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John Oliver and the future of newspapers

Media Bullseye

Earlier this month, John Oliver highlighted the plight of newspapers in a 19-minute soliloquy that focused on how important newspapers are—and he also made some fun of the industry’s attempts to address declining subscription rates.

Newspaper SOS: Why print publications are in desperate need of PR

PR Daily

In my last newsroom, working for Ohio’s largest newspaper, I didn’t have my own desk. Imagine my surprise when I reported for work in public relations, having leaped from the unfolding train wreck that is newspaper journalism after 30 rewarding years.

How important is local TV to your media relations plan?

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The dominant role of local TV was one of the most significant takeaways from three-city study of local news conducted by Pew Research Center and financed by the John S. The study examined local news climates in three U.S. Nonetheless, local TV news does wield influence.

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Newspaper Licensing Agency beaten to a pulp by PRCA and Meltwater

Stuart Bruce

Today the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled in favour of the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) and Meltwater in their five-year battle with the UK’s Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA).

PR 101: How to Pitch The New York Times


There is no other newspaper like The New York Times. It’s The Newspaper of Record, The Grey Lady, and a journalism institution. If there’s one newspaper subscription to have as a useful pitching resource, it’s The New York Times.

The State of the News Media 2015


The legacy news industry – traditional newspapers and magazines – have made little progress securing digital ad revenue. Local television is seeing an uptick in viewership, particularly around the evening news.

The Future of Journalism from Warren Buffet’s Viewpoint

Spin Sucks

Last month, in a move that surprised many of us close to journalism, Warren Buffet bought newspapers – 63 of them, in fact. So why 63 newspapers? When I speak, I always ask the question, “How many of you still read your local paper, in paper form?”

5 Tips to a Successful PR Pitch


Dreaming of a major website or newspaper writing about your brand? Instead, cozy up to reporters who write for your local newspaper. You won’t get there unless you learn how to pitch journalists with your story.

Man Bites Dog: Newspapers Outlive Themselves, Blissful Ignorance Becomes Artform

Bad Pitch Blog

Heck, the trombone player for our local Philharmonic just started a blog that The Times even wrote about. 2001 blogs HTML New York Times Op-Ed Slow Death of Newspapers Trombones Willful Ignorance

Responding (Or Not) to Blog Comments

Spin Sucks

Take, for instance, the conversation we had a couple of weeks ago about Warren Buffet buying 63 local newspapers because they’re cashflow positive. I live in a big city where we have two daily newspapers and the local news is really national news.

Pitching Kit: Cision’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide PR Kit


Major lifestyle magazines and newspapers publish holiday gift guides to make it easy for shoppers to find the perfect gift. ” Using Cision’s media database , we researched the holiday gift guide schedules of some of the biggest lifestyle magazines and newspapers.

PR 101: Five Tips for Pitching USA Today


Getting coverage in the most widely circulated newspaper in the country is no easy feat, but the powerful reach of USA Today makes it a highly desirable target for PR professionals. USA Today occupies a unique space in the exclusive club of top tier national newspapers. Can you make a case for something local or regional being indicative of a major trend with nationwide impact? Think beyond your client, your company and your industry to the average national newspaper reader.

Government, the Dinosaur, and Finding the Fish

Spin Sucks

Quick, go get your daily newspaper (you subscribe, right?). Ok, now you should see a lot of legal mumbo jumbo in small print about your local city or township having a public meeting to discuss budgetary matters and what-not. Fewer people are reading the newspaper.

Behind the Headlines With Alan VanderMolen


In this interview, Alan discusses understanding clients’ diverse needs, starting a dialogue with your audience and becoming an important presence in local target markets. There are two parts: First is a realization that global really means “multi-local.”

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When should you start a PR campaign?

PR Daily

If something important for your brand with a degree of popular appeal or relevance to a trending topic, and you are two weeks late in getting the news to the local or national media and don’t have any timely pictures or video to share, you're too late.

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How the PESO Model Changes PR’s Conversation


Although your executives may get excited when an acquaintance at the gym compliments them on their local business journal profile, they’re going to get a lot more excited when you can show them your PR efforts generated revenue for your organization.

Five Strategies for Practicing Public Relations in Europe


Gianni Catalfamo, former head of Ketchum in Italy, says that it is helpful to remember the local adage that “Italy is the country of a thousand bell towers.” Targeting the many local newspapers in the country’s provinces is therefore one of the best ways to reach the Italian people.

What the news media landscape could look like in 10 years

The Stalwart Blog

I believe Apple TV will end the local affiliate business model and finish off the newspaper industry Tell me if you agree.

Behind the Headlines With Ted Meyer


I had a few stories published in high school journals, and starting around junior high I used to write letters to the editor of the local paper. Read the newspaper – the whole newspaper. The thing that gets me up in the morning is…coffee and the newspaper.

Behind the Headlines With Ashley Simmons


My daily newspaper of choice is…The Wall Street Journal. New tools and technology are always accessible, but if you don’t have a plan for how you will use them, you won’t benefit from them.

