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American Apparel updates code of ethics

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Clothing store American Apparel and the word “ethics” have never gone exactly hand-in-hand. Schneider said her goal was “to make American Apparel a better company, while staying true to its core values of quality and creativity,” according to Fortune. The change is starting from within, with a new 6,200-word ethics code on the company website. What do you think, PR Daily readers?

Popeye's opens an online 'biscuit apparel' shop'

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Apparel on the site ( found here ) ranges from around $20 for a T-shirt or a hat to $33 for a sweatshirt or sweatpants. Do you love Popeye’s biscuits? Who doesn’t? But do you love them enough to express that affection on your clothing? I can’t imagine why you would, but if you fall into this category, this is a fine week. Popeye’s CMO Hector A.

American Apparel to close all U.S. stores and lay off 3,400 employees

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The American Apparel saga is finally over. Gildan spokesman Garry Bell said his company never intended to keep open any of American Apparel’s stores. American Apparel filed for bankruptcy twice in two years, most recently in November 2016. I'm glad American Apparel is closing. The reality is this wasn’t a purchase of an ongoing concern,” he told The New York Times.

American Apparel files for bankruptcy—again

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On Monday, American Apparel filed for its second bankruptcy protection in 13 months. Reuters reported : … [American Apparel] emerged from bankruptcy in February under the ownership of a group of former bondholders led by hedge fund Monarch Alternative Capital LP. Under mounting pressure, American Apparel hired investment bank Houlihan Lokey earlier this year to explore a sale.

Clothing retailers Aeropostale, American Apparel fight to stay relevant

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Another clothing retailer, American Apparel, is getting creative with its customer outreach as it emerges from bankruptcy. The brand, which ousted its controversial founder, Dov Charney, after accusations of sexual harassment and misuse of company funds, is reaching out to small businesses and individual vendors to pitch them on accessories that they could sell through American Apparel.

In apparent culture shift, American Apparel hires a woman as new CEO

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After effectively firing him in June , American Apparel announced Wednesday that it has officially given former CEO Dov Charney the boot. In his place, the company has hired Paula Schneider, who has served as an executive at a number of other retail and apparel companies, as the new CEO effective Jan. 5. Schnieder’s hiring isn’t without controversy, however.

Apparel company takes multi-faceted approach to deepening customer connections via Instagram

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Why You Should Stop Worrying About Differentiation

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An outdoor apparel company has the following on their website : “Gear engineered with FlashDry-XD technology that keeps you dry, and won’t snag, pill, or pull.”. Is that really why people choose outdoor apparel? By Nancy Goldstein. Three Models for Digital Brand Differentiation! Five Ways to Stand Out and Differentiate Your Brand from Competitors! We get calls about it frequently.

Sustainability: Top 100 Influencers and Brands


Apparel Coalition. There may be few other categories where the information shared and community built could be of more significance than around the topic of sustainability. The The “stakeholders” for business include those in supply chains, investors, customers and employees (to name a few). MAPPING THE COMMUNITY. TOP 100 INDIVIDUALS. Download The Full Report. DOWNLOAD NOW! Twitter Handle.

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Beware Social Media Faux Pas During The Holidays

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The giant greeting card business created and distributed a Christmas tree ornament with these words printed on front: “Don we now our fun apparel” (an obviously edited version of the line from a famous Christmas carol, “Don we now our gay apparel”). By Peter LaMotte No business sets out to commit a social media faux pas—especially during the holiday season. Melissa Carter’s take?

Intellectual Property: The Olympics’ Newest Hurdle


recent incident occurred when an athletic apparel brand included trademarked content in their social media channels during the Olympic trials in Oregon. The content was taken down by the apparel brand shortly thereafter. Olympic trademarks have always been the subject of powerful legal protections all over the world. The U.S. But with a total of 1.3

How to Reach Career Resonance: Purpose, Passion and Persistence

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From there my PR career took off in a variety of industries, including apparel, technology, spas and even a stint at the Catholic Church. Career resonance in my view is a state of existence where you are happy, healthy, balanced, busy and emboldened. In my coaching practice I see this phenomena from time to time. To me this is the ultimate state of being and where the rubber meets the road.

