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Guest Post: 4 Reasons #PR Pros Need Customer Service Skills

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During my career, I have noticed that one particular skill is often overlooked when it comes to training new PR pros and that is customer service. You might wonder what has customer service to do with PR? 4 reasons PR pros need customer service skills: Put yourself in their shoes. That’s the first rule taught in customer service trainings.

Customer Service: Five Behaviors to Use

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By Adam Toporek Perhaps one of the greatest challenges in customer service is that we do not control the filter through which our customers interpret our words, our gestures, or our actions. Working on the front lines of customer service brings the challenges of human psychology into stark and immediate relief. However, the puzzle wasn’t the experiment.

6 Quick Tips to Keep Up with Social Customer Service


As more and more customers turn to Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and other social channels to ask questions or make complaints, keeping up with customer service is no easy task. Social customer service can be especially complicated for small brands, since customer expectations don’t adjust for the size of your customer service team.

Dear Facebook your customer service for social media agencies sucks!

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So with that in mind you would think that Facebook would have a killer customer service team that would be agile, friendly, adaptable and helpful to get you to spend your money in the correct areas right? I thought the aim was to help your customer and make them happy? Facebook Prohibition Social Media customer service social PPCWRONG! Best regards, XXXX”.

Friday Roundup: Customer Service

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Today’s roundup focuses on one of the most important aspects of any business, customer service. Here are five posts looking at the importance of customer service (including its importance in public relations). Why: Adam Toporek explains why a great product alone can’t make up for below average customer service. TGIF, everyone!

Chatbots, customer service, and public relations

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As chatbots become more common and frequently used and customers—particularly millennials—are comfortable interacting with them, we can expect their use by brands to soar. If marketing and customer service are using chatbots, what are the implications for communications and PR? What are brands doing with chatbots? What are chatbots?

How to use social media to win at customer service

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Social media has become the customer service center for most organizations, large and small. One of the first things you can do for your brand is to fill out a complete company profile. Interacting on social media is important because it lets customers know you care—and they also expect it. Sort your contacts by customers, fellow employees, vendors or other categories.

Friday Wrap #118: More 9/11 abuse, corporate blogging declines, customer service as experience

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It was 9/11, and marketers were idiots again —When will marketers finally figure out that brands aren’t people and 9/11 tributes won’t be received well? ” But these were overwhelmed by brands that remembered those who lost their lives 13 years ago by offering discounts and coupons. How to make customer service an experience —People share experiences.

4 reasons to bring back ‘old school’ customer service

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Digital marketing has exploded, and organizations have innovated wildly to meet customer expectations. Sleek, streamlined, fast-paced organizations abound, and although it’s what customers want, there’s something cold and impersonal about many 21 st -century transactions. No matter how high-tech your service becomes, it’s important to remember that you're still serving human beings.

4 ways to improve your customer service online

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Customers frequently use social media to interact with organizations whose products and services they favor. It’s important for brand managers to be aware of their online presence and to use social media to provide customer service. A successful “social service” strategy depends on your ability to recognize and address both positive and negative customer feedback.

Study: Get personal with customer service on Twitter

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In a piece of advice that should not come as a surprise to social media practitioners (yet probably still will), Twitter suggests that you should make your customer service more human. Twitter’s research manager, Meghan Elrhou, revealed that when those things weren’t included, 66 percent of respondents said they would be unlikely to recommend the brand. “If It’s a fine line.

3 social customer service lessons from Olive Garden

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An agency created promotions and campaigns for Olive Garden''s social media, and its job was to push messages—not help customers. Instead of just getting briefed on promotions, the community managers joined brand meetings, built relationships with Olive Garden employees and visited test kitchens to become a voice for the brand. Here are a few ideas from his case study: 1.

Social media unpopular for customer service

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There are many potential benefits for brands that have a robust social media presence. According to a new study, customer service is not one of them. M2Talk surveyed 1,000 people nationwide to see which platforms are the most popular forms of customer service. percent saying it’s their preferred customer-service conduit.

Why Word-of-Mouth Means Little Once You’ve Lost a Customer

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But it is often companies with the worst service that suffer from the worst of word-of-mouth, and this far more influences a buyer than positive recommendations. Eighty-six percent of consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience. Can a recommendation cancel out a customer’s bad feeling towards a company and help to win them back?

