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B2C Content Marketing Trends: Key Findings from the 2015 Study


The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs recently released their latest joint study on the use of content in the marketing mix: B2C Content Marketing, 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America. According to the research, 66% of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers rank e-newsletters as the most effective content marketing tactic. into) a more formal discipline.”

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Creating a Content Strategy for B2B & B2C Marketing Success


If you’re creating content to help market your business, you know there’s a ton of competition for your prospects’ attention. So how do you ensure your brand stands out? There are two critical steps to creating a content strategy that helps your brand get noticed and converts: developing buyer personas AND determining what questions they will ask at each stage of the sales cycle.

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What B2C Can Learn From B2B PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Some of this reputation is deserved; it’s true that B2C PR is often more glamorous and accessible than B2B. well-crafted strategic PR campaign can help in either case, but here’s what many B2B PR programs do that B2C programs can benefit from. The post What B2C Can Learn From B2B PR appeared first on Crenshaw Communications. Nerds, after all, have become cool.

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3 Tips We Learned from a Panel of B2C Marketers

PR 20/20

The panel was moderated by Jim D’Orazio ( @jimdorazio ), CSU instructor and president of Practical Web Strategies, and focused on the B2C marketing trends of 2015. The marketing industry is fast-paced; it can shift in the blink of an eye. That means marketers must stay on top of the latest and greatest in customer behavior, technology and product development.

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B2B PR vs. B2C PR: What's the difference?


Many fundamental principles of PR apply regardless of whether you are trying to reach a consumer or a business audience. Every buyer is influenced by their perception of a brand. People respond to stories and make emotional decisions at work and at home. After all, business buyers are consumers too. PR Strategy

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#measurePR, Die Hard and Squirrels

Waxing UnLyrical

Here’s a peek: On the differences between B2B and B2C measurement: A1: Both need meaningful KPIs (key performance indicators) but B2B side usually needs more direct alignment w/ business goals #measurepr. A1: Buying cycles tend to be longer between B2C and B2B too, reflecting need for different benckmarks and altered metrics. Die Hard and squirrels! measurepr. So far so good.

Four Ways to Grow Your Company’s Social Media Audience Organically


Internal Communication PR Best Practices Public Relations Social Media B2B B2C business Content Marketing Organic Growth Partnerships public relations social media target audience writing The following blog is a guest post from Digital Content Strategist Lis Thomas.  I know what you’re thinking.

5 Important B2B Content Strategy Lessons That Will Shape How You Use Social Media

B2B PR Sense

The powerful content marketing gurus at Hubspot and BuzzSumo have joined forces to conduct research into what works and what doesn’t in B2B and B2C content. This research looks into 175,000 posts from both B2B and B2C industries, and measures their performance across multiple social media networks. On average, B2C posts had 114 shares, whereas B2B posts received an average of 68.5

Top 10 Digital Branding & Marketing Trends for 2017

Borenstein Group

Like the ways of the dinosaurs, desktops will continue to fade in favor of mobile ads, and websites will transform from a novelty in B2C to a main staple for all digital advertising. It’s time to re-evaluate and rebalance the digital approach for your company. Here are the Top Digital Branding & Marketing Trends for 2017 to watch for. Use it or lose it. Psych: It’s Your Data.

Video: Using LinkedIn Company & Showcase Pages for PR

Rock the Status Quo

Similar Posts You Might Like: 5 Easy Ways Non-Profits Can Shine On LinkedIn – Even B2C The Uber-Awesome, Not-So-Secret Weapon For Making Your CEO More Visible LinkedIn For Brands: Get Better Results From Your Company Page This post appeared first on Rock The Status Quo | Carrie Morgan and is written by Carrie Morgan. Let me know what you think! Social Media Videos

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64% of PR and Marketing Pros Will Increase Content Marketing Efforts in 2016: Marketwired Survey and Infographic


If you’re curious about content marketing, a quick Google search will serve up no shortage of information on trends, best practices, benefits for B2B and B2C companies and what it all means as  2016 approaches. [By Lisa Davis]. We’re curious, too. So we put together a survey and gathered some topline information about how practitioners are using content, what they are producing and why.

3 Valuable Lessons From the B2B Marketing Forum


Presenting our products in a fun and sexy way sometimes doesn’t come as easily as it does to B2C products and services. For B2B marketers, the struggle is real. Those Snapchat and Instagram tactics look fun, but they often don’t make sense for B2B companies. Here are three key takeaways to help you excel in your business-to-business marketing strategy and implementation. 1. Think.

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The Five “Rs” of PR: How PR Can Boost Brand Marketing

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The visibility generated from a smart PR program can move a brand into the consideration set in a consumer’s mind for a B2C brand, or help fill the funnel for a B2B company offering products or business services. Although they’re sometimes confused, public relations and marketing are very distinct. Reputation. Recognition. Resonance. Reach. We offer quality over quantity.

