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Creative Marketing the April Fools’ Way

Spin Sucks

By Laura Petrolino Every year I anxiously wait as the creative marketing minds of organizations around the world roll out some of the most hilarious and inventive corporate April Fools’ pranks. Some come from organizations such as West Jet (we love our Canadians ) or Google who are well known for their creative marketing tactics. Break Out of Your Rut So where do you start?

The Minimalist Approach to Brand Storytelling

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Brand storytelling. But it is a much more elite group who include the five-parts of brand storytelling and tell stories which allow their consumers to be narrators, directors, or even characters. Brand Storytelling Requires Freedom. One mistake brands frequently make when they attempt effective brand storytelling is they tell too much of the story. By Laura Petrolino.

Creative Storytelling as the Soul of B2B Marketing [UML]

Sword and the Script

Yet that’s the central responsibility of the creative marketer – to convert the uninteresting into something interesting. And storytelling in B2B marketing is the theme for this weeks’ Unscripted Marketing links [UML]. This shows that good storytelling in content marketing isn’t a campaign, it’s a culture. 3) Creativity is the Soul of CMO. Talk to Us!

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The Five Parts to Brand Storytelling Nearly Everyone Misses

Spin Sucks

He told me he was moderating a brand storytelling panel, which he thinks is the most over-blown buzzword today. He said, “Even my 65-year-old dad used “storytelling” in casual conversation last month when he wasn’t even drunk.” In Spin Sucks , I talk about how important it is to think about your brand storytelling like you would a novel. And yet.

Creative Headlines Will Drive PR SEO & Success in 2017


Insights provided by the agency practitioner client-side include the importance of mobile, from both a creative and business standpoint. As Harvard Business Review notes, the ability of the agency to critically and creatively coach the client is vital in order to engage specific solution. The desire for news opens an intensified need to generate compelling content, driven by creativity, headlines and related visuals. Imperative now, PR pros must advocate creative, honest and relevant news content with a heightened focus on the truth. Search dominates.

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The Value of Creative Collaborations

6 A.M.

Today Edelman will be hosting the Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Day Lab storytelling program. The New Frontier program is designed to showcase new technologies and methods in storytelling, such as immersive designs, game theory and virtual reality. We are doing this type of creative work in other venues. 6 am New Frontier Day Lab Richard Edelman storytelling Sundance Labs

Everyone Wants Creativity in Communications. What’s Holding It Back?

Ishmael's Corner

Everyone perceives advertising agencies as creative. The Super Bowl delivers three hours of programming that essentially turns into a promo for creativity in the ad biz. People also categorize the digital shops under creativity. But communications and specifically PR seem to rate a click above email marketing on the creativity scale. Forget the football game.

Once Upon a Time…3 Keys to Good PR Storytelling


In today’s digital age, there are two key ways to find success for both brands or individuals: remember to be human and solidify your storytelling skills. Many think that good storytelling stems from talent, but really, all it takes is time, trial and error, and basic writing know-how. Images: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives , Dennis Jarvis , Joanna Penn ( Creative Commons ).

The True Value of Storytelling: Nail your Brand Narrative

Waxing UnLyrical

Why Storytelling is So Effective. Brand storytelling you allows you to connect with your audience by allowing them to see behind the scenes of your company, into the personalities and humans that really matter. Guinness is a brand who knows the power of emotional storytelling. Perhaps the most important benefit of storytelling is that it helps to define your brand.

Data and Storytelling: PR’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

Waxing UnLyrical

I’ve been thinking a lot about when a whole is greater than the sum of its parts and I’ve decided to declare that the PR industry’s equivalent to PB&J is data and storytelling. PR pros are very familiar with the deliciousness of storytelling. But an area PR might not be as well versed in is data and how complementary data can be to storytelling. Guest Post by Leta Soza.

6 Resources That Will Make You a Better Storyteller

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Storytelling is a hot topic in the communications industry these days. Thankfully, there are resources that can make the process a little easier to make you a great storyteller. McKee is a creative writing instructor who leads screenwriting workshops for some of the best writers in Hollywood, including Peter Jackson and the writers at Pixar. Pixar’s storytelling rules.

Here’s What Your High School English Teacher Meant by “Show, Don’t Tell” in Storytelling

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Business communicators can take lessons away from all forms of storytelling. One of my favorite go-to exercises for our storytelling workshop leans on the movie, “500 Days of Summer.” Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

Caine’s Arcade: How Powerful Storytelling Can Make a Difference


Stories—and storytelling—are powerful. creative agency. Forbe s and Fast Company both wrote about Caine’s determination and creativity. Later that year he launched The Imagination Foundation with a mission to find, foster and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids. Let me tell you about one such story. Finally, a customer arrived. The rest, as they say, is history.