Fight or Flight: Responding to a PR Crisis

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My uncle and dad boxed in the service, while my cousins boxed Golden Glove. And, when you take to Twitter and Facebook to complain about a company or their service until they finally take action…is that you being a bully? From a customer service perspective, a company facing a disgruntled – some might say bullying – customer isn’t allowed to fight.

Why Customer Service and Social Media Must Learn to Work Together

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Below is a guest post by Elizabeth Victor, a brand advisor for iSentia. As social media has become more and more popular throughout the world, it is important for companies to adopt a new outlook toward customer service. She enjoys sharing tips on media monitoring and analysis. You can find her on Twitter and Google+. Social Business

Beware Social Media Faux Pas During The Holidays

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But as the following examples illustrate, even big brands fall prey to social media missteps that cost them some holiday goodwill, and even worse, paying customers. Typical customer messages included such tweets as, “Do they support fun marriage?” Keep your channels open for customer service 24/7. So the planning team decided to say what we meant: ‘fun.’

Spirit Airlines touts automated social media customer service

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Spirit has a history of an almost adversarial relationship with customers, and has gotten its fair share of negative comments in social media. The brand has renamed the Twitter presence the Spirit Autopilot. The Spirit Autopilot responds to pretty much everyone who tweets at the brand with things like this: @Jaykeup AutoReply//183JH_[AP]:You can contact us here: [link] or [link] or [link]. Because that’s what irate customers want—another automated response. That now includes social media. Clearly, it’s a gimmick. Spirit Autopilot (@SpiritAirlines) June 8, 2015.

Why You Need a Messenger Platform On Your Website

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Related Stories Cultivate a Culture-Driven Customer Experience Four Elements of Successful Brand Storytelling Use SEO to Augment Your Business Development Plan. Messenger platforms are all the rage right now. These platforms set themselves apart from traditional Live Chat as they are more intuitive to use, and can be used for a variety of things.

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Customer Loyalty in a Changing World

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Customer loyalty is akin to a really solid marriage—committed, enduring, and monogamous. Consumers are becoming less and less committed to particular brands, and make choices more frequently based on price, convenience, and endless other social or emotional motivators. Customer Loyalty to Variety. No shopping, no comparing brands. So What’s a Brand to Do?

Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience Today

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A bit of chlorine and dug out cement logically shouldn’t improve customer experience.yet oddly it does. Customer Experience is Created through Stories. Scenarios like this are often the case when it comes to what might make or break a customer experience. Improve Customer Experience through Storytelling. Improve Customer Experience through Human Connection.

A Fantastic Starbucks Customer Experience Story

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It’s one of fantastic customer service from a brand we all know and love: Starbucks. And now, without any further ado, I’d like to introduce Dan the Starbucks barista who totally rocks, gave me a ton of great fodder for Facebook updates for months, and made me feel like he truly cared about both Mr. D and me as regular customers. Customers are people.

Customer Experience is an Investment

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By Laura Petrolino Customer experience is something many organizations continue to struggle with. They struggle to find ways to help team members at every level understand and execute upon the customer experience standards they wish to uphold. The Keys to a Customer’s Heart The other day I was telling a friend about an amazing experience I had several months ago with a locksmith.

A Quick Guide to Social Chat Channels for Businesses


Recent updates to Facebook Messenger and Twitter DMs have renewed interest in social chat for customer communication, yet this is a medium that has been productive for communications professionals for quite some time. For example, if a customer DMs a business page, the company can then respond to the private direct message. This difference is not insignificant. Facebook Messenger.

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Cultivate a Culture-Driven Customer Experience

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Customer experience doesn't need to be elaborate or expensive. But it does need to be an organizational-wide focus on putting customers first. Laura Petrolino explains how to turn customers into brand ambassadors through a culture-drive customer experience. The post Cultivate a Culture-Driven Customer Experience appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Seven Effective DIY Market Research Tactics

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While your peers are spending thousands of dollars on a professional services firm, you can take the lead with these seven quick and dirty DIY methods. Mystery shopping is when a person (preferably from outside your company) shops at your store and tests things out as a customer would experience them. Talk to Staff Talk to your staff about their experiences with customers.

Top 10 Digital Branding & Marketing Trends for 2017

Borenstein Group

Here are the Top Digital Branding & Marketing Trends for 2017 to watch for. The probing minds at the Borenstein Group, a Top Washington DC Digital Marketing and Branding Agency, have done the homework for you. Website branding will pose a major design challenge to industry in the fight between user experience and being mobile and desktop friendly. Use it or lose it.

