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Effective Marketing from Bob the House

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Because that had never been his sales strategy in his other work, he wanted to shift the equation when it came to real estate sales, as well. It’s about placing the right messages in the right places that resonate with and engage your target consumer. Don’t let yourself fall prey to thinking you have a boring industry , one that consumers won’t engage and connect with.

4 Tips on Pitching U.S. News & World Report’s Devon Thorsby


Devon Thorsby is a real estate reporter for U.S. News & World Report ‘s Consumer Advice section and has been with the publication since October 2015. I’d like to receive real estate related pitches with a consumer advice spin – preferably regarding residential real estate. Do you have any advice for PR professionals pitching you?

Putting the “PR” in Partnership Relations


And with so many critical cross-overs between industries, technologies, consumer needs / experiences / behaviors and societal issues – the possibilities are significant. Our work with client Coldwell Banker Real Estate provides a real world illustration of this opportunity. 23, 4:45–5:45 p.m. The following is a guest post previewing her session.*.

Five PR Predictions For 2017

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

But there’s been a shift towards specialist agencies that focus exclusively in PR for companies in sectors like technology, fashion or real estate. The best plans take advantage of the fact that social media data offers real-time information as well as historical. In 2016, public relations saw its share of highs and lows. Here are five predictions for the coming year.

3 Fast Ways To Fill A Slow-Moving PR Pipeline & Keep Clients Happy

Rock the Status Quo

Let’s use the example of a luxury residential real estate client. Move past real estate trade pubs and consumer media. You distributed a press release, landed a byline and pitched your heart out last month, but THIS month is looking pretty grim when it comes to landing fresh press. You’re stressing about it. Then, adding sprinkles to your sugar-free poop cupcake, your client just asked the age-old question, “ What have you done for me in the last five minutes? ” Yikes. It’s no time to sit back and relax, or be over-confident.

11 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Treat your headline as the premium real estate that it is, and give it curb appeal. Mobile is the primary way that we consume and interact with some types of digital content. Google is having a conversation about mobile, but it’s not about Google so much as it is about the ability of your customers to consume content on the device that they prefer. Use images.

3 PR lessons from SXSW

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I’m the COO and managing director of a communications firm in real estate, public affairs, energy, transportation, higher education and non-profits. To do that, we must be experts in our clients’ industries, while remaining aware of the changing media as well as advertising, tech, consumer and public policy. It far exceeded my every expectation. John F. Image via

Behind the Headlines With Anthony Bianco


Our ability to engage with consumers will continue to become more intimate and the metrics and learning behind engagement will include everything from retention rate to heart rate. This is a good thing, not a “big brother” thing, as consumers will receive content that is increasingly relevant to their specific interests. How did you get your start in advertising and communication?

Will The Election Kill Brand Trump?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

While this may be an exaggeration, it’s no secret that for decades the Trump organization’s business has been based more on licensing and leasing deals rather than outright ownership of real estate properties. Is Donald Trump’s presidential run just a giant PR push for his brand? And if so, is it backfiring? There has surely been business fallout.

Friday Wrap #154: Amtrak’s crisis fail, higher stakes in native advertising, CEOs prefer Twitter

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WhatsApp may allow business-to-consumer chat —This is a big deal. Tweets return to Google search results (on mobile only) —Mobile searches on Google once again return tweets idexed in real time. I recently judged a communication competition that included an entry from a Chinese real estate developer that used a WeChat game to draw a younger audience to a shopping center.)

Visual Content and your Brand

The Proactive Report

VISUAL REAL ESTATE. Think about it in terms of pure real estate: a text update could occupy a height of about 50 pixels, whereas an image could take up 500 pixels. Creating interesting, original content can be time consuming and requires talented people. Social media has become a melting pot of white noise. FOLLOW THE MONEY. BE ORIGINAL. CHALLENGES.

5 ways to prepare your website for 'mobilegeddon'

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After all, consumers spend nearly 60 percent of their time on the Internet on mobile devices. Social Autofill has unparalleled potential to improve the consumer experience. They''re a critical part of your online real estate, so make sure they are as mobile friendly as the rest of your site. If you aren’t quite ready for "mobilegeddon," don’t panic. Be specific.

Social Media is No Longer Super Neat-o

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I had a real estate developer client many years ago. Yes, yes, yes, social media is AMAZING and FUN and, yes, it’s a great networking tool, it broadens your reach, gives the consumer power, gives humans power. What does this mean to us as consumers, marketers and business owners? Really? (I I thought). Should we also mention that there are floors in the homes? And oh!

The Benefits of Earning Your APR


With deep experience in the consumer, healthcare, tech, B2B, corporate, real estate, and government sectors, his work effectively builds relationships, counsels senior executives, and boosts revenue. Other industries have similar designations that have real teeth; that’s how we should think of APR. An Interview with Ken Hunter, APR. Branding development and execution.