Black Milk Clothing apologizes for Facebook blowup

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Black Milk Clothing, an Australian company that sells apparel—including a line of “Star Wars” clothes—online, tried to do that by posting this image to its Facebook page : Fans immediately reacted with anger, saying the image is misogynistic, an act of body shaming, and violates Black Milk’s own rule that commenters shouldn’t “make critical comments on other women’s bodies.”. Image via

Stylish marketing stunt aims to prove product value

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tells his story—from starting up his apparel business to training for the half marathon on the streets of Boston. Ministry of Supply’s suits are intentionally made like sports apparel, and include wicking fabric that allows for greater range of movement. Would you run 13 miles to promote your company? That’s exactly what Ministry of Supply co-founder Gihan Amarasiriwardena did—13.1

How Lucky Brand wisely used social media to win customers

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There’s no doubt that social media has changed the way customers covet fashion apparel brands. Brand ambassadors are nothing new, but until recently, the fashion apparel industry hasn’t been as accessible. Every time consumers interact with a message, they're acting as foot soldiers for brands, influencing peers to desire what they do. Rewarding advocacy. Amplifying conversations.

Why more brands are using Facebook CTA buttons (but more still should)

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” Hmmm… Probably a result of apparel, consumer electronics and home goods companies being the most popular industries for CTA buttons. “Shop Now” makes sense for apparel companies like Banana Republic: And, “Sign Up” makes sense for the legion of subscription based services on the web (and in real-life) like Uber. It was hardly a revolutionary move.

Interview with Entrepreneur Evan Mendelsohn, Co-Founder of Tipsy Elves

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Not only can you buy Christmas sweaters on Tipsy Elves, but you can now also buy jumpsuits, college sweaters, t-shirts, and other fun and unique apparel items.  On Season 9 of the Real Housewives of Orange County, the ladies gathered with their significant others for an ugly sweater Christmas party. They’re great conversation starters and the more outrageous you look, the better.

Fall in Love with Customer Relationships

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Your customers have grown accustomed to instantaneous resolution whether it is checking if the new Johnny Depp flick is any good (IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes), checking an app for their bank statement, or tweeting American Apparel because they haven’t received their order of new wintry leggings yet (yes, that is a thing). By Dana Ilovich. Customer Relationships Require Transparency.

Four Things Customers Want When Making a Purchase Decision

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Respondents were asked dozens of questions about their attitudes and purchase experiences across a variety of price points and channels in categories including apparel, cars, luxury goods, onetime items (such as airline tickets), and ongoing services (such as cell phone service). Most of us know the marketing mantra KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid. It had only 31 tools. But today?

Influencer Relations and the Target Plus-Sized Win

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wear “plus sized” tops or bottoms , but plus sizes only account for 15 percent of the apparel industry’s annual sales. By Eleanor Pierce Target keeps shooting, and these last few weeks, there have been some hits and some misses. Miss: Canada. As in, missed the entire country. And it’s not like it’s small! Sorry, Canadians. Note from Lindsay: *cries*.) Whoops. Forgive me. Manatee. Yikes.

