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The Big Question: Artificial Intelligence and the PR Industry

Spin Sucks

How are you preparing for the changes to the PR profession due to the rise of artificial intelligence? We ask six experts where they see the changes coming. The post The Big Question: Artificial Intelligence and the PR Industry appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Zeroing in on the right influencers in a crowded marketplace


When pitching a story, reaching the right influencers can be challenging. Add a crowded marketplace to the mix, and you create a headache for most marketing professionals. How do you make your message stand out when trying to launch a new product just in time for the holiday season?

Join #PRStudChat on March 22nd for a Chat on How to Build Relationships Through Content

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Content gets your audience’s attention. Through content you communicate, engage people and start conversations with them.

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How To Protect Reputation In The Age Of Leaks

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Most companies hire PR agencies to help them get out positive news. But what happens when the juiciest stories about a business aren’t flattering? What, if anything, can a PR or corporate communications expert do to turn things around? Consider Uber’s rough ride of late.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

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Crisis Communications & Social Media When “It” Hits the Fan


It’s time to face the music. To be an expert in crisis communications you have to move your organization at the speed of Twitter when “it” hits the fan. shroomy0021 was riding down the highway when he noticed flames from a natural gas explosion in California. Within minutes he posted a video to the web. In short order, it was followed a barrage of requests from media asking to use the footage. Do you really want someone known as @shroomy0021 managing your corporate communications?

How to Gain Executive Buy-in for PESO Model Implementation

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While presenting the PESO model in person, we often hear how PR pros love it, but they'll never gain leadership's buy-in. Here's how to fight that battle. The post How to Gain Executive Buy-in for PESO Model Implementation appeared first on Spin Sucks.

There’s still time to enter PR Daily’s 2017 Digital PR & Social Media Awards

PR Daily

IPR Appoints Dr. Carolyn Kim as Chief Research Editor of its Digital Media Research Center


Gainesville Fla., – Dr. Carolyn Kim, assistant professor at Biola University, was appointed Chief Research Editor of the Institute for Public Relations Digital Media Research Center (DMRC).

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Making Your Blog More PR-Friendly

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For those in the public relations industry, success starts with visibility. This is true for the earned media we generate, the thought leadership content we produce for clients and for our own blog content.

How Alternative Facts Damage the PR Profession

Spin Sucks

In the light of the alternative facts, PR professionals' work just became harder. We need to fight for the credibility of our profession. There are no other professionals on earth better equipped to handle a crisis than us. Let's do this!

Staples announces 70 more store closings as sales continue to sink

PR Daily

“Staples’ ‘Plan B’ is off to a rough start,” a recent headline in. The Boston Globe. reads. It’s not media coverage that any PR pro wants to see—and for the company’s communicators, it looks like more hits are on the way.

Ethics Study Identifies Need for Training & Mentors in the Workplace


A new study sponsored by the Arthur W. Page Center and PRSA Board of Ethics & Professional Standards (BEPS) found that Millennial public relations practitioners do not feel prepared to offer ethics counsel and are unlikely to speak up when faced with ethical dilemmas.

How to Identify the Influencers You Need to Engage

You need to understand who your community is and what makes them tick. You need to identify your “tribe” -- those who are immersed in your subject and have a following.

10 Tips for Using Facebook Live to Build an Audience

The Proactive Report

Live video streaming is all the rage. Facebook has the largest digital audience, so Facebook Live is the obvious choice to reach and engage almost any audience. If you’re a one-man-brand, a small business or a large concern, this technology can boost your marketing and digital PR efforts.

How to Find Time to Make Marketing Your Small Business a Priority

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One of the most difficult things small business owners face is marketing their business. This is especially true as the business begins to grow. Where do you find the time to focus on marketing your small business? Zachary Evans has some tips.

Poll: Consumers more likely to buy from brands they follow online

PR Daily

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s hard to argue against the value of social media. Still, many PR and marketing managers struggle with just how to spend their time crafting and publishing content online—and what will best engage consumers of all ages.