Real-time Bidding is the Future of Advertising 

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When most marketers and advertisers hear the term real-time bidding, they likely think of auction houses, not lucrative business strategies. Many publishers are in the dark about real-time bidding, even though it’s a growing and highly profitable method of reaching consumers. But real-time bidding still intimidates a lot of would-be vendors and bidders. By Ash Nashed.

QR Codes & Mobile: The Time is Now

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One major retailer has created a campaign with a QR code as it’s centerpiece and through their marketing efforts, they are educating more consumers about QR codes. Video : Directions for putting together that build-it-yourself furniture or kids toys, shelf talkers, real estate home tours, video product demonstrations, music videos, and movie trailers. Medical information.

Despite initial concerns, Instagram Stories surging

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Even with a built-in audience to build from, and prime real estate positioning at the very top of Instagram’s user interface, the rapid pace of its adoption is impressive. Want to relate to consumers in an authentic, fluid way? When consumers identify with your brand's mission, vision and struggles, they embrace you, securing a sense of brand loyalty and visibility.

For Father’s Day, brand managers are spotlighting dads

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For a slew of marketing campaigns in 2016, reaching consumers that are “not your average dad” goes beyond tools, golf clubs and neatly wrapped ties. With Father’s Day looming, brand managers nudge consumers to share their favorite fatherly moments and advice instead of urging them to buy a simple gift or card. The “spirit” of Father’s Day. Both video and text submissions are welcome.

The PR Agency Review Process is Broken

Ishmael's Corner

With this in mind, I believe that certain actions can help a prospective client gain a deeper window into an agency without consuming a ton of time. Does the agency waste this valuable real estate using only its name, or is there an SEO strategy in play? The typical process that guides a company in evaluating PR agencies and ultimately choosing a winner is broken.

PR Firms as Targets

6 A.M.

The NGO contended further that the Bell Pottinger employee also said that the net effect of “fracking” would amount to an insignificant reduction of bills to consumers, though there was no recording of that claim. I was in London this week when news spread around our office about a protest at a competitor’s premises. The press reaction to the protest was stunning.

Google’s AI search may improve content marketing efforts

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This is a good thing for consumers for obvious reasons. It’s a good thing for marketers that do good work because consumers will find your site when they should. There might be ways to game the system moving forward, but the hope is—and I’m sure Google’s goal is—to ensure that consumers find the right content at the right time. However, less screen space means less real estate for paid and organic search. Google has called RankBrain a “learning system” that interprets search queries with an element of almost human understanding. Image via

ABCs of pitching success

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Eliminate hard returns between “Hi Reporter Jane” and the crux of your pitch, so that you are taking advantage of prime email real estate. A.wordsmith , a boutique PR firm specializing in brand storytelling for B2B and consumer organizations. PR pros have to learn firsthand when our pitches aren’t fresh—or even worse, when they outright stink. Audience is everything. Image via

What Goes in a Great Media Kit


At last year’s CES, the largest consumer electronics tradeshow in the world, I was asked for this piece a number of times. love to see what real people have created. Sharing the work of real people who have created or accomplished something using your product is also an amazing opportunity to do some community building. I get to sit on both sides of the media kit divide.

5 questions to ask when taking the temperature of your corporate comms

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Meanwhile, content marketing and brand journalism are blurring the lines between marketing, communications and public relations, resulting in internal battles over limited corporate real estate. Today’s environment is an instant news cycle, in which content is generated faster than it can be consumed and can be accessed at any time in perpetuity with the swipe of a finger.

4 PR lessons from 'Modern Family'

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Although Haley (played by Sarah Hyland) was using her skills to stalk one of her father’s potential real estate clients, the lesson can be applied to organizations and their branding strategies. It is equally important for brand managers to understand what consumers want. Here are a few of my favorite lessons from the award-winning series: 1. Every day, people make mistakes.

What a Duck Can Do For “Social” Media Relations

Waxing UnLyrical

We all know visual content is consumed faster and shared more often than text. Her expertise encompasses public affairs, media relations, social media and digital communications in both B2B and B2C communications in various sectors, such as government affairs, nonprofits, real estate and industrial manufacturing. Guest Post by Dawn Buzynski. Help a Child.”

3 ways marketers can enhance mobile emails

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Smartphone habits of consumers indicate that reading email comes second only to making phone calls. Don’t waste valuable “mobile” real estate on pointless distractions. Unless you run a world-renowned brand, include the name of a real person in the “from” field. Is email marketing dead? However, that is not the case. In reality, the humble email hasn’t gone anywhere.