General Mills to cut 600 jobs

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American Apparel layoffs seem eminent. American Apparel recently said it will cut nearly 3,500 jobs. American Apparel said it sent a notice to employees to comply with California law, and that “layoffs are not certain.”. Earlier this year, Canadian company Gildan Activewear agreed to purchase American Apparel’s intellectual rights and other assets. Image via

Infographic: How March Madness Shook Out on Social


Data unearthed from these conversations has obvious benefits to any brand in the sports or athletic apparel industries but also directly relates to the 68 schools in the tournament field, the event’s sponsors and so many more. The 2016 NCAA men’s basketball tournament had no shortage of storylines thanks to bracket-busting buzzer-beaters and logic-defying Cinderellas. Why does all this matter to brands? Here’s a taste of some of the data we uncovered: Loading… Featured Trends March Madness social media

10 of brands’ worst social media mistakes

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American Apparel: Mistaking national tragedy for fireworks. To celebrate Independence Day, American Apparel used its Tumblr account. For its irresponsible post, American Apparel, was bombarded with widespread criticism. Companies are increasingly turning to social media to expand their Internet presence, promote their brand and engage with consumers. However, though social media is a powerful and effective tool, it can also generate a ton of negative publicity if used carelessly. to post a modified picture of the Challenger space shuttle explosion. Delta: Ghanaian giraffes.

Millennials flood LinkedIn, keying on personal branding

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From Williams: [Nike is] coming out strong with their women’s apparel line and global strategy. Recent LinkedIn data. show that millennial marketers are taking the platform by storm. Globally, the predominantly “twentysomething” generation—which LinkedIn defines as born between 1980 and the early 2000s—makes up 38 percent of its user base. Two million users hold marketing roles, and 1.2

Customer Care | The Ultimate PR Strategy


Nordstrom believes in taking care of its customers even if it means taking back a set of tires that were never even purchased at the apparel store. Another apparel company that has built its legacy upon accepting all reasons for returns is LL Bean. There will always be exceptions or opportunities to move beyond pure word-of-mouth (influencer and media relations, social media, etc.)

Nike pumps up CSR with ‘Manufacturing Revolution’

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Nike announced in its annual Sustainable Business Report that it is using recycled waste materials from its own manufacturing efforts in 71 percent of its products, including footwear and apparel. detailed Adidas’ 2020 goals: Apparel material suppliers will reduce water usage by 50 [percent]. Fortune. 75 [percent] reduction in paper usage per employee from 2008’s level. Image via

HSN, Inc. Taps Flatiron as Corp. PR Agency

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Cornerstone comprises leading home and apparel lifestyle brands including Ballard Designs ® , Chasing Fireflies ® , Frontgate ® , Garnet Hill ® , Grandin Road ® , Improvements ®  and TravelSmith ®. HSN, Inc. Retains Flatiron Communications, LLC as its. Corporate Communications Agency of Record. Interactive Multichannel Retailer Taps NYC-Based PR/Media Consultancy for. Strategic Counsel, Corporate and Media Relations. NEW YORK, January 29 – Interactive multichannel retailer HSN, Inc. HSN, Inc. will soon name a new agency to handle public relations for its HSN brand. HSN, Inc. HSN, Inc.

Why a “One Size Fits All” Approach to Public Relations Doesn’t Work

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For example, if you work for an apparel company looking to drive holiday sales, you’ll use angles around the best gifts for the fashion-lovers on your shopping list, and include why your clothing/shoes/accessories are new and better this season. Just like with shoes, jeans and boyfriends, in public relations it’s true that one size doesn’t fit all. When putting together a comprehensive PR and marketing plan, it’s important to remember that companies are like snowflakes — each has differing backgrounds, leadership, goals and approaches. Are they being sold? Tell the Story.

Target to stop sorting children's merchandise by gender

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In some cases, like apparel, where there are fit and sizing differences, it makes sense. If you’ve ever shopped for kids’ stuff at Target, you can tell that the store (like many others) has distinct ideas about which products boys and girls like. The store is sectioned off accordingly, but that may not be the case going forward. In others, it may not.”. What do you think, PR Daily readers?

5 More Outside-The-Box Content Marketing Ideas


Columbia Sportswear, for example, offers “ What Knot To Do In The Great Outdoors ,” a knot typing app that appeals to wearers of its outdoor apparel. This post was inspired by our free “ Outside-The-Box Content Marketing for PR ” white paper. Not long ago, we had a blog post that described five outside-the-box content marketing ideas. Mobile Apps. Events. Native Advertising.

