE-JIS/, not /ay-jis/. not ect.

2016 – A Year in Traditional Media

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On the day of the woman’s retirement party there were four broadcast stations and a number of print/online reporters on-site. I first pitched the news of ERA Real Estate’s new president & CEO to Erica Christoffer in July, and she quickly expressed interest in connecting with Sue Yannaccone for a video interview. Client: Print Syndicate. Take a look…. Client: Blink.

A Journalist’s POV: 3 Questions From A PR Agency

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We at Crenshaw pride ourselves on nurturing real relationships with journalists, beyond mere constant pitching. Recognize that publications often have a “digital first” mindset in addition to thinking about print products. We avoid general real estate stories and articles that take a broad look at housing affordability issues. Personalize a pitch. Sorry.

Inside the Mind of a Daily Newspaper Business Editor: Q&A With Thom Kupper of the Star Tribune


Evan Ramstad, who we hired about 18 months ago from the Wall Street Journal , edits Adam Belz on the economy (he also blogs at "3D Economics" ), real estate reporters Jim Buchta and Kristen Painter (who came here from the Denver Post , and contributes to the "Just Listed" blog), and our retail writers Kavita Kumar and John Ewoldt. Beyond its average weekly readership of 1.34

7 insights PR pros should glean from editors

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However, the game isn’t over until we see our words in print—and before we cross the finishing line, we have to get past the gatekeepers. To back up what I say, I offer several tips below, along with real editor responses from leading publications. Offer real value. “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”. Image via

A Decent Man

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Thirteen years ago, actor Paul Newman, former Goldman Sachs CEO John Whitehead and real estate developer Peter Malkin formed CECP to address important societal challenges through the power of the private sector. But his most important contribution has been to the CECP , whose 184 member companies now account for over 40 percent of the annual corporate giving in the U.S. His No.

The Web is Not Flat

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Real estate agents could show listings to prospects without visiting it physically. We often think of the online space as a large print magazine. It took us a while, but we eventually figured it out: The Earth is round, and we shouldn’t worry about falling off the edge. The web, however, has been flat since the start. ”) for decades. 1 and Tupac Shakur here.'>

What Bristol Palin Can Teach Us About Personal Branding | Spin Sucks

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For the attorneys and financial planners and real estate brokers and insurance sales reps and the millions of business owners who rely on referrals, engaging on LinkedIn is a must. I’m passionate about personal branding and social networking. As a blog topic, it gets a lot of digital ink. So why is it that so many of the business professionals still know so little about it? No more.

Old Journalism’s Demise.Good News For Us!

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Print outlets have been dying, okay let''s call it changing, for a while. It''s like a business of celebrities—it appears only the companies with the best ratings are granted real estate! If your boss or client wants to "be in the paper" and doesn''t count anything that doesn''t kill trees as real media, now you just have to buy a better printer. What''s it mean?

Careful, NOW.

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I''m here to ask every communications professional to take a third and fourth look before hitting the "send" key or printing press releases on super-fancy copier paper. There''s no way you can catch a boo-boo onscreen, but most folks won''t print out the written work.Today things travel casually, desk to desk, until the work goes out without someone realizing, "Wait, wait. Re/Max calendar: I got it in the mail - a mean feat because it was octagonal and printed with verve and style. Problem: The proud real estate professional calls herself YOU''RE DESERT REALTOR.