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3 Press Release Headline Examples That Put People to Sleep


Look, man, if writing press release headlines was easy, everyone would do it. It takes effort to get a reader’s attention, pique their curiosity and get them to click your headline to read your press release. Want more tips on how to write an effective press release? Check out the free “PR Starter Kit” today! 1. The “Why Should I Give a Darn” Headline. People. The Vague Headline.

Content discovery: The new Holy Grail of PR and marketing

Holtz Communication + Technology

Big name digital properties have been making a lot of moves lately to make it easier for their users to discover great content. On the brand side, we spend a lot of time thinking about being discovered, but we’re largely ignoring the opportunity to be a source of content discovery ourselves. We already know that customers place a premium on the ability to find great content. YouTube Newsire.

The 10 Commandments of Online Etiquette

Spin Sucks

By Gini Dietrich. How many of you love to receive spam email ? How about when you meet someone and they automatically add your to their newsletter list? And how many of you love to get information that talks all about the sender and tells you nothing valuable? How often do you unsubscribe to email lists and newsletters or click “junk” so they don’t hit your inbox at all?

The Guru With Ovaries: Be A GLORYHOUND


If you’re anything like me then you know that life is difficult and less satisfying than a dog’s breakfast. Unless, of course, you happen to be a Giant Schnauzer; in which case a dog’s breakfast is a healthy way to start the day. That said, the harsh truth is that Giant Schnauzers can’t read. Am I right? But let’s not worry about that right now. The Marketing Secret. Okay, that’s your big idea.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

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Calling B t on SEO “Experts” Who Say Meta Tags Don’t Work

Rock the Status Quo

The trouble with reading blog posts about SEO is that everyone believes they know what they’re doing. Argumentative about it, even, as we all fiercely defend our little podium of truth. But like many things in life – which we conveniently forget – everyone’s truth is different, especially when it comes to SEO. “Truth” is actually opinion and perspective. Whoops.

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The Best Way to Handle Online Trolls: Engage Versus Ignore


Conventional wisdom suggests the best way to deal with online trolls is to ignore them. Don’t feed the trolls, the experts say, it’s what they want and only fuels the flames, encouraging them to continue spewing their vitriolic hatred, racist commentary and/or misogynistic babble. Yet two recent victims of online trolling talked back to their attackers with positive results. Go figure.

3 Pillars of Success in Digital Marketing

The Proactive Report

The 2015 State of Digital Marketing report by Smart Insights says that to succeed in this field you need three pillars: Digital Strategy: According to this report 50% of companies have no digital marketing strategy at all. This is indeed the first step – without a strategy you are flying blind. Google announced that a new Panda update is underway now. Manage Integration of Digital Activities.

64% of PR and Marketing Pros Will Increase Content Marketing Efforts in 2016: Marketwired Survey and Infographic


[By Lisa Davis]. If you’re curious about content marketing, a quick Google search will serve up no shortage of information on trends, best practices, benefits for B2B and B2C companies and what it all means as  2016 approaches. We’re curious, too. So we put together a survey and gathered some topline information about how practitioners are using content, what they are producing and why.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

5 Reasons Email Is Key for Communication in 2016


“Email is the cockroach of the Internet.” ” – Stuart Butterfield, co-founder, Slack. Nearly) everybody is on Facebook, most professionals are on LinkedIn, Instagram is a (relative) engagement powerhouse, Snapchat is a content game-changer, Twitter has hearts, and so on and so forth. In this focus in prognosticating the future of shiny things, businesses may overlook email.

The case for internal communications

Holtz Communication + Technology

“Internal communications as a narrowly defined function and approach is dead.” ” So sayeth former BBC HR and Internal Communications Director Lucy Adams, who adds that “a fundamental re-think of communications—and more importantly relationships—with our employees is needed.” ” Well, no s**t. This is the case that trumps all others. Why not? Or Jive.

The FTC and Social Media: You Have to Disclose

Spin Sucks

By Gini Dietrich. Allow me to set the stage. You work for a company with lots of employees. Your company participates in social media and you often share the work your organization does on your personal social networks. No harm, no foul, right? You share on your personal networks and, two days later, your boss calls you into a meeting. But everyone knows you work for the company. Share articles.

The Ultimate Brand Video Helper


Because we love you, one handy dandy, super duper, mostly all-in-one-place Brand Video Checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything when you develop, write and shoot your next video. You mean that much to us… Blog brand video Humour in storytelling infograph Reimagine PR Storytelling Techniques

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How to Identify the Influencers You Need to Engage

3 Must-Do’s (Right Now) to Make 2015 Crisis-Free

Melissa Agnes

Happy New Year! 2014 was an eventful year, especially when it came to crises of all different sizes and scales. But let’s not be fooled. 2014 is officially behind us, but the risks and threats that leave every organization open to destruction are not. So why not lead into 2015 on a crisis-intelligent note? The following are three absolute must-do’s to help you do just that.

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How to Lose an #Influencer in 10 Days (or Less)

PR Expanded

Do you remember the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days , starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey ?  The character Andie Anderson, played by Hudson, is a “how to” beat writer for the magazine “Composure.” She’s challenged with writing the article, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.” Day 1. know that’s a different movie, for another day and another post. Day 2. Day 3. Day 4.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] What is Media Intelligence?

iQ media

You may understand what media monitoring is, but do you really understand the true value of media intelligence ? Since an infographic is worth a thousand keywords, (well not really, but you get the analogy), we thought we would draw it out for you. Here are some key take-aways for how we define media intelligence at iQ media : Media monitoring on steroids.