Adapting Strategies for Effective Storytelling in the Social Media Era


The fusion of these groups truly mirrors the current state of the news making and storytelling industry as a whole. Story timelines have shifted from traditional long-lead or daily print opportunities to instantaneous news with the introduction of social as the go-to storytelling platform. First off, thank you so much for having me on the blog for a Q&A. Natalie P.

Triple Shot: Visual Storytelling Tools


Each month, I’ll share two that I recommend using to boost different areas of PR, starting with visual storytelling. As more brands focus on showing their stories instead of just telling them, the platform is also emerging as a go-to visual storytelling tool (some are even calling it “the next big thing” for PR ). Ready? Here we go! Launching a new product? Building a new website?

How to Make Your PR Content Better with Visuals

Spin Sucks

How do you feel about using visuals in your PR content? How important is it to you? It's 2017, yet many marketers still do not use any kind of imagery for their content. Corina Manea looks at the benefits of having the right visuals in your content. The post How to Make Your PR Content Better with Visuals appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Why PR pros are the best storytellers

PR Daily

In the new, more competitive agency world, PR agencies are coming out on top precisely because of their natural strengths as brand storytellers. In his book, ‘Dark Angels: How Writing Releases Creativity at Work," Simmons urges marketers to rebel against the greyness of corporate speak and the blandness of business jargon. The reason storytelling works is rooted in neuroscience.

9 great books about storytelling and presentations

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These hours spent outside, soaking up sunshine and insights, fuel my creativity, passion and drive. Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling ". With DIY functionality, "Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling" will teach you how to find stories in your data and how to visually communicate and share them with your audience for maximum impact. I highly recommend it.

4 Lessons Learned While Managing Creative Marketers

Beyond PR

Creative people are the heart and soul of marketing and communications. Having managed both creative and analytical people over the years has taught me a few things. Because while the analytical mind can find and present data, creatives can imagine how the data evolved and what its potential might be. What is essential to the creative process is consistent and honest feedback.

Stuart Horwitz: The Art of Storytelling


But writing the Great American Novel aside – the ability to clearly and creatively tell stories is one of the most important skills in the world of public relations. At InkHouse, the art of storytelling is always at the core of how we work with our clients. As Stuart says, “Intelligent planning is not the enemy of creative genius.”. bouncing around in our brains?

Content Tips for Adding Creativity in More Conservative Niches

Beyond PR

I recently reached out to Bradley to better understand how he so successfully injects creativity into an otherwise very conservative market. Bradley warns that some B2B marketing tends to be so creatively safe it teeters on the edge of boring and risks not engaging its audience. Every day Joe Jones sees all kinds of creative ads and commercials,” he muses.

The question that brand storytellers must ask

PR Daily

Marketers have been quick to pick up on the idea of emotional storytelling as an effective tool, but where you can often miss the mark is in identifying what message you should send—and how to send it. RELATED: Get the newest advances in PR measurement, media relations and PR storytelling at PR Daily World in NYC. The best communicators are those who put clarity first. Ask, “So, what?”

Visual Storytelling Secrets: Think Like @Ekaterina

Social PR Chat

Social PR Chat caught up with the queen bee of visual storytelling: Ekaterina Walter! To complete her awesome list of accomplishments, she was named 2013 Marketer of the Year honor (SoMe Awards) and ranked #3 on The Forbes 2014 World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent and is a published author with her most recent book The Power of Visual Storytelling. Get visually creative !

4 Tips to Create PR Campaigns that Stand Above Competitors


To expedite the path to purchase, savvy marketers have pivoted to instead focus on constructing memorable campaigns through creative messaging. Creative Strategies. Many companies work to sell products by simply stating features, but narratives through creative messaging can dramatically influence purchasing behavior. Featured Best Practices PR campaigns creative strategy

The Future Of Storytelling, Emirates Brilliant Strategy and the Smell Of Apple | Non-Obvious Insights #34

The Influential Marketing Blog

Greeting from New York and the Future of Storytelling Conference! This week I’m at one of my favorite events of the year learning about the future of VR, interpretative dance and lots more at this wonderful gathering of creative people and innovators. Subscribe Here >> Highlights From The Future Of Storytelling. Storytelling. Movies & Hollywood.

Holding women back in PR limits agencies' effectiveness, creativity

PR Daily

RELATED: Master the elements of brand storytelling in this intensive masterclass. ]. They’re also likely to have less creative teams and have a harder time attracting and retaining superstars. The gender gap is affecting the public relations industry. On Wednesday, the MSLGGroup—the world’s fifth-largest public relations agency—agreed to a $2.9 A 2015 survey of 1,002 U.S. Image via

15 Non-Obvious Business Trends Shaping 2017 (Retail, Consumer, Tech, Marketing, and Media)

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Creativity. Storytelling. This week I launched the seventh edition of my annual trend report featuring all of my research from throughout the year on trends. I hope you enjoy this recap and if you haven’t already – please buy your copy of the book today and help support the release! Want trend insights before anyone else? 2017 Marketing & Social Media Trends. Events.

