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How I used SeeDepth to Improve PR Measurement


By Seedepth. GUEST POST by Mikala Vidal. As I wrote about in my last post , my approach to PR measurement has evolved over the years. In my last two jobs – one agency and one in house – I’ve used SeeDepth to monitor and measure results. Now, SeeDepth can also show all site traffic and how people engage with a company website (landing pages visited, time spent on the site, etc.)

Turning Passive Audiences into Brand Evangelists

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Ninety-two percent of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations above traditional forms of advertising. The good news is your brand evangelists cost much less than your latest ad campaign. If you want to convert your passive audience into walking endorsements, Emily Joseph has four tips for success. The post Turning Passive Audiences into Brand Evangelists appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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Lessons from a Leader: Prioritizing the Vital Few


Cision CEO Kevin Akeroyd was recently interviewed in Chicago by Bizcast HQ , which highlights innovative businesses wth a unique story to tell. We’re proud to have been a part of their showcase and are sharing just a small segment of the interview that particularly inspired us on leadership, prioritization and communication. Akeroyd offers a simple tip: simplify and focus on the long term.

3 PR Moves to Make in 2017

Beyond PR

You don’t have to look far to see the added benefits of Public Relations. PR includes the creation and distribution of information, primarily in the form of stories, published or broadcast by mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television, blogs, podcast and radio. Usually, it is effective and leads to greater things for the company, person or nonprofit involved. “No” is sometimes good.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

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PR Rock Stars: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota’s Laura Kaslow

Communications Conversations

I don’t remember the first time I met Laura Kaslow (give me a break, I’m getting old and losing brain cells over here!). But, what I do remember is being impressed. And, she’s done nothing but confirm that initial suspicion since that first meeting (even if I can’t remember it!). She’s a life-long learner (see–pursuing advanced degree). Let’s meet Laura!

4 Communications Tips to Help Challenge Common Misconceptions

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Getting your message to break through the noise is a complex task, but when that message challenges common misconceptions, it can be even harder. In a recent case study , we describe how National Safety Council (NSC) faced that challenge with their #CallsKill campaign. Eight in 10 drivers mistakenly believe hands-free devices are safer than using a traditional mobile device. Public Relations

Why Your Organization Needs an Innovation Strategy

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The 10th anniversary of the announcement of the iPhone reminds us of why every organization, big or small, must have an active innovation strategy. Laura Petrolino explains. The post Why Your Organization Needs an Innovation Strategy appeared first on Spin Sucks. entrepreneur Innovation Business Growth business innovation innovation innovation strategy iPhone iphone anniversary laura petrolino

How to Self-Publish Your Content Cheap and Quick


There’s a certain stigma attached when discussing self-publishing in mixed company. After all, there is a certain prestige to being published by an established publishing house, and many people perceive self-publishing as lower echelon of the measure of quality, publicity, and distribution of as lower quality. But this post isn’t about helping you write your book. Blurb. Book Baby.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

Why marketers should embrace video in 2017

PR Daily

If you spend any time on social media platforms, it’s hard not to notice video’s rapid rise as a marketing tool. Nielsen reports that 147 million Americans watch video on the internet, and Outbrain’s latest research shows that 87 percent of online marketers are using video content to reach them. However, without a proper video marketing strategy, organizations are taking a huge risk. below

#PRStudChat Discusses the Secret Nuances of Media Relations in 2017

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We’re kicking off #PRStudChat in 2017, and you won’t want to miss a Twitter chat focused on the nuances of media relations and lessons learned from the field.  On  Wednesday, January 25, 2017, at 8:30 p.m. ET , the monthly #PRStudChat Twitter Chat Community will gather to discuss how students and PR professionals can build better relationships with the media, from new ways to pitch to dealing with quick media cycles, journalist pressures and building trust by managing expectations and being reliable sources. Can pitching be taught or is it an “on the job” skills you need to develop?

How to Use a Bullet Journal for Business

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There are lots of uses for a bullet journal in our personal lives, but what about for business? Gini Dietrich has some examples and shows you how to use it. The post How to Use a Bullet Journal for Business appeared first on Spin Sucks. entrepreneur Time Management national clean off your desk day pinterest spin sucks goals wunderlist

How to Prepare and Keep Your Content Strategy in Check


Not only does content marketing drive three times as many leads as traditional marketing, but it also costs more than 60 percent less. But in order to reap those benefits, you need the right approach. How does your brand’s 2017 strategy look? We turned to Cision’s Senior Content Manager Annemaria Nicholson and MarketingProfs’ Senior Program Manager Kerry O’Shea Gorgone for tips and best practices.

How to Identify the Influencers You Need to Engage

7 deadly media relations sins

PR Daily

Depending on which reporter you ask, PR pros can either be angels or demons. Though the two communication-industry professions are often seen at odds with one another, potential rifts are made bigger by common, yet deadly, media relations sins. These bad behaviors can get your pitch thrown in the garbage, make you the subject of a #PRFail tweet and ensure that you don’t see your story—or client’s name—in a headline: 1. Not providing enough information. PR folks PLEASE pretty please learn the difference b/ween high res & low res photos! DearPR #prfail. Uh oh. PRfail #abc730. Please stop.

PR Measurement Advice From The Client


By Seedepth. GUEST POST By Mikala Vidal. started my PR and marketing career almost 15 years ago. At my first agency job, the majority of my day was spent faxing press releases to media outlets, and taping newspaper and magazine articles into giant “clip books” while calculating the number of estimated reader impressions achieved. This was PR measurement. How do your reports differ from competitors?

