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Find Time to Exercise with These Six Tricks

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It's not always easy to find the time to exercise in your busy day, but it's important for the health of your body and your business. Laura Petrolino provides six tricks to help you fit exercise in consistently, every day. The post Find Time to Exercise with These Six Tricks appeared first on Spin Sucks.

How Executives Exercise Daily…and How You Can, Too

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What they found in common with all of these tech executives is they make time to exercise at least twice a week, while most are highly competitive, both inside and outside of the office. When my life is better, my company is better. I do my exercise in the morning, and often I’ll take someone from my team. The You Have to Make the Time for Exercise. By Gini Dietrich.

Should you waste your time with team-building exercises?

Holtz Communication + Technology

have always viewed team-building exercises with a high degree of cynicism. The kicker: The six members of a London-based HSBC legal department created the video as part of a team-building exercise. Did you ever wonder why sports teams don’t go out on team-building exercises? No artificial exercise can replicate that. Not many people love team-building exercises.

5 exercises to improve your storytelling skills

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In " Outliers ," it's called "putting in your 10,000 hours." In " The Talent Code ," Daniel Coyle names it "deep practice," small exercises that are both challenging and repetitive. Tired of the same advice to "read more" and "write more," I've been experimenting with my own challenging and repetitive exercises to. It helps to have a friend during this exercise. Observe people.

The Steep Mental Exercise of Child’s Hill

Sword and the Script

Child’s Hill was a Mental Exercise. He took us out there to exercise our minds.  To get it in our young and stubborn head’s that we could run that hill several times over if necessary. Then again, it we might just have another look if we considered these cyclical endeavors as a mental exercise…if we viewed them as Child’s Hill. by Frank Strong. The Mind is a Muscle.

Here’s What Your High School English Teacher Meant by “Show, Don’t Tell” in Storytelling

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One of my favorite go-to exercises for our storytelling workshop leans on the movie, “500 Days of Summer.” A voice with James Earl Jones-like command delivers a narration that sets the stage for the movie and what proved to be Zooey Deschanel’s coming out.more. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

How I Was Inspired by a “First-time Voter”

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figured there wouldn’t be much of a crowd (it was just past noon), I’d exercise my franchise, and know I’d done all I could to get my candidate in the door at 1600 Pennsylvania, NW. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn How I Was Inspired by a “First-time Voter” Career Development exercising your franchise presidential election taking action voting“Wow!”

Outdoor Exercise: The Rules of the Road | Spin Sucks

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As we continued our ride, I thought about how to educate cyclists, runners, and walkers about the rules of the road and, while this blog isn’t typically about exercise or rules, I figure it’s a good place to begin the conversation. This is not a place for road rage or one form of exercising being right while the others are wrong. And she got hit. She never even looked.

Writing is like Exercise

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Social media is changing the skill sets needed to succeed. That said I think writing is more important than ever. From long form to short form, from using text speak to fitting something into 140 characters -- the better you can communicate, the more successful you will be. This applies to any career. We''ve foisted writing links on you before. One Page Per Day is great in that it challenges you.

TCIP #036 – How To Conduct a Crisis Simulation with Garth Rowan

Melissa Agnes

”; “who should be involved in the exercise?”; So I decided to dedicate this week’s episode of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast to answering these questions and helping those of you out there who are interested in conducting a crisis simulation, develop the best scenario and exercise you can for your team. This episode of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast discusses: What a crisis simulation is and why it’s such a rewarding exercise. How to conduct a debriefing in order to gain maximum value from the day’s exercise. ”; etc. Enjoy!

Social Media Strategy Template

The Proactive Report

Analyze the data gathered from this monitoring exercise. Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here. link]. In January 2014 almost three-quarters of all adults were active in social media, according to the Pew Research Center. 92% of marketers claim that social media marketing is important for their business. Map the brand’s social graph. Listen to relevant conversations.

Introducing the Spin Sucks Workbook

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The Spin Sucks Exercises. These are all pieces that accompany the book, and they each have exercises for you to do the work described. The Spin Sucks Workbook is nearly 50 pages (48, I think), but it easily helps you do the exercises described in each of the blog posts. By Gini Dietrich. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. Yay for planning!

3 Must-Do’s (Right Now) to Make 2015 Crisis-Free

Melissa Agnes

Then, work with a specialized team that will help you make this exercise a great success. Happy New Year! 2014 was an eventful year, especially when it came to crises of all different sizes and scales. But let’s not be fooled. 2014 is officially behind us, but the risks and threats that leave every organization open to destruction are not. Are they fully prepared to do this?