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Why Companies Should Be Training All Employees to Use Social Media


LinkedIn is most useful for B2B companies; Facebook is most useful for B2C; and Twitter falls somewhere in between. Oh yeah, one of my friends on LinkedIn works for that company, maybe I could…. My friend mentioned this company that…. A guy I know posted this article about…. Often, these policies are enforced by IT departments who block access to them. Social media should be no different.

Hannah and Her Sister Disrupt PR with Babbler

Flack's Revenge

Existing channels don’t solve the problem; emails are not opened or targeted, B2C social networks are not dedicated to PR / media pros and don’t allow you to build conversations exclusively with the press, exchange files or measure the press engagement. We started getting calls and emails from an interesting French startup called Babbler a couple of months ago. What is Babbler?

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Take advantage of these top B2B content marketing tactics

PR Daily

The B2B space has tended stay behind the curve, with B2C marketers taking on the most innovative work. Anyone who’s worked in business-to-business marketing knows that it’s a much different game than the business-to-consumer approach. It’s more difficult, in many regards, but the rewards can often be greater. That’s not necessarily the case anymore, though.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Social Media

Spin Sucks

In another example, Satmatrix released a study  recently showing B2B lags behind B2C in social media adoption. The respondents were drawn from a community around Net Promoter Score (NPS), a measurement typically used to sense consumer sentiment guaranteeing that B2C would be overrepresented in the survey. Does B2B lag behind B2C in social media adoption? Probably not much.

PR Newswire Has Been Acquired by Cision

Beyond PR

He has more than 20 years of marketing, product, and business development experience in bringing innovative marketing programs and solutions to market for both B2B and B2C organizations.  It’s an exciting day at PR Newswire. As you may have already seen in the press release that went out earlier, PR Newswire is now a Cision company: Cision Finalizes PR Newswire Acquisition.

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5 B2B Social Media Best Practices That Will Up Your Marketing Game

B2B PR Sense

In the past, many businesses have assumed that B2B and B2C are two different animals where social media is concerned. In reality, though, B2B social media best practices require a B2C approach. Even with regard to social media execution, B2B and B2C are much more aligned than conventional wisdom suggests --Jay Baer. 1. Are you among this number? Set Objectives. Be the latter.

4 Questions to Kickstart Your Influencer Marketing


And while paid campaigns are typically used for B2C and consumer packaged goods companies and earned is used more for B2B and niche audiences, that doesn’t mean you have to follow the norm. Audiences are more likely to run away from your messages than run towards them. They’re bombarded by one content tsunami after another and it’s exhausting. But not everyone is doing it right.

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Content Marketing Lessons Learned From Our Best Performing Blog Posts


In November, I edited the post, changed the title to Creating a Content Strategy for B2B and B2C Marketing Success and posted it on the Polaris blog where it was subsequently syndicated on Social Media Today and Business2Community. Everyone is doing it. Jay Baer , Copyblogger , Moz and HubSpot , to name a few. It’s definitely a useful exercise to discover what’s working (and what isn’t).

4 Ways to Connect With Customers Through Content


In fact, only 38 percent of B2C marketers believe their organization’s content marketing program is effective. Content has the power to build brand awareness, improve your reputation and strengthen your relationship with your audience…if you know how to use it. So how can you create a successful content marketing strategy? Register for the March 23 webinar today! 1. Understand your audience.

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#CreativePR: Tools That Give You An Edge


To grab the attention of your target audience (which could be B2B or B2C, and in any industry) you need to make your message super compelling in order to stand out from the noise and clutter. This is post 2 of our 5-part #CreativePR blog series. Never before has there been such an array of DIY tools to do that. But you have to know what you need before you can select the proper tool.”.

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How to avoid boring your B2B audience

PR Daily

Many B2C brands get so caught up in pushing out their own messaging that the social media managers behind them forget to interact, so the account lacks any value for followers. Research what your fans and followers are already sharing. A B2C lesson applies here: When in doubt, mimic your audience. Identify your favorite B2C brands; infuse those elements into your work.

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Original Research: B2B Content Sweet Spot

The Proactive Report

While B2C brands have been hitting content marketing full-bore, B2B companies have been a little more circumspect. Many B2B marketers have discovered that creating effective content that gets results is not the easiest task. What is it that they’re trying to achieve? Lead generation. Cusotomer engagement. ”   eMarkete r. Why is original research so effective?  . type insights.

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How to Recover From a Brand Crisis


Verticals don’t matter; a B2B brand is just as likely as a B2C or nonprofit to face a crisis at some point. Crises happen to every brand, no matter how big or small they are. When one happens to your brand, will you recover? You can, but it’ll require preparation and planning. Establish a crisis communication plan now rather than later. It dictates recovery time and actions. 1. What didn’t?

10 digital branding and marketing trends to watch for in 2016

PR Daily

B2B technology will be affected by B2C demands. From both a design and content perspective, Customer Experience and User Interface on your desktop, tablet or smart phone have been initially owned by impulse-based B2C advertising to consumer brands. The divide between what’s right for B2B and B2C will diminish by default of the standardization of the devices being used. 7.