Plan to Win: How to Craft an Award-Winning PR Campaign

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Too often, we submit for PR campaign awards that are full of fluff and nothing tangible. Gini Dietrich offers real metrics that will win every time. The post Plan to Win: How to Craft an Award-Winning PR Campaign appeared first on Spin Sucks. Awards Communication alphabet soup organizations ama domain authority email drip campaigns IABC keyword rankings measure PR PESO model PR metrics PRSA

5 Research-Backed Tips for Planning Your Content Strategy


According to research from the Content Marketing Institute , 70 percent of B2B marketers plan to create more content in 2017 compared to 2016. However, the same study revealed that only a measly 17 percent of content marketers report their content marketing efforts as much more successful. Creating more content is usually always a good thing, but successful content marketers know that it takes more than just creating more content to get results. You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot, wasting time and resources and having little to show for it. 1,000 words? Longer? Well, there is. Videos.

How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

Chipotle sued $2.2 billion for using photo without permission

PR Daily

Chipotle is facing a $2.2 billion lawsuit—its earnings over the last nine years—after a California woman noticed a photo of herself hanging in one of the chain’s Orlando locations. The woman claims she did not give permission for the fast-food chain to use her likeness when a photographer snapped her pic at a Denver location 10 years ago. The logic behind the whopping sum she’s seeking? Image via

What Public Relations Can Learn From The Golden Globes

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

If part of your public relations planning this year features a thought leadership initiative including speaking engagements and awards for clients, there were some lessons to be learned from last night’s Golden Globes celebration of all things TV and movies. Despite what you hear, it’s not all party, party, party. Learn from Tom Hiddleston and choose your anecdotes wisely. 

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The Big Question: Your 2017 Professional Development Goals

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The inaugural The Big Question from Spin Sucks is here. We asked your professional development goals for 2017 and here are the responses. The post The Big Question: Your 2017 Professional Development Goals appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Thank You…and Happy Holidays from Spin Sucks! Introducing The Big Question and Monthly Fireside Chats Gin and Topics: The Last Episode of 2016.

How to Bring Good Luck to Your Nonprofit

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Who says Friday the 13 th has to be spooky and full of bad luck? In fact, the day can be amazing when you use it to drive volunteers to your site or educate them about your services. Volunteering is just as American as football or apple pie, but even the best nonprofits can consider gathering volunteers a scary experience. Paperwork. Paperwork. Background checks. Long hours. Get Graphic. flexible.

Revenue Generating News Releases: How to Optimize Strategy and Improve ROI

What lies ahead for social media marketers in 2017

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Imagine being able to predict the next big thing on social media. You’d know what online platforms will look like in 2017 and beyond, as well as how brand marketers will use them to connect with audiences. For anyone who works with social media regularly, this information would be invaluable. Let’s start with three social media takeaways for marketing in 2017: 1. Video is about to peak. Image via

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Highlights from the State of Blogging in 2017 Survey

Sword and the Script

It’s easy to believe there are a million marketing blogs but that’s just not true.  If you blog about marketing – especially with any semblance of frequency – you are in fact among a fair small group. That’s one surprising conclusion I drew from a survey of 850 bloggers by ConvertKit. There are more blogs focused on personal development than any other topic, according to the survey. 

How an Effective PR Strategy Can Boost Your Brand Visibility

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Your PR strategy needs to deliver trust and credibility to your customers. Delivering a mix of paid, earned and shared, and owned media (PESO) is the best way to put your brand on your customers' map. Nikhil Saini has more. The post How an Effective PR Strategy Can Boost Your Brand Visibility appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories What’s Behind the Reticence in Measuring PR?

7 Surprising Ways that B2B Influencer Marketing Has Evolved

B2B PR Sense

Are you surprised to learn that 92% of people seek referrals from people that they trust before making a purchase? This includes experts that they follow on social media. B2B influencer marketing wields incredible power for marketers, and is not a tool to be ignored. This marketing method has come a long way from what we knew ten years ago -- it is a fairly new role, after all. The solution?

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Report: PR pros should focus on ‘influencer’ marketing, VR

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With each New Year comes new trends for PR and marketing to conquer. Here are a few takeaways on what to expect in 2017—and what communication managers should focus on to make it work for their brands. The year of “influencer” marketing. 2017 is going to be a monumental year; eMarketer predicts it to be the first year that digital advertising dollars will surpass TV budgets. Influencer” marketing.

Will AI Help Humanize Marketing? [UML]

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I subscribed to a new iPhone app the other week and a few moments later received an email welcoming me to the service.  In the moment I opened that message there were two problems:  the app wasn’t working for me and the welcome email I received was sent from a no-reply email address. Nothing humanizes your brand like new customer welcome email from a no-reply address. Talk to Us!

The Three Reasons Outsourcing PR Makes Sense

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There are some things that make sense to keep in-house, while others should be left to the experts. Catherine Park explores three reasons outsourcing PR might be best for your organization. The post The Three Reasons Outsourcing PR Makes Sense appeared first on Spin Sucks.

How To Manage A Press Conference (If You’re Not Donald Trump)

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Donald Trump gave his first press conference as President-Elect yesterday. Reactions to the presser may vary with the political views of the observer, but most professional PR people would probably say it did not go well. Overall, the transition team seems to be stuck in campaign mode. ”). The Trump presser was a highly unusual situation, even for a President-Elect. intelligence community.

3 PR lessons from ‘La La Land’

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Editor’s note: This article contains film spoilers. Film viewers and critics are in love with “La La Land.”. Justin Chang, contact reporter for. This all-sunshine-all-the-time milieu is nothing if not inviting — more inviting, surely, than the mean Miami streets of “Moonlight” or the frosty New England town that gives “Manchester by the Sea” its title. Dove’s “Real Beauty”. Always’ #LikeAGirl.

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