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The Downside of Social Media: The Comparison Dragon

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There is a definite downside of social media, which Scott Mautz calls the comparison dragon. The post The Downside of Social Media: The Comparison Dragon appeared first on Spin Sucks. He takes a look at why it's important to slay that beast.

Walker’s campaign entrance spurs criticism, logo comparisons

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Here’s a comparison (Walker’s logo is on the left): Scott Walker is either saying he is America's Best or he paid someone x $'s to steal their logo. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker became the 15th Republican candidate to enter the 2016 race for president Monday, just in time to join in the din of criticism surrounding President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Walker is one of several candidates who officially announced via Twitter: I'm in.

The Motorola XOOM: A Revolutionary Tool

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Communication Guest Posts Matt LaCasse Resources comparison ipad motorola XOOM reviewXOOMing in.

PR & Customer Success: 2 Sides Of The Same Coin


In PR, we like to draw comparisons. Along those lines, I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison between PR and one of the fastest growing roles sweeping the SaaS industry: Customer Success. It helps emphasize a point, enhance a story or create a connection between two seemingly unrelated things. Whaaaat you may […]. PR Education CS customer success customer success education PR PR education PR tip public relations retention

Five Tools for Managing Your Company’s Social Media Profiles

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Related Stories Twelve Productivity Tools for the Digital Marketing Pro Top Seven Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers The Downside of Social Media: The Comparison Dragon. Social media is probably one of a hundred different things on your daily to-do list. Keeping up with the fast paced social world is fairly difficult. Matt Banner shares five social media tools you can use to manage your business' social media presence.

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PR Measurement Advice From The Client


Competitive comparisons can be meaningless without context. Agencies are often asked to include competitive comparisons in reports. By Seedepth. GUEST POST By Mikala Vidal. I started my PR and marketing career almost 15 years ago.

Should We Take the “Internal” Out of Internal Communications?

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Employees are No Longer Mushrooms No doubt you understand the comparison. By Gerard Corbett “Internal communications” is an anachronism.

Assessing Trump’s and Clinton’s Public Relations Efforts: Implications for Practice


A comparison of the two major candidates’ public relations efforts along the lines of media relations, donor relations, volunteer relations, and social media engagement yield interesting results and some important implications for practitioners.

Etch A Sketch Hits PR Mecca With Romney Gaffe

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Enter a really stupid comment made by a Romney senior aide , who said, for the general election, the candidate could hit the reset button (implying, of course, he may flip flop in order to win votes), making the comparison to how the toy works. Do you remember your first Etch A Sketch ?

Introducing Spider: A Super Cool Link Listening Tool

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For comparison purposes, we continued to use Forbes as the control, e ven though it isn’t the best comparison from a vertical perspective, it does attract the same social business audience as we do.

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Dear JournalistWe need to talk about PR.

Doktor Spinn

Journalism, as we know it, is going to hell in a handbasket. There’s no denying it anymore. And it sure is serious. Journalism is the Fourth Estate, and we all depend on the freedom of the press and its willingness to tell important stories.

How to Find the Right Content Distribution

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For instance, I might ask Buffer if they would kindly highlight a PR metrics post, for comparison. By Gini Dietrich One of the things my team and I are working diligently on is finding new ways to distribute content and engage new audiences.

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How To Measure PR Outcomes: A Practical Guide

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

None of these criteria stand alone, and some are even arguable, but in aggregate they are powerful, and the most important factor is an apples-to-apples comparison over time.

Email Newsletter Subscribers or Blog Subscribers: Which is Better?


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—these popular social media platforms all pale in comparison to the power of email and an email newsletter.

The Most Important Post-event Engagement Tool

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In comparison, nearly 80 percent of marketers use social media before events, and 71 percent use social media during events. By Steve Randazzo. Think of the last branded event you created and the engagement tool you used.

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What Social TV Means for Marketers

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In comparison, the top three shows they watch while also playing online are: A Hallmark movie, NCIS, and Judge Judy. Last week, I was invited to speak on a panel at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communicators conference.

How PR Agencies Set Budgets And Billing

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And for the uninitiated, the different methods agencies have for budgeting and billing can be opaque, making it difficult to get an apples-to-apples comparison when reviewing firms.

Dissecting Publicity’s Impact on Pharma Companies


Pharma falls into that unenviable category of, ‘we love to hate them.’ These are companies making life saving and pain relieving drugs that cost millions to research and require years of willpower to navigate process and safety requirements to get drugs on the market.

How to Create Content Journalists Want to Cover


Revisit your data over time to make year-over-year comparisons and identify industry trends. Are you pitching reporters but not receiving responses? That’s because you’re not giving them what they want.

What PR pros can learn from Trump team’s spin on crowd estimates

PR Daily

Reports of relatively smaller crowds at Trump’s inauguration on Friday, in comparison to former inaugurations, quickly made the rounds and reportedly angered the newly installed president. A source told CNN that Trump was enraged about photographic comparisons of the two inaugurations.