2017 PR Salary Survey Suggests Demand for Talent Tightening

Sword and the Script

Good PR people are in demand, but hard to find and so, businesses seem to be upping the ante for talented communications professionals. Those are some of the conclusions drawn from the annual PRWeek 2017 Salary Survey which suggests salaries for skilled PR pros remain strong.

How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

Insights from expert marketing and communications pros who are doing it today.

Corporate Character: How Ethical Frameworks Are Cultivated


Organizations consistently use terms such as character to describe themselves in terms of mission, vision, and values.

Visualize the PESO Model to Help Others Understand it

Spin Sucks

Katleen Peeters explains how the PESO model helped her understand what integrated communications actually means and how to put it into practice. The post Visualize the PESO Model to Help Others Understand it appeared first on Spin Sucks.

How to think like a reporter

PR Daily

"Think like a reporter.". It's something many entrepreneurs and business marketers who want publicity must learn. But what does it mean ? How do reporters think? And why do you need to be privy to this information?

The Future of Public Relations

Norton's Notes

This is a guest post written by Tom Jones (no not the singer) an intern at my agency Prohibition that has impressed me whilst he has been working with us. I asked him to give me a master student’s view of what the future of PR is today. I teach a lot of students at Leeds Beckett University and they have a very different take on the industry compared with those of us already working on the coalface, so I felt like it would be interesting to hear his thoughts.

Revenue Generating News Releases: How to Optimize Strategy and Improve ROI

Achieve better results with targeted news release distribution.

PR professionals’ skills and competencies not fit for modern future proof public relations

Stuart Bruce

The State of the Profession 2017 survey by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) reveals that the PR profession still has a very long way to go before the skills and competencies of its practitioners meet the needs of modern future proof public relations best practice.

Three Ways to Build Executive Thought Leadership

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While some think thought leadership is a buzzword, it's a tactic that is very effective. If you can build influence for all of your execs, you will win in the public eye, and with prospective customers. The post Three Ways to Build Executive Thought Leadership appeared first on Spin Sucks.

4 reasons why brand managers should embrace content marketing

PR Daily

Not sure if content marketing is right for your business? As one of the few marketing strategies with very little up front cost and the potential for high ROI, I highly encourage you to rethink your stance. Seth Godin famously said, “Content marketing is the only marketing left," and for good reason.

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5 Quick Tips and Tools for Today’s PR Professional


One of the most exciting things about the current state of the PR industry is the vast amount of tools and solutions that are now available to us. Here are a few class-act tools and clever tips that will give you a noticeable edge in your communications role.

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How to Manage an Online Catastrophe

David PR Group

The most well-known online reputation problems typically fall into a category that I refer to as “catastrophic.” Many people make online mistakes each day, but only a few online errors will spiral out of control, go viral and end-up causing economic damage or personal misfortune.

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Vacation Time: How to Grow Professionally from Time Away

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You can't bring your best to your job if you don't also take some time away. Vacation time is a needed part of a successful career. Laura Petrolino explains how to grow professionally and improve efficiency through time away from the office.

4 ways PR pros can digitally detox

PR Daily

As PR professionals, we crave news and information. We need to be in the know five minutes ago. That’s a good thing; it’s why (and how) we’re good at what we do. All that constant refreshing is not without its toll, especially as newsfeeds have become vitriolic battlegrounds.

Predictions, PR and Pressing Questions on SEO [UML]

Sword and the Script

I made three marketing predictions for 2017 but if I could go back in time, I might add a fourth: The decline in traffic from organic social media will renew interest in SEO and organic search. Social networks are deluged with content – more than any user can possibly consume.

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Land More Clients: Free Solo PR Pro Webinar

Solo PR Pro

One of the first questions asked by those considering making the leap to a solo career, is “how do you get clients?” ” As your business progresses you will continue to ask varying versions of that same question. How do I grow my business?