Crisis 114

The Year of the PR Tech Tester

PR Expanded

The exercise I discuss in my video is a fun way to increase Tech Testing opportunities among friends, and to learn so much more about different types of technology with your colleagues and peers. We’re moving into the year of the PR Tech Tester. Have fun Tech Testing and please share your experience with us! PR 2.0 PR 2.0 Technology PRTech public relations Social media Tech Tester

Crisis Management Concerns That Leave You Vulnerable

Melissa Agnes

’s Emergency Management Conference, where I put city officials through a simulated earthquake exercise. Using Agnes + Day’s crisis simulation platform , the exercise simulated the digital noise that is a guaranteed result of any crisis or emergency today. The simulation is only one part of the exercise. Last week I had the honor of attending the City of L.A.’s

Nine Ways to Make Yourself Charming

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Exercise. Exercise should be treated like brushing your teeth – you don’t leave the house until it’s done. Daily exercise, especially if you’re on the road, makes you feel less tired and gives you a boost of confidence. Last I gave the keynote address for the Center for Resource Development annual conference. Have a positive attitude. know, I know.

Increasing PR Productivity With New Tech Tools

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

At the very least, it’s a fun and enlightening exercise. Whoever said “there are only so many hours in the day” definitely doesn’t work in public relations. Our work is 24/7 and then some, when a major announcement or event is planned. Master time management  with the  Pomodoro Timer app.  Just set the timer and go about your business. Be a better blogger with Feedly. Having

Tools 71

Can You Teach Creativity? The #PRStudChat Community Shares Insights

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At the same time, we agreed that exercising Creative PR is both valuable and a necessity today. With technology advancing, consumer behavior changing and shorter attention spans, it has become increasingly difficult to build relationships. Organizations need communication professionals who have a raised creative quotient. career in PR requires strong skills in many areas. … Read more.

The Power of One Very Happy Customer

Doktor Spinn

The Word-of-Mouth Test Here’s a mental exercise to try: Imagine two friends hanging out. This article originally appeared on Idea Hunt. In my day job, I help companies of all sizes to reach greater audiences and get those audiences buzzing. With limited resources, new ventures must focus their marketing efforts. All good things, of course. And that’s how most startups are doing it.

The Horrible Case of Unwritten Rules

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But it drives me crazy if someone who does the typical 8:30-5:30 job takes an hour or two in the middle of the day to exercise. It is cool (even though I have to do a lot of self-talk) if you exercise at lunchtime, like I do, as long as you are exceeding your goals. By Gini Dietrich. It was called such because, well, there was a lot of energy in there. They pulled pranks. Livid.

TCIP #004 – Simulating Crises for Crisis Preparedness with Rob Burton

Melissa Agnes

Rob and I discuss our experience with crisis simulations, along with current trends that we’re seeing and biggest “aha moments” that we’ve experienced personally, as well as those that we’ve watched our clients experience due to the simulation exercise. Welcome to episode #004 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Rob Burton. Enjoy! Running time: 34:38. Get connected!

Blogger Outreach Versus Media Relations: What Marketers Need To Know


What it means for marketers: Although most bloggers are highly ethical, you need to exercise caution in who you approach and how. According to a 2013 Technorati study , blogs are one of the most important online sources of purchase influence. In fact, they ranked third after retail and brand sites—well above online magazines and news sites. The media outlet pays the journalists.

Why Back To Business As Usual Is The Biggest Crisis Management Mistake Of All

Melissa Agnes

It’s critical to act on these learnings, make changes to processes, conduct training where knowledge gaps have been revealed and exercise the revised plan. By Jonathan Hemus. Natural but foolhardy. Whilst no one welcomes a crisis, all organizations should use them as an opportunity to learn and improve – some may even use them as a catalyst for change or re-invention. Food for Though

Intentional Focus


But, I also know that those five things alone won’t motivate me to stay focused throughout the year. (In fact, I did basically this exercise last year, but got waaaaayyyy off track by Month 2. Last year, like so many people I know, I made a few resolutions. But, I only stuck to one — the one that was tangible … measurable. The goal was to read 24 books. Together.

How To Identify your Crisis Plan’s Blind Spots

Melissa Agnes

Who should be involved in this exercise? Therefore, the more people you involve in this exercise, the better the brainstorming session you will engage in. When was the last time you sat down with different members of your team or staff to identify risks that leave your organization vulnerable? And hey, this can be an informal luncheon brainstorm session that takes place every quarter.

Communicators: Tell management what can’t be communicated

Holtz Communication + Technology

There was nobody at the table to serve as the company’s conscience, nobody to guide them through an exercise to uncover what could go wrong. (If you want to know more about the idea of looking beyond the launch of a product or idea to determine why it will fail, listen to this episode of the Freakonomics radio podcast. The problems usually involve a cattle baron.) Make it sound okay.”