PR Pro Showcase: Michelle Garrett

Rock the Status Quo

One of my favorite things about my Twitter chat, #PRprochat, is that it brings smart new people into the spotlight, giving them a chance to shine and make new connections. One of those people is a wonderful PR pro out of Columbus, Ohio: Michelle Garrett , who consistently joins the chat and contributes in wonderful ways with her knowledge. ( Michelle is a  PR Consultant  and very talented blogger.

How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

Landing Page Design: Rules of Thumb Your Boss Expects You to Know


A landing page is a webpage that encourages visitors to your site to download a digital offer (an eBook, tip sheet or white paper) or sign up for a free trial, a webinar or an e-newsletter—all in exchange for leaving their contact information. While it sounds simple, high converting landing page design is definitely not as straightforward as it seems. 10 Best Practices for Landing Page Design.

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Fintech: Top 100 Influencers and Brands


From spending, saving and investing money, tools enabling us to manage our finances are more innovative than ever before. As accounts are increasingly being accessed on mobile devices, we find ourselves in a position where ever-evolving technology and the Internet can revolutionise our financial services. WHAT ARE THE EXPERTS SAYING? click on the names to see their Twitter profiles). Gemma Godfrey.

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Pitching Media in the Digital Age With Jessica Wohl, Food & Beverage Reporter, Ad Age


[By Alex Hoag]. Recently our Chicago team invited Jessica Wohl , Food and Restaurant Reporter at Advertising Age , into its offices for a Lunch and Learn with the media team. Jessica shared her career path that led to her role at Ad Age, a publication focused on the marketing and media community. Her journey began in college when a professor inspired her to pursue a career in journalism.

10 Pro Tips for Instagram


 “In an effort to cut through the noise that will come with Instagram’s new advertising push, brands need to adopt a more strategic approach to their investment in social media. Marketers must delve deeper into their social audiences to further enrich audience profiles, improve messaging and targeting strategies and finally, boost the relevancy and performance of their campaigns.”

Revenue Generating News Releases: How to Optimize Strategy and Improve ROI

Paucity of digial/social skill at senior PR levels is a threat to the industry

Holtz Communication + Technology

On the surface, the public relations industry seems to be doing just fine. Clients increasingly see PR as a more effective alternative to advertising and marketing. Agencies are making more money than ever, with global growth rising 11% in 2013 , the most recently reported period. All in all, the future seems bright. Scratch the surface, though, and there is considerable cause for alarm.

How to Create a Call-to-Action for All of Your Content

Spin Sucks

By Gini Dietrich I spend a considerable amount of time on the road, working with business owners through an organization called Vistage International. Vistage is a professional development organization for business leaders. Every month, a group meets and brings in a speaker on a specific topic. My topic is, of course, how to drive sales through communications. Our time equals money. You read.

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All Business IS Personal


“It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” ” It’s worth noting that the phrase was coined by mob accountant Otto Berman. By age 15, Berman had been charged with rape. Author Tim Hurson would agree: Tim Hurston is no slouch. His book Never Be Closing was named by Oprah as one of the 15 Top Self Improvement books of 2014. All business is personal: All business is about people.

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How To Prevent Crises In Your PR and Marketing Campaigns

Melissa Agnes

I’ve got a question for you. It’s an important question so I really want you to close all distractions and put a good 30 seconds of thought into contemplating it. My question is… how does something like this happen? UpForWhatever The perfect beer for whatever happens” on their beer bottles. Do you see something wrong here? Come on people! Another thought on the same note.

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Join #PRStudChat on April 28th for a State of Digital Video Tweet Chat

PR Expanded

On Tuesday, April 28th at 8:30 p.m. ET, the #PRStudChat community will gather to discuss the state of video communications in 2015. Today, Today, professionals are using video as a part of the communication campaigns and programs, whether it is on the fly, raw footage from a smartphone or professionally recorded and produced video segments. See you on the 28th! Read more. Event PR 2.0

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When is Your PR Crisis Not a Crisis?

iQ media

What is Crisis Communication? Crisis communication is when a company or public figure communicates publicly about an unexpected event that could have a negative impact on their reputation. crisis communications pr insights

Social Tools Summit Wrap

Flack's Revenge

I attended and really enjoyed the Social Tools Summit in Boston earlier this week. Neal Schaffer and Brian Mahony produced a great event; kudos, and thanks again for inviting me to speak there. It gave me the chance to hear from a range of speakers, including vendors and users. SimplyMeasured – Great system for cross-channel analytics; they took one of the top awards there. Meddle.IT

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How to Edit a Press Release: 11 Suggested Steps for Marketers


You know the drill. Your corporate communications department or PR agency emails you the first draft of a press release and asks, “What do you think?”. It might be an easy task. If you’ve been working with one writer for a while, the release won’t require many revisions. Yet most of the time, it’s hard to know where to begin—especially if you don’t have a public relations background.

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The Role of Technology in Social Media Management

The Proactive Report

As the digital world continues its headlong rush into the future, with new tools and toys popping up all the time, managing a brand’s social media program has become a very time-intensive activity. It takes hours to do it all manually. Luckily for us there are some smart technology solutions that can cut the time dramatically and help you create content that gets results. 5pm GMT).