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3 Reasons Earned Media Still Rules

Beyond PR

shows the marketing methods rated most effective by B2B and B2C senior marketers are “pull” methods – methods that empower users to opt into their interactions with brands. There is one commonality in business, regardless of your industry or market. Strip away labels like business-to-consumer, business-to-business, government, nonprofit, etc., Without trust, your content won’t be noticed.

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Case Study: Multimedia News Releases Generate Quality Leads

Beyond PR

News releases have long been a valuable brand awareness tactic for brands ranging from B2B, to B2C, to non-profit and more. But did you know that they can also drive qualified leads for your business? But delivering the right messages first starts with developing compelling content that attracts audiences and compels action. Video. Infographics. Diagrams. Search. Paid Media. Social  .

Stop Fighting The Change That Has Long Been Our Reality

Melissa Agnes

“If we are increasingly becoming more and more mobile and using smartphones and tablets as the primary way that we connect, perhaps the Web browser app on your mobile device will become the least important app as brands (both B2C and B2B) create specific apps targeted for their consumers, as a way to better capture the home screen of our mobile devices?” Rasmussen. Deal with it.

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Is Blogging Dead or Are Companies Not Trying Hard Enough?

Spin Sucks

They found, for companies that do blog, their monthly leads increased by 67% (for B2B) and 88% (for B2C). When I speak to CEO organizations , I typically run through a series of quick slides that show where technology is right at this moment. But the stat I want to talk about today is the number of blogs on the Internet. It’s not an easy think to keep up. magazine. So, I see.

Finding The Content Marketing Sweet Spot


Last year, 90 percent of B2C marketers used content marketing, but only 34 percent felt they were successful. And while 69 percent are creating more content than years past, few are being heard. Why aren’t consumers paying attention? They can afford to ignore us,” says Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute. Before 1990, there were only eight channels. Find The Sweet Spot.

How to exploit the vast marketing power of LinkedIn

PR Daily

Even B2C companies get in on the action. LinkedIn listed the “ 5 B2C Companies Killing It with Content on LinkedIn ” on its Marketing Solutions Blog. Are you on LinkedIn? Is your organization there? If not, consider joining. LinkedIn is much more than a tool for recruiters. If you think other social channels don’t reach people pertinent to your business, you may find them on LinkedIn.

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Move Over Marketing, Here Comes PR

Spin Sucks

Whether you’re a B2B, B2C, or non-profit organization, the customer doesn’t care how you create good information, they just demand it from you, and usually want it instantaneously. By Deirdre Breakenridge. During the past five years, there are several big signs that tell us PR has broken out of its silo and we can say, “Move over marketing, here comes PR.”. Have you seen these signs?

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4 Steps to Acquiring High-Quality Social Leads


If you’re a B2C you might want to look into Facebook or Tumblr, whereas B2B marketers might prefer LinkedIn. Social media has reached its adolescence. Though many companies have rushed into the social media space, many remain skeptical of social’s intrinsic value. Rightly Rightly so, as many believe that a social media presence is a business requirement but not a profitable arm.

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Shooting Down Misconceptions About B2B PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Social media is just as important, if not more, than in B2C. Working in B2B public relations probably isn’t what idealistic young people dream about, but that doesn’t mean misconceptions about it are true. B2B PR has endured as a successful part of many a company’s growth strategy, and it can be an exciting field for PR professionals. B2B doesn’t have to be dull!

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Tips to Renew Your LinkedIn Strategy

Spin Sucks

If they can prove demonstrable success, I’d be willing to bet other B2C campaigns will begin to make use of LinkedIn. By Eleanor Pierce Wait, don’t start snoring yet. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: LinkedIn can be a very valuable tool. With 2015 upon us, now is a great time to take a look at your LinkedIn strategy. Fun, right? Why a LinkedIn Strategy? Maybe they’re older.

6 Steps for Driving Sales Through Content


Eighty-three percent of B2C marketers and 84 percent of B2B marketers say sales is an important content marketing goal, according to an annual report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. But generating revenue from your content is easier said than done. The process of building an audience and driving sales takes time, and many organizations quickly lose patience.

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Drive Your Brand’s Success With Top Instagram Tactics


Therefore, post your popular hashtags in the post caption, and place the remaining hashtags in a subsequent comment to avoid these additional ones looking too spammy in the original caption. Q: A lot of the examples are for B2C. SE: This varies from business to business depending on size and nature (B2C, B2B). JH: Unfortunately, no. Should you put hashtags in your Instagram bio?

Programmatic and the Future of PR


There was also agreement that programmatic (at least when it comes to B2C) is more effective for performance rather than brand marketing. Perhaps the most interesting discussion had to do with the role of programmatic for reaching B2B audiences, which is a different beast than B2C. Last week I had the opportunity to attend AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O conference in New York.

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