Behind the Headlines with Phil Andrews


Advocacy for diversity and inclusion is an important tool to change this, as we begin to communicate this issue on a local and national level. Black PR professionals should embrace lifelong learning opportunities in the areas of PR and Communications, such as joining local and national organizations — including the Black Public Relations Society of New York and National Black Public Relations Society, Inc.

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Waterhouse PR: Cision Cut Our Media Monitoring From Hours to Minutes


When our local newspaper did a story on the Chattanooga Airport’s funding, we wanted to see, if besides that article, people cared. For PR firms, social media monitoring has become an essential part of a successful agency’s offering.

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Eight of the Worst News Release Mistakes

Spin Sucks

” I pushed back and we’re writing an OpEd, instead, for one local newspaper. I used to come into the office after a business trip and find my inbox overflowing with magazines and newspapers.

Super Bowl LI – Social Media and the Big Game in Houston


At the October Social Media Breakfast Houston meeting, local social media reps, A.J. This increased exposure offers up more than revenue for local hotels and restaurants, it brings a spotlight to companies, far and wide, small and large.

As news evolves, PR must be as accountable to the public as it is to its clients

Holtz Communication + Technology

” Then there’s a recently-released study from the Economist Intelligence Unit that found 71% of business leaders believe their organizations’ responsibility to respect human rights transcends adherence to local laws.

Report: Marketers are spending more on digital vs. traditional tactics

PR Daily

The group’s US Local Advertising Forecast 2017 reports that mobile advertising for local markets in particular will jump from $44.2 Traditional advertising in local markets is expected to drop from $101.1

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How Social Media Is Paving a New Path for Journalism


These days, people are less likely to read the print newspaper, listen to the radio or tune in to the evening news broadcast to get their daily dose of news coverage. For example, Twitter helped citizens participate in local and worldwide conversations during the Arab Spring.

Everything is Measurable in PR

Shift Communications

For example, if I get a small mention in the local newspaper about SHIFT Communications that doesn’t have attribution, a clickstream, or a call to action, it would take an extensive research project to find out the true impact of that article.

Ask Your PR Agency for a Story, Not a Press Release


Local TV, radio, newspapers, and trade magazines all conducted interviews and ran stories in response to our ideas. #2 While mom and grandma are likely to peruse these guides in the newspaper or a favourite magazine, men are not.

Public affairs vs. public relations: What is the difference?

PR Daily

This is because organizations are homing in on local issues, including matters between the public and a legislative body. Letters of support and passages in newspapers can be expected. This article originally ran on PR Daily in May 2014.

Podcast: What Is Influencer Marketing?


So what traditionally worked was, ‘I just need to get mentioned on WGN news, or in my local newspaper, and I will reach the audience that I want to.’ Your brand has a social media presence, blog, newsletter, paid ads…the works.

8 ways to boost media coverage

PR Daily

Insert your client in local news. Local news can sometimes be as valuable as national events if you get coverage in the dominant newspaper where your company is located. Not every day in PR can end with a new project launch or major initiative.

Behind the Headlines With Bob Gold


My daily newspaper of choice is…the New York Times – but I also love my local paper The Daily Breeze. Good PR hinges on relationships. Without a strong relationship with your audience, you won’t be able to communicate effectively.

7 tips for writing headlines journalists love

PR Daily

What does “10 KPWs decimate local podapoda crop 1,089” even mean? Try something like: “Mutant insects destroy 50 percent of local organic food supply.”. Headlines change lives.

PRoust Questionnaire: Gregor Halff

PR Conversations

I enjoy reading local newspapers (or digital properties) from wherever in the world I am working, but also make sure to get my daily dose of the famous “salmon-pink newspaper.”

Behind the Headlines With Jody Fisher


When you have newspapers that have existed for a century mailing their subscribers cardboard virtual reality goggles to use with their mobile devices, you know how important tapping into a user experience can be. If I had a billion dollars, I would… pay off my home, fund my kids’ college education and donate to charities doing great work in my local community.

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How to Make Facebook a Career Book

PR Job Coach

For example, if you have given a speech to the Rotary Club about the state of ecommerce in local communities, post your presentation on Slideshare, the video on YouTube and add the respective link in your Facebook feed.

How to reinvent your internal communications department (before it’s too late)

Holtz Communication + Technology

The intranet has become the default dumping ground for the very same articles that internal comms departments used to publish in magazines and newspapers. The employee communications department is at risk of becoming irrelevant.

Media Relations Done Well: Ten Ways to Personalize

Spin Sucks

The Media Relations Conundrum Just yesterday I received an email from a PR pro that said a Broken Egg Cafe had raised nearly $4,000 for local nonprofits during its grand opening. Choose one newspaper, magazine, or blog that makes a difference in your industry.

Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


Buzzfeed , best-known for light list-based content, now runs regular long-form stories about topics such the local economic impact of Spaceport America and the suicide of a corrections officer who reported his colleagues for abuses. Uncertainty about revenue, new publishing models.