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Join #PRStudChat on February 22nd for a Career Day Twitter Chat

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College graduation is in May and students are preparing their resumes, reaching out to professionals and pursuing their PR career interests. PRStudChat wants to help with a virtual Career Day chat session with professionals and educators offering guidance and sharing their experiences in PR. On Wednesday, February 22nd, at 8:30 p.m. What is most gratifying about a career in communications?

How to Make Your PR Content Better with Visuals

Spin Sucks

How do you feel about using visuals in your PR content? How important is it to you? It's 2017, yet many marketers still do not use any kind of imagery for their content. Corina Manea looks at the benefits of having the right visuals in your content. The post How to Make Your PR Content Better with Visuals appeared first on Spin Sucks.

PR Pros Take On A President

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Has public relations finally won the respect of journalists? Sure, PRs and media work together, and we need each other. But the relationship between “flacks and hacks” is an odd and uneasy symbiosis. Yet this week an interesting piece in the Columbia Journalism Review gave PR professionals some credit for their role in the ongoing war between our 45th president and the press.

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How to Make Your Email Marketing More Personal Without Being Creepy

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People want to feel brands understand them and are on the same wavelength. This is especially true for millennials. But there's a subtle line between giving your email subscribers exactly what they want and totally creeping them out. Justin Schorah says permission-based personalization is the way to go. He has more.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

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Expert interview – Scott Guthrie on PR in the Digital Age


Who is Scott Guthrie? Scott Guthrie helps companies accelerate their profitable growth with integrated marketing communications strategy and know-how. He consults for public relations firms systemizing their approach towards influencer relations and works directly with companies helping them better articulate their business objectives along with what they stand for and then build a tactical path for realising these. He’s contributed chapters to several books on progressive public relations and writes regularly at It’s a fundamental requirement to doing our job today.

Toshiba’s chairman resigns as company looks to take $6.3M hit

PR Daily

It would be hard to imagine a worse crisis for Toshiba, one of Japan’s largest and most storied corporations. The company said it planned to take a $6.3 billion write-down related to a construction company that its nuclear power division acquired in 2015. The Washington Post reported that the Toshiba, which employs close to 200,000 workers, might have to file for bankruptcy. billion. billion loss.

Deja Vu

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This lament about the state of journalism in a "post-truth" era is deja vu, although the author doesn't realize it. Fact-based journalism is relatively modern in its conception and practice. Before the New York TImes much reporting was opinion-based and delved into fantasy. Partisanship was high and charges against the opposition frequent. Mencken proudly related that at the time of the Russo-Japanese war in the Far East, he and a colleague made up a story about a sea battle between the two countries that had Japan winning. Months later, he learned he was right. Today, they travel the world.

4 steps to framing executive communications

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This story is taken from Ragan's distance-learning portal, Ragan Training. The site contains hundreds of hours of case studies, video presentations and interactive courses. Should your chief executive address the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, or would another venue be better? Is it time to knock out an op-ed, or would the big cheese be better off planning a speech for that town hall? What's your focus?

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Three Takeaways from Native Advertising Regulation (Infographic)


Three Takeaways from Native Advertising Regulation (Infographic) appeared first on Institute for Public Relations. Research Library] Advertising and PR Law and Public Relations

London Dungeon gets blowback for ‘Dark Valentine’ campaign

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Wondering if there’s a limit to holiday-related marketing that’s on the edgy side? The London Dungeon recently learned the answer: Yes. The London-based attraction, which takes tourists through a dark show of the city’s history with a bevy of actors and actresses, struck out on social media yesterday with its different approach to Valentine’s Day messaging. EWjl4v2GzH.

Transparency vs. TMI

Flack Me

Category: Flack Me Summary: We are living in the age of the “overshare,” with readily accessible information on the innermost thoughts and most mundane activities of seemingly everyone. Customers now clamor for transparency and authenticity from brands they use, but what does that mean

How marketers can reach consumers online

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It’s harder to come up with a list of things you can’t buy on the internet than it is to think of the myriad things that are available for purchase online. However, reaching digital shoppers remains a challenge for many retailers and marketing pros. To help clients better understand the people to whom they’re marketing, Havas Worldwide divided shoppers into four categories: Digitally dissociated.

How to Identify the Influencers You Need to Engage

You need to understand who your community is and what makes them tick. You need to identify your “tribe” -- those who are immersed in your subject and have a following.

How to identify subject matter experts for a business blog

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Producing quality content for an industry blog can be challenging. You want to make sure that your writing provides customers with useful insights without coming across as fluffy. A key part of beefing up your content and making sure all the facts check out is maintaining a solid pool of subject matter experts. The hard part is locating these information all-stars. How to start. Good communicator.