3 Steps To Convert Critics To Clients


No brand can avoid them. Those pesky critics who seem to have an opinion about everything are taking down your brand one bad Yelp review at a time. You need to adapt your customer service strategy for social media. Here’s what you need to do to turn your unhappy customers’ frowns upside down: Want to see the benefits of social media listening? Respond quickly.

My Son, the Social Network

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Value lies in the ability to respond immediately to customer concerns. Realize they can make us a more welcome part of our community and can extend our family creed and values —ok, call them our “brand”—a lot further and longer than we can do for ourselves. And we see the opportunity to carry on our lives—our brand—through our children and grandchildren, even after “Us 1.0”

Eight Signs You’ve Contracted the Big C … Campaign

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And eight good reasons to stop cheating on your customers. Stop Cheating On Your Customers. Your marketing should be about the wants needs and desires of your customers and one of the biggest outcomes you can hope for is to spark a new relationship or sustain an existing one. In short, we have to stop cheating on our customers and start putting their needs before our own.

Overcoming Communication Barriers: A Team Effort

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I emailed customer support. And I told him exactly that, and it’s what attracted me to the Spartan brand. But I couldn’t because…he was the head of customer service. Do you let one person affect your brand perception? Your employees may be delivering subpar service without you knowing it. By Anne Reuss. It’s a true test of how badly you want it.

The Customer is Always…. (Fill in The Blank)

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Customer Service in PR. Let’s talk about customer service. And I don’t mean just agencies—when you work in house you’re serving your brand as a client. The service your team provides to your stakeholders (leadership, investors, board) is just as important as your performance, whether you’re brand-side or agency side. Identify the real customer.

Fix (or Establish) Your Brand Reputation

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Brand reputations can make or break a company; a few bad reviews or questionable comments on social media could turn away customers instantly. Of the many things that play into a brand’s reputation, there are a few that you have control over: customer service, your online presence, and corporate social responsibility. Make your customers happy.

How Public Relations And Customer Relations Can Work Together

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Good customer service and good public relations have never been more aligned. A company can spend millions on a brand reputation campaign, use high-powered PR agencies, and reap the benefits of CEO thought leadership, but if unhappy customers hit a brick wall instead of help, those investments may be squandered. Involve PR in customer service messaging.

B2B Customers Want Thought Leadership

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Thought leadership is usually associated with top-of-the-funnel as far as marketing outcomes are concerned, but there’s evidence to suggest it meets the needs of existing customers. Yet for many companies, content programs intended to help existing customers is an afterthought. 3 Reasons to Include Customers in a B2B Content Program. Good Customer Service is Good Marketing.

Infographic: The Perennial Customer Revolution

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It seems to me the same is true of customer service. Every few years there’s a new book that forewarns of a customer revolution. Mass media, the web, social media were all destined to change customer service. Good customer service isn’t the rule, it’s an exception. Quick name five businesses you can think of with exceptional customer service.

The Ugly Side of Social Media Sharing

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On April 7 my Facebook friend Susan (name changed) uploaded this photo (image used with permission from “Susan”): By April 21, it turned into this photo meme: What was posted as a “friends only” image was altered into a very public meme, where her kids and the neighbor’s kids (all under 13 years old) became branded as “What is wrong with today’s kids?”

The Game Show Guide to Life and Business

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Perfect for TV, but we have business brands imitating “Let’s Make a Deal!” Let’s look behind “the doors” at what I have: Door Number One: A Great Product or Service. I had to beat the competition to market so I slapped a few things together last minute and let customer service slide. Either way, the customer takes it in the shorts. It sucks. Shafted.

Social Service: It Takes a Village

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In 2007, Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent wrote a blog post titled “ Customer Service is the New Marketing.” Customer service represents the single greatest branding opportunity for any organization or business. Bad customer service represents the single greatest risk to today’s brands. Think about it. WRONG.

How to Lose a Customer and Tarnish Your Brand in One Easy (Mis)Step

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So annoyed was I by the poor customer service and the constant retargeting of ads from this particular furniture store that I resorted to cleaning… Continued. The post How to Lose a Customer and Tarnish Your Brand in One Easy (Mis)Step appeared first on PR News Blog. Communications Crisis Management Digital PR General Media Relations PR News Blogger Network Social Media Staffing and Management Water Cooler branding customer service email communication Facebook Instagram marketing public relations social media stakeholders