Rhetoric vs Story: The Art of Persuasion


Conventional Rhetoric vs Storytelling: A Quick Comparison. I’m sure at some point in your life, you were the victim of an unfortunate infomercial.

6 Insider Tips for Successful Crisis Management Using Social Intelligence

Talkwalker PR

The ticker shows whether this level has increased or decreased in comparison to the previous period. As every PR professional knows, a crisis can happen at any time.

Using the PARLA Technique to Improve Business Processes


Now, I usually avoid making comparisons between raising my three-year-old and business leadership, but this idea of evaluating choices had me thinking.

Ranking by proxy: the hidden SEO value of great online press coverage

The Resolution Blog

Your content by comparison may take some time to vault itself into these hallowed positions. And by comparison, your own content isn't likely to oust them soon.

How to Pitch Editors Perfectly Every Time

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They’re also very much into statistical comparisons to help fuel discussions amongst their readers. By Andrea Lehr Wondering how to pitch editors? How do you know which are worth pitching ? Or maybe you found the perfect editor and are wondering what to include in your pitch?

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6 Research-Based Insights About Viral Content


From Subservient Chickens to Brawny Men: A Comparison of Viral Advertising to Television Advertising. If you’re like me, you probably greet articles about content virality with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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What Our Search Behaviors Signify About The Future of PR

Rock the Status Quo

But then I added in public relations, social media and search engine optimization (SEO) – the other three key components of digital PR – just for comparison purposes. (Nerd post alert. Endorsed and paid for by Carrie’s Inner Geek.). Well, this is rather interesting!!

Do you want to connect on LinkedIn?

Don't Eat the Shrimp

I’ve written about my first comparisons between how I was using LinkedIn and Facebook , how as a small business owner I used LinkedIn to land a client , and many times how the people at LinkedIn are masters at using their own data to tell stories.

State of Social Media Q4 2015: Twitter Users Decline For First Time Ever

Shift Communications

Twitter passed the all-important $2 revenue per user, shown by the blue line: Average revenue per user is an important metric for effective apples-to-apples comparison to other social networks’ business models. The 140 character social network released its Q4 2015 earnings.

Inside Innovation: Ogilvy Los Angeles

The Resolution Blog

Our Los Angeles office is relatively small in comparison to the rest of the group but whats great about that is that we can develop and improve upon ideas quicker and be agile. We’re on a mission to meet talented PR teams around the world to find out how they do things differently.

Advice From One Millennial to Another

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And you wouldn’t look as good by comparison if you were up against contemporaries all day long! Today’s guest post is written by Adam Justice. I’m going to let you in on a secret: I’m not a social media marketing expert. I’m a web developer and online marketing strategist.

Emoji are here to stay so start figuring out how they fit in your communication

Holtz Communication + Technology

That’s an apt comparison, given Mitchell Stephens’ view. The emoji at left is my feeble attempt to pose a question: Is communication better with emoji?

Thanksgiving Marketing Statistics You’ll Gobble About

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Consumers have come to expect cheap turkeys so they use the cost as part of their comparison for which store to go to for their other holiday items. . By Laura Petrolino. How in the world did Thanksgiving come upon us so quickly?!? Where did November go? Where did the fall go?

The Shocking Beef about Feeding the Content Monster

Sword and the Script

By comparison , in the US alone, McDonald’s has some 14,000 locations, Burger King has roughly 7,000 and Wendy’s 6,000. by Frank Strong. The burger business tells us a thing or two about content marketing. We can take a spin down the main drag in most cities and towns and find a burger joint.

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The Nips and Tucks Happening at LinkedIn

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I can still show respect to my trusted contacts by leaving them a thoughtful, well-written recommendation, but in comparison, ‘one-click endorsements’ seem shallow. Today’s guest post is by Liam Gooding. Does everything coming out of California really need a face lift?

Apple vs. Chevron Revenue? It’s Content Marketing out of Context

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I looked at the footnotes of the Broadview post and saw my clue: despite the reference to 2015 in the headline and dateline, the revenue comparison was based on 2014 data. Have you see the graphic nearby?

Blogger Relations: Know Your Audience

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Going to festivals and street fairs and outdoor events and doing side-by-side hidden comparisons with consumers is a better choice. In the 1970s and 1980s, Folgers ran an advertising campaign that had hidden cameras showing diners enjoying coffee in high-end restaurants. The catch?

11 Shrewd PR and Marketing Predictions You Can Bank On

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It’s worth noting that press releases have been dying at least since 1970-something , which is reminiscent of a famous quote attributed to economist Milton Friedman: The only relevant test of the validity of a hypothesis is comparison of prediction with experience. by Frank Strong.

10 Additional Ideas to Generate Comments and Shares

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Make comparisons to how businesses used to roll vs. how they roll today and show your audience the similarities or gargantuan differences and the strategies to capitalize on them.” Nearly two months ago, we talked about 10 content ideas that generate comments and shares.

New Tools PR Pros Need to Discover


You can also analyze social and content success through a side-by-side domain comparison report. Guest post by: @ Alicia_LW.

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