6 things you must know to reach Gen Z

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No wonder: For the first time youth are spending more on food and going out to eat than they are on clothing and apparel. Editor's note: This story is taken from Ragan Communications' distance-learning portal, Ragan Training. The site contains hundreds of hours of case studies, video presentations, and interactive courses. Oh, no! Give them time.). Here are some pointers: 1. reported. Brief.

9 Twitter users who PR pros and marketers should follow

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works nonstop and leverages his influence on social media to market television shows he hosts in Germany, his own line of apparel and supplements, various brands that sponsor him to eat and train, workout routines and programs and more. The days of questioning whether Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms are legitimate marketing tools are way behind us.

5 ways internal content can boost your brand

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Sony and American Apparel dealt with this when emails went public and the online community lashed out. The inner workings of a business can affect a brand’s public image, especially in this digital-obsessed era. Here are five ways the content you push out to employees can also affect your consumers and your overall brand: 1. Unifying PR, marketing and customer service efforts.

Indonesian clothing company apologizes for sexist labels

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Indonesian apparel company Salvo Sports spent International Women’s Day defending itself against charges of sexism. This tweet, depicting the wash and care instructions on a Pusamania Borneo. jersey makes it clear why: How sexist is this #SalvoSports Ovandi (@idnavO) March 8, 2015. Clearly that’s what Salvo Sports did, right? Not quite. Huffington Post U.K.

What’s in a Brand?


You wouldn’t expect to see an ad for fast food in  Men’s Health magazine, or Nike and Under Armour talk about how great their athletic apparel is for sitting on the couch (even though it absolutely is). Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts? Nike or Under Armour? iPhone or Android? Odds are, you have a preference in one of these brands over its competitor. But why is that? Audience awareness.

Friday Wrap #120: Vine for audio, hashtags gone bad, Ello goes viral, employees like badges, & more

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Apparel company bucks trend with one-hour video —Call it the bucking of a trend: Columbia Sportswear has released an hour-long documentary, “I am #OMNITEN,” featuring 10 of its brand ambassadors on an adventure trip to Jordan. collect these on my link blog , which you’re welcome to follow. Read more. Read more. Read more. The team introduced the hashtag, #ImAMetsFanBecause.

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The branding behind #Election2016

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Their approaches were even reflected in their choice of apparel. Ask most Americans about presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the words “trust,” “dislike” and “believe” are tossed around with knee-jerk reactions. candidate’s perceived warmth and confidence are important. How much does Clinton or Trump’s likability matter? Drafting a plan. Making a switch. After Sen.

Agency Life 101: Julie Staadecker, Account Director

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For example, one of my favorite clients is Print Syndicate, owner of sites like, that sells quirky, sarcastic apparel and home goods based on social media trends. From time to time, we like to open a window into what life is like here at SHIFT. We pride ourselves on our smart, dedicated (and who can forget ballsy) culture. If not, we will immediately pause to re-strategize.

Company Bites Journalists…Again

Sword and the Script

There’s a secret trick that marketers of apparel love to use.  It’s guaranteed to score ridiculous amounts of coverage.  It’s become a favorite tactic of some apparel brands.  Think the media won’t cover your product?  Well then, you’re just not thinking outrageously enough.  It’s very easy to do, but will require some steely nerves the first few times you try it. Ready for it? 1.

Urban Outfitters takes heat for tapestry that resembles concentration camp uniforms

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The apparel retailer in the news this time for selling a tapestry that resembles the uniforms that were forced upon gay men during the Holocaust. It''d be reasonable to think Urban Outfitters is doing this on purpose. There’s seemingly no other explanation for why the brand offends a group at least every few months. From Abraham H. In 2012 the brand tried to sell a “Jewish Star” t-shirt.