Content Marketing Lessons Learned From Our Best Performing Blog Posts


It’s definitely a useful exercise to discover what’s working (and what isn’t). A quick check of my Twitter feed on Tuesday morning told me it’s that time of year: the end of December when bloggers write about their most popular posts from the last year. Everyone is doing it. Jay Baer , Copyblogger , Moz and HubSpot , to name a few. Content Marketing Lesson #1: Make it useful and timely.

Making That Pesky and Inaccurate Information on the Internet Go Away

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The app evangelizes a healthy lifestyle, encouraging people to embrace the one exercise that can be done anywhere, walking. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. It’s not easy. Here’s the situation. The giant Hong Kong food company, Lee Kum Kee Products Group, created an app and website for the China market.

4 Ways to Spark Creativity in PR


Inspired by my good friend Amy Taylor , “gamestorming” is an exercise my team and I use when we need to come up with a bunch of different creative ideas (and quickly). We do this exercise fairly often and have come away with some super creative (and comprehensive!) So, what happens when you get stuck? Here are four of my go-to tricks: Walking meetings. Gamestorming. ideas. TED talks.

Teaching Crisis Communication: Embracing the Research to Practice Model

Melissa Agnes

The other half is spent on current cases and situations facing the industry and providing exercises to apply these principles. Assign applied projects and exercises: Have students always combine research and practice in their assignments. Teaching a crisis class is not only an exciting opportunity for any professor to have (especially this one), it can be daunting to some as well.

Media Relations: Track Effectiveness to Prove Investment

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If you don’t have a priority keyword or phrase, this exercise will not work. For this exercise, the organization we want to build awareness has a domain authority of 47 so they can compete with any site that is lower than 60. For this exercise, “brain games for adults” is the main topic. That said, this is really long with only one topic. Do a Google Search.

Six Life Lessons from Continual Learning

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To exercise more? It needs exercising, too. By Darryl Robinson-Keys . What is your New Year’s resolution? To eat less butterfingers? Some type of commitment that involves improving your physical health? What about that muscle between your ears? What is your 2016 synaptic strengthening strategy? Those are my goals because I am a perpetual learner. Everyone Loves a Learner  .

3 Must-Do’s (Right Now) to Make 2015 Crisis-Free

Melissa Agnes

Then, work with a specialized team that will help you make this exercise a great success. Happy New Year! 2014 was an eventful year, especially when it came to crises of all different sizes and scales. But let’s not be fooled. 2014 is officially behind us, but the risks and threats that leave every organization open to destruction are not. Are they fully prepared to do this?

The Deep Work Habits of 28 Highly Productive People


Daily intensive exercise. Except for when I exercise, I stopped watching TV. We then do retrospective exercises to tease out ways we can work better together and improve the business. Plus built-in exercise. Do you struggle to get stuff done? Focus. Achieve things. Have you installed every productivity app and extension known to man? Learn new habits? My favourite seven.

SEO 62

Media Relations: Increase Your Search Engine Optimization

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We will use those words to do this exercise so you can see the steps with a real-world example. For this exercise, you are not going to use your Cision database or write a news release that you’ll distribute to every journalist and blogger you know. If you don’t get that link, this exercise will not work to increase your SEO. By Gini Dietrich. I am back! HURRY!)

How to supercharge knowledge sharing in PR agencies

The Resolution Blog

Bring it into the values of the agency, it must be integral so pass it all the way down into appraisals, not as a tick box exercise but discussed at the heart of it. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link… But with PR's finding it hard to share, how do you make sure knowledge is spread among your team and there are no weak links? Competitive Advantage. Knowledge is power.

The Value of a Crisis Simulation

Melissa Agnes

Simulate everything from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (and any other social media channel needed for your team’s exercise), to the search engines, as well as major news sites and blogs. Let me paint you a picture: It’s early morning and your social media monitors catch wind that Twitter is beginning to populate with tweets against your organization. Sound like a nightmare?

Information Silos are Hurting your Crisis Preparedness

Melissa Agnes

Conduct team building exercises that are cross-departmental. Some organizations do this naturally, while others tend to have their department heads decide on team-building exercises for solely their departments. Information silos can trigger issues and handicap your crisis management. True crisis preparedness requires more than a plan, it requires the right corporate culture.

Health and Fitness: Top 100 Influencers and Brands


Obi Obadike  – “Exercise and Diet are both equally important in regards to weight loss vs weight gain. Our overall health in our society will always be revolved around what we eat and how much physical exercise we do. Exercise used to be one of those optional things that a doctor would advise patients to do and now it is mandatory prescription. Exercise Works!

7 Steps To Creating Customer Personas To Build Your Consumer Brand


It’s a particularly important exercise for organizations such as consumer companies that have many different business challenges because it places the focus squarely on the customer. Are you dissatisfied with the results of your marketing campaigns? Are you uncertain where to focus your marketing efforts to get the biggest bang for your buck? only to discover they don’t? Get it HERE.