Marrying creativity and accountability in PR

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One question plagued me that day: Why did public relations practitioners who attended the working sessions express concern about being labeled “creatives” while PR’s most notable creativity evangelizer was the keynote speaker? In two sessions I attended, the presenters noted that PR practitioners are often known internally as “creatives” or “idea people.” Register now. ].

Are you a storyteller or storyseller?

Paul Stallard's PR Blog

My boss has written a great free whitepaper about the secret to great storytelling? He starts with this gem which demonstrates perfectly how storytelling can help with the sales purchase no matter what you do. This paper will help you learn how to apply creative storytelling to win hearts and minds and drive up sales. The post Are you a storyteller or storyseller?

We Asked Today’s PR Influencers: What is #CreativePR?


CreativePR, the hashtag, caught our attention at last year’s PRSA conference when Deirdre Breakenridge, Jason Sprenger and Heather Whaling teamed up for their presentation, “Creative PR: Delivering Your Story From Narrative and Design to Measurement.” ’ This train of thought is a highly creative process. But, it’s not creative for the sake of creativity.

Using Snapchat for storytelling is a brand journalism win

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To help capture the New Year’s Eve revelry in Times Square, The New York Times relied on common social media platforms, but also turned to an emerging avenue for storytelling—Snapchat. is among a growing number of news media outlets—including NPR , CNN , ESPN and The Wall Street Journal —that are adding Snapchat to their storytelling toolboxes. The Times. Snapchat is not easy.

Helping Non-designers Get the Visual Storytelling Religion

Ishmael's Corner

Previous posts have discussed the challenge for PR folks to embrace visual storytelling in communications. Responding to the crush of information and more people accessing content on mobile devices, they definitely have the visual storytelling religion. It’s a great example of how visual storytelling can make sense of a complex topic as well as bring out the humanity.

Brand Storytelling Ideas for Snapchat Stories

Beyond PR

Push your creative boundaries: Play around with Snapchat stickers, filters and the drawing tool. Because of communication channels like Snapchat, today’s audiences expect more from your brand storytelling. Once a digital haven for younger Millennials and Gen Z, image messaging app Snapchat has spent 2016 broadening its appeal. smartphone users over age 35 now are on Snapchat.

Where Big Ideas Come From

Spin Sucks

In a previous chapter of my life, I was in urban development and I wish I had one tiny fraction of her creativity. Backtrack again to when I was involved in urban development; we were busy trying to put up creative construction walls that talked all about the project and the company. Oh, and isn’t Candy Chang ridiculously creative? Well, I was quietly blown away.

7 #PR Lessons in 2015

PR Expanded

Creative PR : According to the #PRStudChat Twitter community , creativity can’t be taught but it can certainly be inspired. Regardless, creativity is a big part of PR today. On the show, we discussed a Creativity in PR study by The Holmes Report and Now Go Create. You’re also able to leverage media and influencers more when you put your best creative foot forward.

#CreativePR: Measurement and Data-Based Insights


In today’s most noticeable creative PR strategies, measurement and data-based insights are key. Before you begin a creative PR campaign, define your specific goal(s) and detail how your strategy and tactics support it.”. be creative and aesthetically pleasing, if they don’t convey an idea that helps to serve the PR pro’s greater purpose, they’ll be a wasted effort.

Shop NFL Creates Successful Commercial Through Storytelling

The Stalwart Blog

Brands are constantly being challenged with finding creative ways to connect with their customers. Whether it’s through a commercial or another channel, I encourage brands to find creative ways to connect with their customers through storytelling Shop NFL recently did this through telling a story via a commercial.

Corporate storytelling is an essential future PR skill

Stuart Bruce

” – you can if you’re creative enough. John Cleese said “Creativity is not a talent. ” There are many ways that PR professionals can learn to be more creative operators. So if you’re a public relations, corporate communications or public affairs professional how will you change your way of operating to become a better corporate storyteller?

The Method for Telling Great PR Stories: 6 Insights from Storytelling Expert Stuart Horwitz


At InkHouse, we like the simple storytelling construct called Freytag’s Pyramid (the one from 1863 because it still works). This insight came out of my question about Stuart’s favorite storytellers in any medium. Creative people aren’t afraid to be creative. Messaging Public Relations Book Architecture books PR Storytelling Stuart HorwitzSo what makes a good one?

4 Ways to Align Your Content Marketing with Your Holiday Promotions


Read Cision and PR Newswire’s latest case study OpenTable Sparks Engagement with Road Trip-Themed Multimedia Campaign for tips on planning creative and compelling visual content. Best Practices Content Marketing Featured content strategy Holiday Marketing Visual StorytellingHoliday promotions abound. Here’s how you can tie the two together for a powerful punch. Plan Ahead.