The dilemma of budgeting for PR

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Unlike the advertising discipline, which used to have an answer of between 2 and 5 percent of gross revenue, there have been no real guidelines for PR spending, and for good reason. PR has traditionally offered no real guidelines for how much organizations should spend. How much should small to mid-sized companies budget for PR? Is there a price for just social media? Not really.

Don’t Quit Facebook Yet

Shift Communications

Last week, Facebook announced that beginning in January of 2015, it will be cracking down on purely promotional content coming from brands; with limited real estate in the News Feed, Facebook realizes that people want meaningful content, not sales-y product pushing. When content aligns with what consumers want to see, organic reach can go through the roof. million likes.

10 terrific Instagram tools and apps for marketers

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Through these posts, followers can quickly and easily consume a brand's products—it's much faster than going through photos manually—as each photo is seen for about a second before it flips to the next. Nearly four out of five consumers (78 percent) make purchases influenced by a brand's social media. Real estate agent: Make a collage featuring a new property for sale.

Friday Wrap #182: Star Wars-free update on Apple’s Topsy shutdown, Cision’s purchase of PR Newswire

Holtz Communication + Technology

It’ll be worth keeping an eye on the account to see if an unpopular agency can gain supporters by providing near-real-time answers. Facebook opens live video-streaming to verified Pages —The slow roll-out of Facebook’s live video-streaming service took another step with companies managing verified Pages now able to broadcast to followers in real time. Read more.

Behind-the-Scenes PR Tour of Universal Orlando Resort

Solo PR Pro

By the end of the day, the students had a taste of both the consumer and business side of the theme park and tourism trade, thanks to the Universal PR pros who were willing to share their excitement about their jobs and their profession. It is staffed by a team that monitors all of our channels, and provides real time answers to questions, fun facts and more for our fans/guests.

PR Agency Best Practices for Common Content Roadblocks

Beyond PR

Verbiage like “Company Y, the world’s largest leading thought-leader in innovative, robust, ground-breaking thoughts, and world record holder for dynamic, out-of-the-box records, announces…” is often better served in a boilerplate than the first paragraph, which is precious real estate for grabbing attention. The goal may be clear, but the path treacherous. In a word, content.

Friday Wrap #155: Melcrum merges, Google flags sites, Twitter tests GIF library, war rooms fade

Holtz Communication + Technology

Tools like Watson can be used for solving big problems, but it can also help at the consumer level. For example, at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show, Coldwell Banker relied on its PR department and an agency to get the word out about the impact smart home technology will have on the real estate market. Read more. Read more. Read more. Read more. Read more.

How To Transform Your Brand’s Online Newsroom Into a Media Magnet


Many consumers are conditioned to search for company-related information in the footer of your homepage, so that’s a logical place to house your newsroom link. If certain information, say a link to archived news releases, is taking up prime real estate and not generating a lot of clicks, move it to a less visited part of the page. Do: Make Your Newsroom Easy to Find. Publicit

3 Valuable Tips To Establish Credibility Via Speaking Engagements


But speaking—and all the steps involved from writing your speech to finding the right venue—is time consuming. If you’re a financial planner, you may know a lot about ETF investing, commercial real estate and saving for retirement. Over the last (almost) 3 years, I’ve written more than 236 blog posts. Some of them are pretty good. and some of them are just downright awful. Since I’m in the process of revamping my site and my blog, I toyed with the idea of just deleting the ones I didn’t like. I know it’s a bad idea. a really bad idea. So here goes. 2: Identify.

What Venmo can teach marketers about reaching millennials

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Accordingly, PayPal-owned Venmo—a popular mobile payments app—has become an integral part of how younger consumers conduct monetary transactions. Researchers at LendEdu have, and they credit that catchy phrase—and marketability—to the app’s popularity among millennial consumers: Venmo makes splitting bills and paying in groups frictionless. Advertising Age. PR Daily. Image via

Announcing the finalists for the 2014 Social Media Awards

PR Daily

Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, Got Insurance? CBRE, CBRE & Instagram: Creating Brand Elasticity and Upending the Commercial Real Estate Industry. We asked to see your best social media skills: contests/games, hash tags, videos, Facebook and more. We saw your talent. Our judges chose the best. Look for the Special Edition in late January. Best Contest/Game.

Avoid these 11 content marketing mishaps

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Treat your headline as the premium real estate it is, and give it curb appeal. Mobile is the primary way we consume and interact with some types of digital content. Google is having a conversation about mobile, but it's not about Google so much as it is about your customers' ability to consume content on the device they prefer. Entertain, don't sell. You have poor form.

Repairing the broken PR agency review process

PR Daily

With this in mind, I believe that certain actions can help a prospective client gain a deeper understanding of an agency without consuming a ton of time. Does the agency waste this valuable real estate using only its name, or is there an SEO strategy in play? The typical process that guides organizations in evaluating PR agencies and ultimately choosing one is broken.